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LOVE ME! ♥♥ Like I love you- for waiting, keeping me sane, traveling half way around the world, being my best friend, my vornado & my motivator. Be mine forever?

Mama's Jen ♥♥ I (and all of Belltown) miss you so. When you get out of the hospital, we will produce those beautiful hermaphodites you and Daddy always dreamed about.

Soulmates ♥♥ I can not wait to be your wife! There is nothing I want more than to be married to you. I love you so much! Happy Valentine's Day, babe!

Hot Dog Man ♥♥ Everything is brighter since we met. You make my heart glow through my eyes. I'm so happy I found you. Let's make some chocolate strawberry decadence!

Malena C ♥♥ To my best friend, lover, and wife, who keeps me alive by driving me crazy. I love you

smoo. ♥♥ let's pack a snorkel, a sandwich and an apple, and we'll jump on the ferry for a couple of human heads. august will be coming soon, i hope.

YOGA BEAUTY ♥♥ Across the sea, how much I love you, I wish you to see. As I say this from afar, in my heart... close you are... your wrench on top of the hill. Sigh.

BUNDLES!!! ♥♥ MyBundles- I long to be with you, always and every way. You keep me organized and in shape and looking ahead...true love certainly is this! -TeddyBear.

Cloven-hooved, goaty ♥♥ Horned beasty, please be my lovely valentine! Goat-girl! Climb me, eat the olives from my branches sweet and bleat, dear, pray do, do!

Oh how i Love thee. ♥♥ Ben,"Your Love is extravagant, your friendship is intimate." I love this quote because it is how I feel about our relationship. See you soon! Love you!

Dearest Architect ♥♥ My little snuggle-bunny, how the time has flown by. Hard to believe that it's almost been two years. I love love LOVE you. -t.

HIJIBOT ♥♥ being here with you has been so special. every year brings us more adventures and brings us closer. i wouldn't be who i am today without you! love!

Zizzy Zazzy ♥♥ Because I love you more every year...also, ZIZZY ZAZZY

***NITA**** ♥♥ 3 Years of Leeping, Loving, and Laughing!! I've never loved another as much as I love you. The next chapter is even juicier. - E.


we're number one! ♥♥ to my beautiful pictionary girls: *youresofuckingcuteiwanttosquishyourface* love, e.

Valentine 2.0 ♥♥ Dear Nina, I'm so lucky to have gotten to know you and the ladies. Big or small, in or out, you are the best! Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Pavlov

Elvis head ♥♥ I rest my big fat head made of bacon and cheese on your sweet arms made of honey and steel. Bubo on a meatstick

HonaB ♥♥ Wouldn't you agree that Cupid was right on target 13 yrs ago? You're better than chocolates and roses. Happy Valentine's Day, sweetie! Love you lots!

SWEET SWEET MARY ♥♥ I love you, cannabis. Be my valentine. <3 Jimmy T

Benedisuk ♥♥ You twist and mold bodies ,fabrics and souls like no other. I will walk the line for you. Porter

Happy Valentine's Day ♥♥ My mission is to change your opinion of Valentine's Day like you changed my opinion of New Year's. I love you Jon. Have an amazing day! Love me :-p

A Haiku for Jenni ♥♥ To my lovely Squish I give you all my lovings Forever's too short

--Delicious Lover!-- ♥♥ You sweep me off my feet every day. I love waking up next to you, our bodies entangled like a puzzle. Kisses & much naughtiness, your bluberryboy.

Paulie Meatballs!!!! ♥♥ He loves to gromp. He loves to chomp. He even loves to beg for baby carrots. Leopard ball, puma and all your bees send their love from retirement.

AGENT APATHY ♥♥ be our valentine??? we love you. <3 the plankton beat

My sweet Theresa ♥♥ Whatever our future holds, know that I will be there beside you, supporting you in whatever you do. You are my best friend and I love you so much.

To My Two Lovelies ♥♥ Hands held, pecks given, our bizarre love triangle will never fold. From my heart to you, nobody knows me as well as you do. I love you both. <3<3<3<3

My dearest TJ ♥♥ After almost 4 years, I love you more than ever. Here's to our wedding, the future and our life together. I love you baby : )

9 years ♥♥ Carrie, can you believe that we've had 9 years together? And no, this isn't your skinny boyfriend. Hope you know how much I adore you. Love, Alex

I'm not African ♥♥ But I am a wild animal when you lick my pillow lips.

I just shit my pants ♥♥ ))<>(( with the same poop .Forever. To MFB from REP

Cathy, I appreciate: ♥♥ Your doing laundry, letting me pay bills, our tag-team parenting; but the intimacy has gone. If you don't want sex anymore, may I find another lover?

here kitty, kitty ♥♥ to vida: my north, my south, my east, my west, my working week, my sunday rest. thanks for being sweet to me. te quiero. i love you to pieces, bidi

JAKE AND LEA ♥♥ We want to be sure that you two know how much we love both of you. There's no better night, Than the four of us tight, Cozy under the kotatsu.

Ronnie and Michele ♥♥ Who would of ever thought that? Somedays I feel like God already took me to heaven with you. I am deeply in love with you. Kiss me.

Hot Balls ♥♥ I can't wait to make a home with you in Seattle. Ah luh yew. The Future "Mrs. Toxic"

James Dean's Ghost ♥♥ Cigarette glows in the shadow. Turn around, see colors and a faint trace of smoke. Came back for you, smiling in the reflections of an oily puddle. REP

It's your day Joe ♥♥ Fuck the hearts, flowers and candy. Have a happy birthday!! Love, Sam

I Love Lamp! ♥♥ Yes I do. You are my most wonderful husband. You fill my heart with joy and love every day. From your adoring cranberry girl.

TESSA IS DA BOMB ♥♥ you know you are baby & that's why I love you. and you feed me corn dogs & coca cola. LOVE K-MO.

Meechy Meechy ! ♥♥ Cupid saw us at the Twilght one hot summer night. He plunged his arrows deep into our hearts and love was undeniably ours since. Be mine! Sparklechest

Maisen U R MINE!! ♥♥ Baby you rock my world. I can't wait to be all over you this Valentine's Day. Be prepared for more surprises - You've been warned. I love you!

Attack Cat! ♥♥ You are my favorite crocodile in the whole world! Happy Valentines day! I love you! Love, Your Goose

Good times! ♥♥ Erik I love you from the bottom of heart! You mean so much to me! Can't wait to see you in April! Ilu ss ysbm pfc Happy Valentines Day xoxoxoxoxoxoxo!

DAVE*dbb*DAVE ♥♥ To my dear whale-eyed sweetheart Dave, Your virtues require a rave, In brain and body, A true to life hottie, It's your words and touches I crave.

con huevos ♥♥ c- more than ever, i'd rather be your appendage than anyone else's girlfriend. love, z

IANNA IANNA IANNA !! ♥♥ HOLY SHIT!!! I love you more than ever, you thick skulled mug. THREE years of marriage and I don't know what I would do with out you. Mucho love, MOOK

Super Secret LOVE ♥♥ edmond you are the love of my life. your voice, words, thoughts, eyes, smile, kiss make me whole. you give me more than you will ever know. i love you.

To my little wing ♥♥ As we walk through life, wing to wing, beak to beak, you will always be the superest one ever. And now there's a Sqush. What luck! What good fortune!

Luscious Ferryman ♥♥ Squa-jar, you are the love of my life, the fire in my loins, the honey in my tea. C-u-2-nite and every night. Love, Jo-jar

another year ♥♥ To junya, designm0nk3y, maus, twistedsyx, A&E, euggie, and yoyojedi -- you have always been there for me, why would I ever need anthing else? \m/ - DL

Cute Butt Kevin ♥♥ Thanks for the million kisses you give, the sweet words you say, the way you take me from behind when it's time to play. Love you babe!~Shells

Todd ♥♥ You are the light of my life and the reason my heart beats everyday. Happy Valentine's Day, Sweet Boy. Love, ME

Be Mine, Dave D. ♥♥ I love U in <150 char's: UR the most important thing 2 me. Just thinking of U makes me :) U know me better than any1. U make me want 2B your wife. LOB

Guys Love BJ! ♥♥ Happy Valentines! It's my busy day, but when I'm not being crushed at work I'll be loving you every second. Be mine and I'll spank your booty all nite.


Dinos Go Rawr ♥♥ Hey Cutie, Can't wait til we can listen to music that goes into clapping together while eating snickerdoodles. It'll be delish. xoxo EricaSaurusRex

To my eightysix: ♥♥ Boy of my dreams, come west and snuggle. 196. R.

To My Honey Buns ♥♥ Of all the fish in the sea, your still the only one for me! Happy 3rd Valentine's babe. I love you. From JL to CN

ERIK i wish u knew.. ♥♥ "Please forgive me if I act a little strange, for I know not what i do- Feels like lightning running through my veins everytime I look at you..." ???

To My No. 8 ♥♥ When life becomes a big bowl of jalapenos, you're always going to be my cool lime jello. Love you always baby bubba. -Mama Bird

Assume the position! ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day. Paul

carol! ♥♥ I love you V-day B-day more Sid and Nancy Nights, huh? Let's be Wuvvy dovey. Thanks for being there for me. XXX. -K

CW ♥♥ your moving here for me is the single most loving gesture anyone has ever engaged in on my behalf. your faith in our love takes my breath away. xxooxo

PDA ♥♥ D-though you are far away, you are always close to my heart. what a year it has been--how lucky i am to have your love. string bean

~Papa Bear~ ♥♥ Mikael, You are so special to me. Thanks for being so patient with me. I love you so much. Let's have a wonderful Valentine's Day together. Daisy

Hunni and Sweetie ♥♥ Dear Long, I just wanted to say that even through all the hardships that we have had. I will always LOVE you. Happy Valentines Hunni-Love Lissa

Dear Foxy Redtail, ♥♥ Thank you for your crunchy, lip-smacky phone calls; the radiant heat of your small, furry body; being my one true ho pal. I love you til the end.

Shadow Stoneybrook ♥♥ My valentine this year for sure, And boy, you can make me purr! I love you more than I can say, and close to you makes my perfect day. Love, Ginger

smokin' IPA girl ♥♥ i'll hop your brew anytime. people with a.d.d. should be careful of hot stones. lets get truckin'. love, T-BONE.

Hello Lo Lo ♥♥ You're a queen, a blue-aired queen. I could just look at your face for an entire day and be happy. I hope we can see MC Chris again, and Iron Lung.

Benjamin F. ♥♥ Happy Love Day! Thank you for being such an awesome boyfriend. I don't know what I would do without you. I love you! Love, Your cute little girl

Sange D. ♥♥ Teaching you is my favorite pastime. Sleeping there makes me feel safe. Your words=in red. I see that you're trying. You're not bald, old or fat. HOTTIE

To My Love Lori ♥♥ I hope we are together forever, gazing into each others eyes. Oh "and then we'll just keep doing it back and forth...with the same poop."

Oh Yu! Oh Yu! ♥♥ Theloveibearmyphomyeggrollmyhoneyinmytea itsnothingbesidetheloveibearyou oh yu oh yu whatremainsofdimsumbrunchesandbreakfastbuffets nowthatyouarehere

FOR MAH BOO!!! ♥♥ Bark! From your puppy dog who loves you very much! Be my kitty-kat-meow this Valentine's day!!! Love you mah boo!!!

SARABOI ♥♥ I'm glad wer'e still friends...even if no one else gets it.

Munchies n crunchies ♥♥ Sweets! You've been very bad. I must be punished.

My Chris, My Saint ♥♥ Our 1st V-Day in our 1st year of marriage. Thank you for all of your love, never-ending support and all those wonderful orgasms. I love you, Erin

dearest Honkbag ♥♥ My love, my darling- I told you I'd work this into conversation. Sorry I touched myself when you weren't there to watch. Hugs and Kisses -Me

To my Joely ♥♥ I love you with all my heart. Happy Valentine's Day! Let's play some yahtzee:) Love, Danielley

Sonnet 116 ♥♥ For Brian: It is the star to every wandering bark whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken. I love you, Valentine. Eternally, LaNette

JESSIXXXA! ♥♥ Hey, ditch that Aaron fellow and come with me. I've got pens that fly and moms that make sandwiches! -Stereoman

Krista ♥♥ Darling, I wanted to say... What? Yes, I agree, Bush sucks... Anyway, I... Yes, we shouldn't waste gas... Anyway, I... shut up! I love you. Geez. S

Tied up with joy ♥♥ Mack and I wanted to tell you how we may cut off your panties and smack your ass but you smack my heart.

scarf left on table. ♥♥ I heard you told my housemate that you think I have a crush on you. You were right. I want to make you dinner and sing you folk songs. Up for it?

Honey-bun ♥♥ Thanks for the great years, for the adventure, and for undertanding the complexity that is us. Grow old with me, the best is yet to be. Huggie

My heart is yours ♥♥ Years of winter. Gone. Emptiness filled by your love. Together. One heart...

Rockstar Ross ♥♥ I want to kiss you. *Mandizi

Magpie ♥♥ You make me feel like the man I want to be instead of the man I am. I just you thought I was the man I want to be instead of the man I am. I'm sorry.

Yo, Lt! ♥♥ I can see me loving nobody but you- For all my life When your with me, baby, the skies'll be blue- For all my life

Beautiful Pavalita - ♥♥ You are the love of my life, m'lady - the mate of my soul. I need you like Alaska needs wilderness. Let's be crazy together forever! Love, yrPavo#1

Jessixa and Vincent ♥♥ There's no place I'd rather be than in the company of you two. I love you guys so much. I finally have a home. -Aaron.

Sunshine of My Love ♥♥ Guy, I'll be with you darling, soon, I'll be with you when the stars start falling. Distance won't make true love fade. I love you forever. Janet

Cranberry Girl ♥♥ You mean the world to me. I know it hasn't been easy recently, but I promise I'll do whatever it takes to make us happy again.

Sweet Cheeks ♥♥ My little chicken, have I told you how much I love you today? Thanks for a wonderful year of snuggles & shower gremlins. From your Apple Fritter

Smoking Neighbors ♥♥ To Kate. One of these days an amazing guy is going to appear at our doorstep wonder why it took so long to find the girl that really knows about love.

ABG, soon to be ABO! ♥♥ Allisona, I love you! I cannot bear the idea of not being at your service. Your smallest wish is my command. Your most loving and devoted servant, TJO

My Shinin' Star ♥♥ I wished upon a star, and all was granted that October day I saw you through the window. Ich liebe dich. Love, Kitten

Sucks we both work.. ♥♥ H- I know you hate Valentine's Day, but I love you. And there isn't another person I would rather spend it with (or regrettably not spend it with). -W

Manchengo Muncher ♥♥ Te amo mi corazon. Besame todos los noches. Tu es muy caliente y linda. Ay dios que rico! Vamos a la cama! Your Buenos Aries Boy forever

B-Sweet ♥♥ I did never know so full a voice issue from so empty a heart: but the saying is true 'The empty vessel makes the greatest sound'. Choco Thunder

hi kimi K !!!! ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day!!! Love, your nephew. Eric in portland. My computer time at the library is about to run out so sorry that your valentine's small.

Q & A and C 4-EVA! ♥♥ You are a wonderful husband (and sexy). I love you more than my concoctions, celebrity gossip, and early morning recipes. Thank you for loving me. Q

Melissa R. GEMINI! ♥♥ Like 2 ships, passed in the night, As Deathy said, our love burned bright, 2gether we would "Live Large," In my heart, Mel's in charge. Luv, Feldspar

B-Sweet ♥♥ I did never know so full a voice issue from so empty a heart: but the saying is true 'The empty vessel makes the greatest sound'. Choco Thunder

Still my Grandma ♥♥ To the lover of smelly little assholes, like towely loves weed, man, like right now I love you so much I don't even know what's going on. Belly smooch!

Seanna ♥♥ sweet beautiful grrl - so glad you have consented to 'be mine' . . . . thanks for not fighting the luv thang any longer . . .. you are my bliss ~ mi

Winter is cuming - ♥♥ in a few months, perhaps, my beautiful angel will sleep in my arms, awaken in my arms & live there. I love you baby. And always will. Yours forever..

Darling boyfriend ♥♥ I miss you terribly. Inca is a good companion, but she's nothing compared to you. One one month until Zachary's & In-n-Out & you. Your b.k.

Oh Cuddlepotamus- ♥♥ You are smart, sexy, kind, funny, and loving. I'm so glad I married you! I hope 2006 is full of movies at the Admiral, happy hours, and lots of SST!

Meine Liebehaberin ♥♥ BBK, Ich leibe dich mit meinem ganzen hertzen! Tut mir Leid fuer letztes Jahr. Ich war ein Narr.

BGT ♥♥ YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND! I hope you have an awesome day!

LV/LV ♥♥ This is my dream, It is my own dream, I dreamt it. I dreamt that my hair was kempt. Then I dreamt that my true love unkempt it. --Ogden "Ash"

indie rock ♥♥ i fucking love indie rock.

CHUPACABRITA ♥♥ Seven lemon drops, have redefined my life, you are my confidant, and in November -- my wife! Love you 4EVER!!! ~Bri

Alex; My Rock Star ♥♥ I know these last couple of months have been tough, but it's all worth it. Besides, you're clearly Jazz's favourite, she approves. I love you Boo.

Bubba Bear!!! ♥♥ FOX loves you more than extra salad dressing, fresh brewed iced tea, wawa hoagies and halloween candy. Here's to 4 years of deliciously sweet love!

CJB: It is the light ♥♥ in your eyes that induces me to climb out of bed on these cold winter mornings and the warmth in your arms that draws me back into it at night. EMG

NEIL from "The Hill" ♥♥ O how U make my <3 SWOON, BABY. UR so hot w/the hair, the body, O, the body. The loose pants don't do U justice. I want 2 do wut UR trying 2 hide in there.

Amy O. ♥♥ When I was young, I screwed up bad, by not choosing you. You ever need a friend in your corner, I'm there. Mark O.

To my pixie chef ♥♥ Adrienne, you rock the world and I'm so happy to be riding next to you right now. I love you so much..

Year 3 - Sickness ♥♥ Lo, Hepatitis & pneumonia. Here's hoping for a sickness-free new year. Good health = lots of hugging, kissing, and lovin. I love you tons! -H

Errico Kidneyslicer ♥♥ Even if I kiss all of Olympia like you did, no other historian could explain New Wave & kiss my toes so beautifully. I love you, too, Mademoiselle

Room w/a View of Hell ♥♥ Cartouche, our love is like peach has blossomed from adolescent and cute to full bodied and sexy..except I still have peach fuzz on me bum..

UNO! ♥♥ You and me, Cory B! Happy Valentine's Day to the sweetest sidekick a girl could have. Bring your game face, Julia Dangerous


Boo Baby ♥♥ My perfect angel, you mean the world to me. I can't imagine living without you. I love you with all my heart. Papa

♥♥ Zoe-Happy, Happier, Happiest-Kevin

hall & oates pin... ♥♥ when we met 5 years ago, u were just a hottie with an h&o pin on her jacket and a tattoo on her foot. now, you're my everything- i love u forever!!


Hey you guys! ♥♥ Dave, Liam, and Charli, I just cannot choose between you all! am hoping that from this year on you ALL will be my valentines! <3 Angi

to my little petunia ♥♥ only you have quelled my irreversible disbelief. one square inch of your skin proves the existence of all things purely divine and blissfully just.

My Teacher of RAWK ♥♥ To my loving husband Paul, whom I adore. Happy Valentine's Day and thank you for teaching me how to RAWK! Love, Wife Jenn

My Vogon Princess ♥♥ To my pregnant vogon princess... I love you. Yes, even when you are feeling like a ravenous bugblatter beast. 42

Roberto ♥♥ Thanks for feeding me special tuna and milk. I wish you were here. I like to sleep on your belly. You are the best owner ever. Meow. - Incatinha

I love you smax ♥♥ Baby Doll - I'm so glad you are my wife on this Valentine's Day. I love you.

To My Sweet..... ♥♥ Thanks for 4 fantasmatic years of love, laughter & clean laundry! Your kind heart & integrity inspires me everyday...Love you mucho--xoxoxo--your lady

I LOVE YOU ♥♥ mark, I can't believe that one of the worst experiences of my life would have lead me to meet someone I have come to love. -jason

BEND ♥♥ Above all else, know this; you are cherished. Purrs and burrs from the little cats: Cassidy, Jack and Blue. I love you, I LOVE YOU! 'Derful.

ELIZA ♥♥ I think you're the balls! Love, S

happy v-day, lkc ♥♥ i hope you are blushing, and feeling adored on this greatest of all holidays. all my love to you!!

To My JerseyGirl pet ♥♥ Dear pet, Happy Valentine's Day to the sweetest pet in the world. H&F and All My love, MPaul

sweet carmi ♥♥ all of you... all of me. yours, constance

I think I lied ♥♥ Maybe I don't actually have a crush on you, Danny.

You make Civ Pro fun ♥♥ Prof. Matthew R., Your charisma makes civ pro our favorite class. I represent to you that we can only hope to practice to your standards. <3 Section A

You're my Favorite! ♥♥ Oh that Ronde hair, you're the hottest guy I know. Maybe we should be friends... I love you like crazy madness, Sweetheart!

CERISSE! ♥♥ Thanks for always being such a great loyal friend. I am so thrilled to be a part of your big day! Ur friendship means the world to me. Luv ya-sideways

I LOVE BUBBLES!!!!!! ♥♥ April & Megan---- Thanks for the great memories of baseball and such... HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!!!!!! :o)

Hernan ♥♥ I desire loud music, drunken parties and wild dance, one hand holding a cup of wine, one hand caressing your hair. --Kiss

Beloved pookie-bear ♥♥ You match me need for need, want for want, desire for desire. My thirst for you is never quenched. I love you now, forever and always. HB

{=- sugar bunny -=} ♥♥ Smoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooocha!

You are my P-Dub ♥♥ Laura Lee, you are home to me, and not in that trailer park sort of way. More like a palatial yacht. I love you like woah! - Justin

My favorite Button ♥♥ I love you the best

Bubbling Pot Of Sex ♥♥ Belly, belly, belly, belly, belly, belly, belly, belly, belly, belly, belly, belly, belly, belly, belly, belly, belly, belly, belly, belly, bu-bu-belly!! Heart, B

Yer Ruby Red Lolipop ♥♥ I love your: smart brain, sexy self & bitey teeth. U make me feel like your best treasure in and out of bed. You're my treasure. Luv yer girl, Tangerina

postcards-to-DRU ♥♥ roses are red; sugar is brown; you've got to be the cutest cartoon drawing, bicycle-riding, cocktail waitress in town! chee hee!

Lacey, Gabe, Nan, ♥♥ Alan, Margarete, Jimmy, Michelle, Jen, Amie, Patti, Chris, Buddy, thanks for staying alive in 2005!!! I love you - &rea

Mr. A. Hilton ♥♥ The pinkest of Valentines to you for your smile, Sunday coffee, French lessons, bitching and support. Like sugar cookies from Martha, you are sprinkled.

Forest Into My World ♥♥ Chrystal, My love for you was already large but will now only get bigger as our Forest grows. I LOVE YOU. Curtis

Ruhl- ♥♥ I may not want the butt sex, but I sure do want you! I love you, you sexy clit commander! &rea

BEST KITTY EVER ♥♥ Don't you love snuggling your kitty tail next to my puppy bottom? I do! Makes me want to be your naughty puppy forever. Sniffing, licking and... RAR!

ADRI! ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day, babe—I love you more and more each day. With you, life is a joy. Love, Jibby

Big Boss ♥♥ 101 Fantasies of you: Fucking you in the ass with my tongue. YOU are the only reason I smile these days. Thank you, Mi Corazon.

Tokyo ♥♥ Cube hotels, love motels, neon-city madness. A Roman temple for a bed? A mountain stream for a shower? Yes! Soon. I love you for the joy you give me.

dear krista ♥♥ like this always. love, alysia

Dabed, 8 long years! ♥♥ Let's do nothing in the yibing woom... sooner than later! Actually, you're my favorite roommate and I love you. ~Banie

To my Russian Tiger ♥♥ Dear Alyosha, Our children will be beautiful. I love you.

For a Robut ♥♥ You're the best lover and the best friend I could have, life with you keeps me happy. I want to live inside you! (if anyone asks, you can deny it)

CHA CHA CHA CHINKY ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day, my friend! I'm so proud of you!! I love you!!! XOXO Trailer and Natas

Eitak ♥♥ HoMEOWnership: A painful 5-month process wasting odious amounts of gas, $$$, & time w/ a walrus-like man that makes you love your other like no other.

Jungle Boy ♥♥ JB - my most wonderful puppy! The past few years have been the best of my life. You are my best friend and my everything and I will love you forever.

Sonya, my Princess ♥♥ You make my days brighter and my nights so much hotter! Here's wishing us another year of soaking in the tub of happiness. Love, Fat Whytie

Spice Up Your Life ♥♥ Tinti loves her Hannah. I can't wait for family game night and all our various drinking activities. "I'll make love to you, like you want me too..."

Tekitoi ♥♥ Muh muh muh my Shanana! I wanna rock your casbah. Meet me at Studio 6 for some late night lovin'?

LAURA - Out of Africa ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day Laura! We miss you and love you, we're thinking of you, out in the African veldt, toying with lions, teasing the spiders. XOMegan

With Love, Berca ♥♥ Olivia! Let's get drunk and make out. All our friends did it! I love you times a million and I hope our friendship can stay STD-free for a long time!

Mighty Mo ♥♥ Your laugh is infectious, Your eyes are alluring, Your smile is seductive, Your body, fun size. You have my heart... Thank you & Elephant shoes.

Si, fry ♥♥ I love you more than cigarettes or bananas or cats. I love you more than I ever thought possible. Thank you for showing me love doesn't have to suck.

To GG, my soulmate ♥♥ I love you so much. You give me a reason to wake up in the morning. I've never loved anyone like you. You're the best cat in the world.

Sexy Mr. B! ♥♥ I want to schnuggle up with you on the Love Couch and watch TV. Then you can show me your schnaggletoof and I'll giggle. I love you all the bunches!

E WHITE ALL NIGHT!!! ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day, Baby.... Love FJW

I love my tyler <3 ♥♥ I love Tyler so much. He's the best guy I've ever met. I hope he sees this and knows who it is... because it's his dream girlie ;D. I luv ya tylah<3

Mr. Robles ♥♥ Eleven years later you're still number one in my heart! Will you be my Valentine? 459!

Supersweetsweet ♥♥ I M is R x Nimfinity to the power of P!

FUCK! HORNY FUCK! ♥♥ The Stranger said there was a good chance I would get laid if I sent this corny Valentine. So since I am so horny now, hoping to get fucked then!

JAMES I like U ♥♥ A LOT even though you are better than me at everything--except drinking... come find me. U know what I want... Kristin

Oh, Canada! ♥♥ It's been a year and I did not forget you. Are you sleeping? - Sijeka

To MLE in Oly... ♥♥ MLE, I'm still sorry how things ended though I feel wrongly accused. S'been nigh two years. I miss you, especially as a friend. HappyVdae, bware zombies.

glacier cap ♥♥ your burberry scent of love is strong you drink lots of beer this poem is full of love you're sweet as a dove we'll marry under the sea <3Sean

love you son ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day Upendo! You are a beautiful soul keeping on being you and enlightening the world with your wonderful smile & love. Love you Momma

ice berg ♥♥ From the fist day we met, I knew it was love at first sight! Don't be scared about getting married and moving into our blue shack of LOVE. <3stacie

What are the odds? ♥♥ Branden - I've made a huge mistake. I fell in love with you. What a fun, sexy time for us. I love you, roo. Love, Lillian

BlueBlueBlue! ♥♥ BlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlue NICEOL! My supersexy Rockstar girlfriend! I love you and you make my tummy gurgle! x Orla

for life ♥♥ you are very sexy and i love to do what it do with you! let's keep loving each other. your lover like no other flight/white 4 life x x D

Wild at Heart ♥♥ Lisa from Wild at Heart in Ballard You made my world ROCK! Your secret admirer

drive to chicago ♥♥ move to new york. with you by my side.

TB: here's your flow ♥♥ Pool hustlin' hottie wit the bomb technique/U make me blush, crush/So fly u make my knees weak/No need 2 be subtle, yo/We fit like a 2-piece jigsaw puzzle

CAW aka Denim Daddy ♥♥ Time has flown, things become more complex and entwined, and plain words do not do justice to the depth of my love for you. 03/07, my baby. xxoo, SGD

Counselor ♥♥ The memo was appreciated. Seeing the real deal after getting the artwork for my temporary b-day made it real. I'll protect you dancing. Signed, Three


To My BOOFACE (Aaron) ♥♥ Rosesarered. Violetsareblue. Thereare nowordstoexplainhowmuchIloveyou. ButIwilltryb/cyouareanamazingguy. You'reoriginalandtrue. I'msogreatfulyoulovemetoo.

The truth ♥♥ Gina, Donna, Stephanie, Jehn, Satan - you guys are fun to work with and for.

JEHN! JEHN! JEHN! ♥♥ Hey, thanks for completing the mission that night and draggin' my ass to the hospital! You're a good friend and not afraid to buy beer with bloody $$$

Hey Everybody! ♥♥ Andrea, Gabe, Lacey, Jessica, Amanda, Isaac, DR, Lexy, Mercy, Trevvor, Chad... Work folks, my folks, and the dog - Happy Valentine's Day, love you guys!

Doctor ♥♥ We met at one of those conventions in Dallas - gosh I HATE those things - but I got the chance to meet you then and now we work together. Glad to know you.

PUPDUP ♥♥ Hey Pupnik I Love You Dog!

I LOVE YOU !!!!!! ♥♥ woodstock why do we have to fight? i LOVE YOU!!! come back to me baby. i'll love you always. love me too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. you're one hell of a man. kiss me.

SWEET PEA ♥♥ I love you with all of my heart. You are the best friend ever. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Hurry back from Ljubljana. Your Big Guy.

Sweets, wife ♥♥ The car accident, the chapel, the video, the kids... Especially Laresta - I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Possibly more than Axl Rose & Hip Hop!

Haiku for Ai ♥♥ In front of the fire / Sixteen years back I proposed / On Valentine's Day. I asked you back then / No matter how you have changed / I would ask again. Love M

john my love ♥♥ I can't begin to describe the happiness I feel when I am around you. You make my life so rich. Who needs money? Here's to our journey!

Pokey and John Smith ♥♥ Babe, I love you so much. All that we have been through has brought us closer together and I love it! You are my rock, without you I fall apart. I2U

Da Bug and Da Robin ♥♥ Robin, I truly appreciate you. Not just for the cooking and laundry, but for forgiving my insanity and understanding me when even I don't. I love you.

Andy you're a star! ♥♥ Happy heart day, Pumpkin Tits. Enjoy yourself because I cannot wait for you to be here with me and enjoy an excellent time! Love Jesse aka Honey Balls

to my SAILOR ♥♥ thank you for being mine every day. seeing your face makes each day lovely. without you i would be helplessly alone.

Tanya Renee ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day my darling. I love you with all my heart.

Mindy Moo ♥♥ Roses are red, violets are blue, I heard your boyfriend dumped you at the Zoo... Give me a chance? Happy V Day, sweetie. Love, D

ED ED ED ED ED ♥♥ You make grumpy sexy. I love your store!

OXOXOX..PUNKINS ♥♥ Happy Valetine's Day Jamie. You had me from that first kiss at the beach. OXOX, punkins

Mindy F ♥♥ Thought I was invisible until we met in the rain last week. If I lose you again I'll die. I'd walk through coals just to see your smile. Love John J

tuna4ever ♥♥ and ever and ever and ever! i love you so much, stubotnic. thank you for being so good to me. here's looking forward to the rest of life, eh? xxxxxxxT

Ki_Flo!!! ♥♥ From lovers to best friends... to lovers? Whatever the phase of our relationship we've always made each other laugh, even when we shouldn't! -Nathan

To Michael ♥♥ You smooth my edges. Heather

Mattchew I adore yu! ♥♥ Mattchew, what are you? Bionic Jaime Sommers. Under dismal NW skies, U-R unlike all the others. Do visit soon - bring me the SPACE NEEDLE. Luv, Jessie June

To Ben from Bea ♥♥ I do love nothing in the world so well as you: is not that strange?

mylittlecabbagehead ♥♥ how about you're the greatest thing ever. ever. promise you'll always be my plus one. i can't die a bachelor and you're way too cute to go to waste. ilvu.

Hey Lawyer Girl ♥♥ It took me forever to call you but when I did you have made each day since worth it. Jim

For My Favorite INTJ ♥♥ Let's make mad, passionate love! From Your Very Own INFP.

Jelly- i love you ♥♥ Two years seems like Forever and yet not Nearly long enough

Blueberry of mine, ♥♥ You're my Honeybunch, Sugarplum, Pumpy-umpy-umpkin, You're my Sweetie Pie, You're my Cuppycake, Gumdrop, Snoogums-Boogums, You're the Apple of my Eye.

Malcolm W.G. ♥♥ Hey Monkey! Nice Undies... Will you marry me? Love, Beautiful

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