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This One's Yours ♥♥ Why? Love. And because. And other reasons. So clip it and keep it or leave it right here. Just keep in mind: I wrote it for you. This one is yours

Mermaid & Mudman ♥♥ Puget Sound Mermaid Loves the Ultimate Mudman! Looking forward to a passionate Valentine weekend of collecting, adventures, ceremonies!Always Loving You

To the Duke ♥♥ I love you so much. Thanks for making me so happy the last year. You're amazing! Love, *L*

Megan Megan Megan ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day my love. I am so happy to celebrate another year together. I love you. Be mine again this year. Love, Chris

For my Chelsey ♥♥ My Dearest Chelsey. I love you with all of my heart and soul. I will always be yours. I can't wait until we can live to together. I LOVE YOU.

To Raquel ♥♥ HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY POOH BEAR!!! You're the best ever!! Love you mucho!! <3 Pookie

Alyx, I'm sorry... ♥♥ I wasnt who you thought I was. I saw you on the bus, you don't have to hide; your life isn't mine to interrupt. I'm sorry I realized I love you too late

AIKOAIKOA IKOAIKOAIKO ♥♥ I cannot get you out of my mind, even though you're never out of my sight. You manage to tame me and excite me at once. Happy anniversary, I love you!

Demon Love ♥♥ Demonika, I'm a ghoul for whom love is fleeting, so I give you my heart, still beating. Love, Chris

Karen & Dan! ♥♥ I just really like you both and am glad I got to meet you through Mercedes. See you at the mall! Nan

Love You ♥♥ Perfect love endures forever but it's boring and I'd rather have m my frog. Happy Valentine's Day, Love Saren

Mercedes #5 ♥♥ You sound like a love potion. You sort of are in a way . BECAUSE I'VE GOT A LOT OF LOVE FOR YOU! No matter how much I wash... Anyway, see U in five

Lovely Mean Lady ♥♥ Christina aka "Rouxster" and "Rouxifer." I Love You! Even though you can be a bitch at times. Happy Valentine's Day! Big D .

GROUND FLR. GIRLS!!! ♥♥ Laura, Galane, Joan, Nancy, Jessica, Joanna, Fredolyn, Kristie, Carol, Anh, Jesmie, and Shuk . HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! I LOVE YOU ALL! D-dogg

3000mi and Dreaming ♥♥ It's been 7yrs and another 3000mi have brought you back. I said yes and we'll do Vegas, see Blue Man Group, and O! With love, you know it's me. :DDDDD

Picklepants be mine! ♥♥ I love you shamelessly, I love you even when I have to go to sleep alone. You think this is all a ploy to steal your dog. It isn't, he's already mine!

Your smile... ♥♥ Your smile is a smile worth a thousand million words so bright we don't need the sun when you're around. I love you Jason D. Please dont ever forget that.

DMOMOX100PRE ♥♥ Hola mi amor tu eres la mujer de mis suenos, eres increible, tu me haces muy feliz y te amo con todo mi corazon, mi alma y mi ser. Feliz dia del amor.

I luv u Biochem Boy! ♥♥ Christy, you're a beautiful friend, and I'm so lucky to have you in my life. Thank you for everything. You're the best. I love you sweetie! Kennie xoxo

¡¡¡¡MISSISSIPPI!!!! ♥♥ Robin: I love you my fine fellow! More... everyday. Maybe you'll get this, maybe you won't. Either way, remember that I love you. Forever, Chelsey

For Ito: ♥♥ My best friend, my lover, my partner, my silly joke-teller—you, my dear husband. How 'BOUT that airplane food! Happy V-Day, my love. From Buns

I'M A PEACH! ♥♥ Hey B, you know it's me. I'm a fucking peach! And I'm awesome. Happy Valentine's Day, let's eat steak and then look for hookers on 99. Love, me :)

Guy from San Diego ♥♥ I knew it was love when you took me to Watts. Three years of wonderful trips, movies, and YOU (I am the luckiest). Te amo chulito.

TO MY WIGGLE ♥♥ I can't think of anything good to write publicly. Nothing that I haven' at already said times before. Simply said, I love you lots. From Squeaker

To: Lizzie. ♥♥ My feelers feel good because of you! Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Cowboy .

You're so beautiful ♥♥ I see you every day, and every time my heart jumps. I want to tell you how I feel every waking minute. I love you. Happy Valentine's, Your admirer

Hey Sugar Boogar ♥♥ i adore how u squeal when i hug 2 firmly; how ez it is to tell u anything; how ur cheeks have just the right shape (which ones? zing!). luv u buttnut.

Strength in numbers. ♥♥ We take pride in being monsters together, and no one else needs to understand.

lets go to costco ♥♥ baby i love you so much. you make me laugh every single day. you are the weirdest, sweetest, most adorable guy i've ever met. you make my heart smile.

tender mercy ♥♥ Baby Duck, Thank you for letting me love a little longer, when I wasn't supposed to. Thank you for letting me fall softly to the ground. YD, MD

My Dearest Nickname, ♥♥ My loving kitten, you make every day bright! Thanks for keeping me warm this wet, wet winter! You have all my love. XOXOXOXO Yours, Term of Endearment

Dearest KK ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day! I miss being your wifey. xoxo, NB

EVE-e-Wonder ♥♥ I like that song of yours and am happy you're with Jess. I think you're neat.

Absolutely cuckoo ♥♥ To Jim: Through wedding cakes and kids and wakes, through what and whom and how long it takes, if only in my memory, stray with me. Love you, Kris

Puddin' ♥♥ This open marriage seems to be working out well. I get tired of explaining to people what we have sometimes—but I never tire of my passion & LOVE 4 U

Cassie ♥♥ Your moms are hot!

...the coast tonight ♥♥ We've been re-met for nine months (we should have had a baby!) and it continues to be wonderful. I love you too. Goodnight. (Bye)

NAN tounge ♥♥ I love my life like I love my wife! How long has it been now, 2 years and about a week? It's okay you lost the ring, I still have mine. Love!

GRAPEFRUIT! ♥♥ You will always be my heart. I can't wait for the surprise... you want to lie down? I love you. Happy Valentine's day. Love, your bunny.

HAPA! ♥♥ I will kiss you in the fish dome again, as we count the starfish! Je vous aime, ma belle hapa! Edmond

RAQI T! ♥♥ Hey neighbor, thanks for being my neighbor! The bible says I am supposed to love you, but I would do it anyway, thanks for being so wonderful. Love me

BabyDoll From Will ♥♥ My Elizabeta, I Love You Today. My Elizabeta, Even Yesterday. The Sun Has Risen This Morning. But What's Known Is Mine Without Seeing Your Face, It Truly Does Not Shine

FRISPHER! ♥♥ What up nig? I smelled some scalp the other day and thought of you. Really. I love you very much, oh happy day!

#8 loves ♥♥ 4, 5, 7, & Jesus!

Alexis M. ♥♥ I love you sooo sooo much! Breakfast club friday mornings?

:D + :% = <3 ♥♥ I love you more than seagulls, even more than bald eagles. Forever.

Mr. Nuttypants ♥♥ You are the perfect compliment to my existence. I will show you worlds! You are my secret-agent-lover-man, my equal. iloveyoucompletely! yr native beauty

doctor polly peptide ♥♥ there are good things in this world: zombie movies, yo la tengo, mexican beer, national parks, reefer, bamboo garden, but mostly you. i loves you.

I can't remember... ♥♥ ...who is twumpfykins and who is snacklewups, so I'll just say "Happy Valentine's Day, sweetie!" E

Alexis ♥♥ I had the BIGGEST crush on you when I first met you and NOW I am just so glad to be a friend of yours and vice-versa. Sublime Sublime Sublime Rocks!

For my Charlie ♥♥ I know you're not here today. But I love you more with every breath I take. I miss your kisses and your touch. I love you bigger than the sky. Loveyourwife.

we love you daddy ♥♥ hugs and kisses from omar. emmett says "potato." omar says "chicken."

Honey Buns: ♥♥ From the shores of Tioga Lake to the Ansley Place dining table to wherever our hearts take us, I will love you always. D

got a crush ♥♥ It's almost 4 years now and I still feel the same wonder knowing you actually love me, of all people. I still have a crush on you, Ben. From Anna.

Rinick"ulous ♥♥ I am so glad that I met you. You give me the inspiration that I need. Happy Valentine's. Sheekaleek

Evie Wonder! ♥♥ Hey octopussy, I adore you. You smell like flowers. Also I love your vagina, it be chillin'.

Te Amo Matthew Jesse ♥♥ Lovebug, You are my favorite and I love you so so so much. Happy Valentine's Day. Love, Cuddlepuff xoxo

U don't understand ♥♥ That UR my role model, soulmate, lover & best friend. UR my world Lonie & I dunno where I'd B without U. Thank U 4 loving me the way that u do. *Nene*

Always*N*Forever ♥♥ Dee & Mal

Ur My Sexy Daddy... ♥♥ U R my everything & I couldn't ask 4 anything more than U on V-Day, we've been thru so much. babe answer me, Will u b mr. Jabeanhead? I love You!!!

yo dan <3 bronweezie ♥♥ hey there hotstuff no card is enuf 2 tell u how i feel u make me squeal im happy we're together even in this crappyweather love u lots gimme some tots

My Dear Sweet Kara ♥♥ Ever since we met eyes in the beer line at the lame work party I knew you'd be the one. You're Amazing! Happy V-Day babe.

PandaLuv-vamanos! ♥♥ Human beings flounder w/ the secret of the pandas—ack! These human hands, my brain, my voice! could not hold onto you. Could not carry me. Oh yes, I luv u.

Roses, roses ♥♥ ...roses. Scattered on the windowsill, thorns piercing our fingertips, and still we struggle through.

Schmoopie Bear! ♥♥ i love you, you big geek. we have a date on my server, if you know what i mean. all my base are belong to you!

Precious Princess ♥♥ Renea, you are the most wonderful surprise my heart and soul could have ever dreamed of. You are pure gold. I love you. Michi

Schmoopzie= Amazing ♥♥ You are a fabulous domestic partner. Our anniversary tonight will be fabulous, especially if you give me head in the parking lot overlooking the bay.

Week From Hell ♥♥ Getting through this week with you has only made us stronger. I'll love you forever. My love for you is sticky and wet, like our basement. L, C

1 4 3 !!! ♥♥ To my Mr. Big, Do I believe in love? Absofuckinlutely! 1 4 3 very much. Will you be my valentine? Love, the 29-year-old ball breaker.

Annie ♥♥ To my super-true-official soulmate, on V-day. I love you & miss you, so much. Can't wait to get out there. Shari, Lynn, Owen, Jake—Hi! L, Crystal.

Hey Orange Head! ♥♥ Strawberry: You've told me I made you feel beautiful. You are sweet, sexy, elegant, and amazing in every way! I miss you... and all your freckles too!

HEY! I LOVE YA! ♥♥ It's true! And it turns out that I want everyone who reads the stranger to know it! Tay-Tay, you're my best friend & my true love, lucky me Love Kels

You Fit In My Pocket ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day, my darling baby. You so sweet and small. Sexy with a huge heart. You make me laugh and a hormy goat. I love you long time. L, C


Kitty Cash ♥♥ I love the way you purrr for me. Kisses all over, you know where to find me...

Valentine Three ♥♥ Michael, Thoughts of you come my way. I don't always find ways to say. Your eyes, laugh, sensitivity. More and MORE you complete me. Burma Shave.David

A mi Jeni dulce ♥♥ Te quiero con todo mi corazón, esperaré su sonrisa. Hasta entonces, su amor, Laika

You not read this! ♥♥ This for real shmoopy ONLY! All boring, ugly, stylish shmoopies who make silken frozen desserts: take a walk, bitches! G, DON'T CHANGE. For reals, K.

I love You Jay! ♥♥ Hey Jay, once again, I'm really, terribly, completely, and utmostly sorry—so I figured the only worthy apology was a Stranger-style one. I love You!

TO MIKEY's BUTT ♥♥ Your raging ass farts—HAPPY FALENTINE'S DAY! You and your pukey burps—BE MY FALENTINE! Here's to many more chats, and to consuming more garlic! Malia

DADDY! ♥♥ Thanks for playing ball & taking me to the PORK. I stopped peeing in the house because I love you—now give me a treat! Love, Oswald the wonder pug

To My Woo Woo Dancer ♥♥ If you want my body and you think I'm sexy come on sugar let me know! Woo Woo!! You're a cutie! And so sexy!! Ouch!! See you soon!! From Jitterbug

SWEET SWEET JASON!!! ♥♥ 4 years of trying to please your butt... it is time to open it up for ME! You are a wonderful LOVE and have been so caring. Love YOU, MM!! From Malia

I Love You Breanne ♥♥ Even before we were a couple, I cared so much about you. Now that we're together, I've never been happier. Life with you is perfect. Love you. John

Honey Muffins! ♥♥ You are the love of my life! Please be my sexy valentine in your boxer shorts. I love you!

My baby! ♥♥ I love you so much my sweetest girl. I am happy we will be back in Seattle real soon. Happy Valentine's Day baby! It's been 5 years—and counting!

Amanda M.! ♥♥ Hey lovely lady, I've got cereal in my pockets! Love! Happy V-Day!

Asshole. ♥♥ Hey Justin, Sorry about almost decking you in the face last night. Shy

Ms. Thea ♥♥ In case you worried, if we were cave people, I would for sure spear you a wooly mammoth. If needed, I would also carry the food home in my mouth.

**JON** ♥♥ I am so lucky to have you in my life. You are everything to me. You are my friend and my love, you are my reason to be. Love forever, **Kathryn**

TPA1W ♥♥ I love you, and even though this adventure didn't work out as planned, we've got a new one coming up! Did I mention that I love you? xoxoxox, ygf

BEAUTIFUL RYAN!! ♥♥ YOU are MY BEAUTIFUL BABY! You have made me believe in love again and you have made me realize that I never really had it before. I LOVE YOU! Alan

John ♥♥ I love you and I'm endlessly grateful that I get to know you. The two month good mood continues with no end in sight. Breanne

keva has an admirer ♥♥ Hey, Keva I love you or like you, even if your a sprite. It's not an issue of black and white. Hope that somehow we can unite, signed Douglas.


To Friendship ♥♥ Tiffany, I love you this Valentine's Day just as I did last year. I hope you always follow your dreams and never forget what makes you amazing. Danell

Love Taka! ♥♥ I'm fancy on the inside/You're fancy on the outside;We are ultra fancy/Nobody else is fancy. Abbe Abbe Abbe Brad Brad Brad

Cap'n Dennis 'n Lynn ♥♥ Ahoy mateys! We, the inhabitants of Ticket Island, do hereby pledge our allegiance to ye. Ye're better'n a pirate's booty! We'll swab yer deck anytime.

Mi Peruano ♥♥ It's been a great year, Edwardo. Here's to you and me and our many future adventures together. You're awesome! Alex (tu Americano)

My Crazy Chameleon ♥♥ The ultra smart techie, the physics grad, having done every drug under the sun, my straight guy, my gay guy, my sex machine, the one my parents adore.

Beautiful Biochemist ♥♥ An equation: freckled shoulders + multi-coloured eyelashes + smouldering intelligence & wit + respect for bulk items, the planet, hard rock & Ballard = love

To Meg & Darryl ♥♥ Our favorite unmarried couple. Thank you for letting us move in for a month and not making us "put out." Love, Holden, Gary, Karen, Eric, and Joe R.

STEWIE ♥♥ No one makes me more happy than you. I'll see you in North Carolina.

dear Fartknocker ♥♥ You're my sweet dutch-oven. You keep me cooking. I love our life together & the bun makes 3, or 5 if we count the shitbags. Hearts out my eyes. A

SOULMATE<333 ♥♥ i feel like an asshole when i can't come down to oly to hangout. this summer i'm living at your house. ILYILYILYILYILY. rage against the machine sucks.

A poem for K.W. ♥♥ A shout out to Kelley her smile, charm, and flat belly made my heart skip a beat made my world all complete On the altar I'll be shaking like jelly!

Love Jones ♥♥ ...Soda, that is! Dear Diana, sorry we called your brussels sprouts toxic—please don't throw another bottle through our window! Love, the SIFF monkeys

For Nicole E. ♥♥ When you tell me you love me and fall asleep in my arms I smile knowing this was just the best day of my life and every tomorrow will be even better.

Emile LaGiuex ♥♥ To my darling Emile, you're nice & I like you an awful lot. Wanna' be my Valentine? Wanna' hold my hand? Wanna'... well, you know xox Y.O.S. Genevieve

Justin <3 ♥♥ I can't wait for a weekend of nakedness. If you keep this up, maybe you'll be best co-showerer 2006. Maybe. I love you, Laura

NICE N BIG 4 U ♥♥ I want to squeeze it like a joy stick,hold it up and sit on it. I will flap on you while holding your arms above your head until you explode inside me.

NP loves M&M's ♥♥ A year ago I was lucky enough to have you as my valentine. My curiosity paid off in so many ways. Only time will tell. Watch for signs... I am. Be mine?

JC Forever!!! ♥♥ To the love of my life. These letters of 26 is all I can use to say I love you for the rest of the world doesn't speak our language. I love my evol!!!

ONE AND ONLY ♥♥ Why is there no 12 step program to assist in my withdrawl from you? I long for you, feet twitch for yours, lips pout with nothing to set or press on.

Kevin C. ♥♥ You should write the soundtrack to my life and we could fall in love and live on Capitol Hill and drink tea in the mornings and hug a lot.

Molly Says STFU ♥♥ OH MIKAIL-ERR MOLLY i love your cute giggles when you get tickled and how you make me smile you cute girl :] be mine, be my valentine <3 <3Sean<3

Before I tie the knot ♥♥ I need to say: I love you Jake, Ed, Lorry. I'm sorry I'll never get the chance to tell you. Never know what it is like to really love you.

Queen Elizabeth VII ♥♥ I don't think there ever was a Queen Elizabeth VII. So I've decided it should be you. CUZ YOU'Z THE QUEEN OF MAH HEART, BABY! Forever&always.Iloveyou.

To me bebe ♥♥ i give you a PIZZA my heart with all the fixin's luv you bunny

Cheezin 4 U Ammmie;) ♥♥ I would've wrote a 150 reasons why I like u but I'm only allowed 150 characters, so I guess I'll just pick the best one and that is because you're YOU

To my Gorgeous Geek ♥♥ Roses are #FF0000 / violets are #0000FF / all my base are belong to you

To my honey bunny, ♥♥ I am so lucky to have such a caring & HOT boyfriend who always makes me laugh. Thanks for making everyday wonderful. Love u babe! Your sugar booger

seans a cutie. =]] ♥♥ Sean the past few days that I've been talking to you have been amazing. You make me happy when know one else can. I have a huge crush on you. <3 Molly

Love you, Smithers! ♥♥ ...and 6 years later, you get this valentine! Thank you for being the best friend, husband, and pops to Country Girl and Wiggle Butt! Special Edwina

EVIL DAVE ♥♥ Seattle, Chicago, Miami, LA, and back again. Living la vida long distance is never dull with you my sexy babe! We're halfway there! I love you!!

My Dear Cinecultist ♥♥ Hey CC: Still missing you here in Seattle. You know you are always my Prater Girl. Lets chow down on some more arty madeleines soon! Love, Raymond TGM

I Crush You ♥♥ Of *course* I'm your woman. Living and loving big... let the adventures begin! xoxo >^..^<

I Doodles! ♥♥ Munch, Remember when you were little? Remember the "maps" in Sevilla? I scrunch you very much! XOXO, Smush

Hot Carl! ♥♥ I don't want to know your name I just want BANG BANG BANG!

DEAR HONEYBALLS ♥♥ happy valentines day jessebear. wish i could be there with you today. i love you very much. pumpkintits.

You Are My Matteo! ♥♥ Grouchy Old Man Todd, even though you have the Worst Passport Picture Ever(tm) you are still nice. Remember: Don't Cry & Don't Throw Up! Love, Maggie

dieselalpaca ♥♥ My favorite. All that you miss is soft fleece on your tail. Please rid yourself of your upper teeth: your biting won't be as painful. Kisses.

My one and only Halo ♥♥ You are the only one who thinks like you. You are the only one who dreams like you. You are the only one my only one.

To Sweet Meagan G ♥♥ "I like it all that way"—You are so beautiful and I love you. Let's make beautiful music together babe. Will you be my valentine? Love, Dizzle.

It's okay you moved. ♥♥ But now I don't know where my home is. In your little way you make me sad you're away. When I rebuild my carburator I'll drive down 800 to stay.

Life is but a dream. ♥♥ Jonathan how I adore you. I Love Love Love you. You fill me with passion. A million kisses and always Oceans of Love, Marlaina

AAaarrrr..... ♥♥ To My Wino! Be the cute, I wish ye thee best Valentino Dizo EVER! I LOVE YOU! I will be out-of-town but thinking of you... My Cheese Queen-Knuckles.

redhot warrior woman ♥♥ love and kisses from your bear, i promise it won't rain forever XOXOXO

Dear Shweetie Pie ♥♥ "Lover's language" used to make me want to vomit. Who would have thought now adding an sh to any word would make it adorable?

Once A Year Lovers! ♥♥ Andrew, Bill, Darrow, Evan, Paul & Steve: You guys know how hot you make me. I only hope that this year I get a little tongue! If not, maybe a spank?

My Queen Ann Lover ♥♥ You live at the top of the hill and I live at the bottom. Any wonder that I love to have your beautiful naked body on top of mine? I love you madly!

4 months until June ♥♥ ?eshiqw'ebicid ched. day' ched ?eshiilexw. cickw' ched x~atl'dubicid. Looking forward to Victoria. -bryan

To Arietta with love ♥♥ You have been with me through thick and thin and I adore you for that, I want to say "Happy Valentine's Day," you are GODS best creation on Earth!!! CMH

Hey Babrohamlincoln ♥♥ You are so hot that I have to come up with new words to celebrate your hottness. Shwing!

BRE ♥♥ I wish you much RDH-ing this Valentine's Day! LOVE YOU!

KRH ♥♥ Kathryn, you are the best. You are so good to me and make me a better person. I love you so much. You are the best. Love always, Jon

Mi Media Naranja ♥♥ Gracias por todo el amor que me has dado y por todo que has hecho por mi. Mi alegro al saver que compartiremos el resto de nuestras vidas juntos. Te amo

Monsignor ♥♥ You are such a naughty boy. You really should learn to keep your fingers to yourself. Please take me out for cheesesticks. Luff, Masie

I love you Evan! <3! ♥♥ No seriously, is there a thing...?;)Even though you are WAY intense, I understand why. Stop thinking I am going to die and just love me, Oky?^_^:Muah:

Your butt is perfect ♥♥ I love you so much Ray, you are my world. I can't wait for our baby to come and start our family. Happy Valentine's Day my husband! Love, your wife and loveangel

Dear ~S~ and ~A~ ♥♥ I feel like such a lucky girl to have met the both of you. You make my loins quiver. Luff, Masie

TB "hearts" FB ♥♥ Hey you! What say we put the fang creatures to roost early tonight, break out a bottle or two of Ting, and really cut loose? Muah!

To: Lindsay My Love ♥♥ Hey Sweetie Baby Sexxy Lover. You are hot and I wanna do it with you forever. My future wife, my inspiration, my best friend. Be my valentine. xoxox

Snugglewumps ♥♥ I love you. I adore you. I'm so happy to be with you. --- Trumpfykins

823 PETER PAN 143 ♥♥ The b-boy of my b-girl fantasies, your hawaiian tan, ching-wa eyes, and reptilian heritage has my heart dancing to YOUR ambient beats. I love you.


Jessi ka ka ♥♥ Jessica, my dear, A day without you I fear, A wretched mood you always can cure, And it doesn't even involve beer. Will you be mine this year?

Dear Jal, ♥♥ I hope you know how much I appreci ate all the little (and big) things you do and that I love you more everyday. Love, M.

From Your Bitches ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day! We love you. From Bo and Woggums

My Sweetie Alissa ♥♥ ♥♥ To my sweetie Alissa, I love you and am thankful for having you in my life. You made my life complete. Thank you for showing me what love truly is.

lindsay loves james! ♥♥ TO JAKE: you are the most handsome man i have ever laid eyes on and i want to do you. do you alot. when i am not with you i am sad. i love you forever

Murph ♥♥ This one's for Roo.

Dawn of Beacon Hill! ♥♥ I have a huge crush on you. Maybe one day soon I can show you all my skills, in and out of the kitchen-- TO's Personal Chef.

BEEBAH!! I Love You ♥♥ Dont ever forget that. Things have been really screwy for a long time. It's OUR turn to be happy, don't ya think!? We can do it if we keep it US!!

Ek is lief vir jou ♥♥ Six wonderful years - I love you, Peachcup! Things will be better. 4444444 4444444444444

OLAS OSO ♥♥ Who's my snugglebear? No, I'm never going to stop - I love you that much! Besides, who else would think of all these nicknames for you?

ANDRIZZLE FO SHIZZLE ♥♥ Happy VD day! I can't wait for our special times! You have made happier than I ever thought I could be. You are the best gf in the entire world. Evan

Snoop in the sun ♥♥ Snoop on the beach, Snoop in the sea, I love you Snoop, where ever you may be. Warmth is an atom. D

Kitchen proposal ♥♥ Bobo, Here's the gist: I will work for you, defend you, and love you all the rest of the days of my life. It'll be a privelege 2B your husband. B

Busy Girl Emily ♥♥ Roses are red. Violets are blue. All of Seattle has fallen for you. Try not to break too many of our hearts, Lovely. Hope 2006 rocks your socks!

The Pink House ♥♥ Oh Pink House my love I treasure your flippant conversations, Capricious nature, and how you seize the hearts of many. I know you have stolen mine.

SILLY BUNS!! ♥♥ You are my everything, I love you more than all the tequila you could ever drink! Happy Valentine's day! XOXO

I'VE A CRUSH ON YOU! ♥♥ I you like soup from the Metropolitan Market and play hockey sometimes and I wanted to say that *I think your cute* and I have a crush on you. Kanuna

A.J. + P.J. ♥♥ Peter, You are my Johnny Cash. Love, Amy

LG* lil bit o honey ♥♥ Heart o mine, u my purple yarm, my sweet sillyzizzersister, you take me to such great heights! Where is my precious wake up call?luvuladdaRedhotloveslave

MANG!!!!!! ♥♥ Dear Mang, It makes me giggle a little every time I see you, even when life sucked, or you are watching The Burns. Can't wait to marry you. Burn! B

my magical gnome ♥♥ i may be a luciferific douchebag and you may be a digusting little "weezel", but i think you're amazing and i love you with all of my heart. xoxo SLUG

Sweet Anna ♥♥ Have I told you how much I love you today? I love you! Also thank you for holding my hand during this tough time in my life. You rule chicky-poo. JT

HANSONKA! ♥♥ Here's to many more work errands and Gooches in our future. I meow you. xoxo,ct

to: you ♥♥ thank you for the 9+ years of loving. you mean everything to me. love: me

SIT! STAY! HEEL! ♥♥ Maybe YOU won the bet at your parents house after Thanksgiving. You know what that means (you get to watch)...and I'll even make the noise you like...

mom and dad ♥♥ thank you so much for everything you've done for me. if i ever make it to broadway, it will be all your fault. you're the best parents EVER. -cayman

PBK loves GLW ♥♥ Doris, thank you for making me smile everyday. I love you and I will always be your Pumpkin Bear Kitty. Sunshine and Kittens, Amira

JP.... ♥♥ My sweet & sexy valentine... Yo te amo! AR

SFCG RAWKS ♥♥ crack shack: clio happy f-ing birthday, matty you're the best, janae congrats on the soon-to-be pad, cash you da man, you too abara. lots of luv.

DANIMAL ♥♥ I love you as much as you love pistachios. Maybe even more. I'll miss you when you're off in gay Paris, so don't forget to write me once in a while.

Not S.A.D. anymore ♥♥ ♥♥ The friends and admirers come in droves now because you are wonderful, girl. I still have your heart and you mine. I'm so proud of you. Love U -AoD

My Gawd, You Kwazy ♥♥ Galen, No Valentine of mine, But I will send you paper aeroplanes, So long as creepy cartoon animals pop up on my door, Oh, hearts, stars, blah, blah.

FIREBALL & BILLY! ♥♥ Love from Tallulah & Homer! Oh, & from K&J too! MWAH!

you Ruhl ♥♥ Linds, I like you cause you're neat. you wear glasses during the day and no glasses at night. you make me smile.


TO THE RABBIT DINNER ♥♥ of men, in mind, in heart, in body and in bed: I love you! And I am the only one who can sign your Rxxx for happiness.

FLURB @ NOT A NUMBER ♥♥ Mr. Shmoopie Smoot: I Lerve You, wif luv from Fidel

Happy Anniversary ♥♥ Micah, A year ago today we flew to Niagara Falls to be married. That was the best decision of my life! Through thick and thin I will be yours! Rick

I hate VD, but <3 U! ♥♥ Corrigan and Melissa. You rock my world. I love and miss you both and wish I could see you every day of my life. <3<3<3

Amy ♥♥ Oo Ee Ah Ah!!! Love, Hank

Shoegazing Terror ♥♥ ♥♥ You are my muse, my hope, my aeroplane over the sea. You are my troop of Pinkerton soldiers and my holepunch. I send you candy hearts and semicolons.

HEY Andrea&Charles! ♥♥ C, My Love, I miss you already. Luv, Jon... A, get yer ass back here soon! Love, Kara... kisses to the girls!

hey hippy ♥♥ It's been a hard year and half, but you have been worth it. Love you lots! Forever yours!

Hey Rizz... ♥♥ I remember that one time you brain-mouthed on my voicemail. That was sweet.

Your Not A Number ♥♥ Head Cheese - Though I see you everday at Not A Number Cards & Gifts, and I love you more and more each day. Love, S. Smoot

take note ♥♥ KJ—i couldn't help but notice a few things, i've been rather giddy as of late, i'm sure its your doing, if your goal was to take over my mind, you win. EK

-->> BAGBE ♥♥ We've had our moments, but you're still my mad-sleepin baby. Let's go for another 1582, and then we'll decide. I Love You... Poke

John (JULES) Part 2 ♥♥ 2.14.06- This past year+ has been magical. Thank you for sharing your life w/ me & teaching me to do the same. I found u & found true love,awww! luv-j

Michelle My Belle ♥♥ Michelle—You're swell, This you should know, We love you so, With your dedication, To Pratt's education, We'll be the best school, In the nation!

to my rae ♥♥ You make me smile and laugh so much my face hurts the next day. You are my new favorite thing in Seattle. My beautiful girl, Happy Valentine's Day!

P-300 ♥♥ Special K, My Fun Friend.... I LOVE YOU! You ROCK! Happy Valentine's Day to my buddy Other K in Y2K!

hochi mochi ♥♥ Happy V-day, cupa-a-go-go! This new chapter in our life will be amazin & I will love you until the end of time, belongersita. ji,ji,ji... hocho mocho

DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS ♥♥ ♥♥ You're my SPECIMEN, and my best friend. Hippopatami + Whale = LOVE Of all the boys in the world, you are the ONE for me. SAND DOLLAR? Devotion, Panda

John (JULES) Part 1 ♥♥ 2.14.05- a piece of the puzzle that finally fits, right. I like where I'm at w/u. Accepting your Valentine's date,, see part 2! Luv- jilli

Meganriot ♥♥ I'm stuck on you, till the end of time. I love you.

Bubba boo@ 4yrs ♥♥ Since you came into my life you're the light that shines so bright. I love you and am thankful to have someone that loves me unconditionally. Papa D

Archer ♥♥ You are damn fine. Happy Valentine's Day. xo

TOM G the 4th ♥♥ i adore you. even with the long hair. even if we're characters in a woody allen movie. even with the loose-leaf tobacco. hell, even with the beret.

schmoogie! ♥♥ schmoogie-schmoogie-schmoogie! schmoo-schmoo-schmoo! let me gag you with my panties and take advantage of you! ~you-know-who....

Maverick ♥♥ i love you, and i'm glad we are making a go of this whole marriage thing! i love you amore and more everyday! mrs.sparkles

MY BLOODY VALENTINE. ♥♥ Liz, You truly are lovelier than a black rose on a cemetery grave. We truly were a dark fairytale. Let's give it another chance! I'll love you always. J

Geek + Geek ♥♥ dl - <3 <3 <3 + + + - m

Emily & Eli ♥♥ I love you guys! You both made 2005 super special. xoxoxo Dada Pie

Brown Squirrel ♥♥ Mikko, you are the first valentine I have ever had. I love you. When I'm with you, you make me happy. You're always on my mind and in my heart.

LINDSAYISMYGODDES ♥♥ Hey baby, I love you with all my heart, you are my everything. You changed my life, without you I wouldn't be here. Happy 3rd Valentine's Day, Richard

Mrs. Duncan ♥♥ Thanks for marrying me, sport.

I <3 NALC Branch 79 ♥♥ Much solidarity and love to the Brothers and Sisters of National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 79!

To My #1 CHUCKER ♥♥ It's pre-super bowl, so Happy Valentine's Day, honey! But if your stupid Steelers & PSP win on Sunday I am cutting you off! GO HAWKS!! Love you, K

Chris! ♥♥

BUBBA LOVE! ♥♥ You are so beautiful. Smoking fucking hot. You suck cock better than anybody. Best girlfriend evah!! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you!

The sun'll come out ♥♥ TAMARA! Happy Valentine's Day! You don't come over and rub my nipples as much as you used to. Momma don't do it like you can. Come and see me! Eli

My Thraul! ♥♥ What a ride we're on. Tomorrow we close an old chapter and open an exciting new one--en español! Te amo, mi mejor amigo. Let it unfold.

MEOW CHAU!!!! ♥♥ No, YOU'RE the bestest Valentine EVER! Can't wait until our next intense hand slappin' session. Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

HOFFMAN LUSTS 4 MORE ♥♥ FOH: I yearn for our clutching, grasping, animal times. We will nurse your health and feed you libido. Hoffman wants to feed you Gunther. XXXOO HOFFMAN

SEAN [lost boyys] =) ♥♥ You are possibly one of the cutest things in the whole wide world. Be mine?<3 No wait; Let's not beat around the bush. Marry me?<33 Kayy. LOVE; Megan

My Lovely ♥♥ I'll love you always. Even though we have grown apart, you're forever in my heart. I wish you all you deserve & more. Kisses there and there-MM(EgyptianQueen)

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