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The Big Bang Theory ♥♥ You gotta take some chances, you gotta risk losing it all, you gotta close ur eyes and leap because it just might be worth the fall, trust me. X-tina

My Wonder Dream Girl ♥♥ Alycat, you rock my world! Amazing how you "get me" and grow more and more beautiful every day. I love you so much and always will forever. -Joshiatto

WIGGLES!!! ♥♥ I love you so much! Let's spend the night singing Frank Sinatra and take a bath! Love, pickles

brown eyes ♥♥ you are evil and i love it that way. keep it up, oh baby of mine xo Benny

Schmooper ♥♥ G-FUNK You are awesome, awesome, awesome and I can't wait to be on the West Coast and get eleventy billion kisses from you. Love, J-ROK

My Montana Hottie ♥♥ Hey sexy girl, thank you for being in my dreams and my life. I want to sharing so much with you. I love you! Your Kiwi

Mariah ♥♥ Happy Birthday. Happy Valentine's. Happy Festivus for the rest of us.

AS SMART AS A SOCK. ♥♥ I'm as dumb as a rock. I'm just Jezzie from the block. Thanks for giving me an amazing life daddy! We love you too. L. your BAD little boys. Oso, Nico, Turks

seashell! ♥♥ i'm crazy enough to have you tattooed on me! you know i love you for better or worse and forever.

Return of the Rats ♥♥ Ryan, life in any city would be fantastic with you. Screw NY--you and Seattle are all I want. Be mine.

Pickles McLuvy Pants ♥♥ You are my friend, my geo-cacher, my midnight-cuddler, my turkey-meatball-eater, my TiVo-watcher, and the love of my life. I love you. xoxo Puddles

Pickle Pie! ♥♥ I'm asking you again to hold me tight and never let go. If you could share your laughter as often as possible too, that would be lovely. I <3 Upi.

Imodium (Animal), ♥♥ Eep Opp Ork Ah Ah (and that means I love you). Wacka wacka. Love, Kat (Sex pot)

T O A S T ♥♥ whole wheat toast, apricot jam. or a scone, the kind that comes with frosting.

BRING ON THE POOK ♥♥ oh yeah, thats right, i love the pook. from her pooker face to her pooker legs, shes just pookerlicious. mmmmmmm.

CERA C. ♥♥ Dearest Cera, you are the greatest fiancee ever. Looking forward to The Day. Be mine forever, Love, D

I just want you! ♥♥ He who comes from Jerusalem, he who comes from Jordan, he who comes from Florida, and now Seattle? I wonder who my valentine could be.. mwah! J

Love in West Seattle ♥♥ We left Texas having found each other. We found a house - a treasure. I want you in my life forever. Lets travel the globe & get married. C love R

Ho for sho' ♥♥ Oh me Joshers, we make a fabulous lesbian couple, wouldn't you say? Life with you is just better. I am so thankful I have you to love. Your Ray-ray

sarah party ♥♥ i like you and stuff. thanks for the sleepovers. you are the bomb.

hey farthead ♥♥ i luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv you haha that's funny

Sleepy ♥♥ After 9 long years, your footballhead is still as lovely to me as always. We'll always have Bernard's. Happy Valentine's Day. Love from Cushca xxxx

I LOVE LAMP. ♥♥ But I love you MORE than lamp! Happy V-Day John! XOXOXO, Dee.

Marc -from the start ♥♥ At "Gentlemen" to infinite future mystery dates, from a.m. furby talks to p.m. food quests, you are my only position #1 and my true plus 1. Love, Josh

Jamie ♥♥ I haven't met you yet so maybe this is totally weird but I am interested in you. So someday, lets go somewhere and do something adventurous. ?

Amanda ♥♥ I remember the time I came home and you had changed the atmosphere of my room with lights, and music. Things like that & Miranda July why I love you!

Strung Out ♥♥ a moment of weakness is a moment of clarity...I know what I want. Thanks to over 2 years and going strong. I love you guys. Rock on...Jen

The Dirty Bird ♥♥ You guys mean the world to me. without you I would go crazy. Special love to my peeps in the bar. Here's to another year: Happy VD. Love, Jenni D.

To My Joe ♥♥ I will wait for you for as long as it takes. I want nothing more than to tell you that I miss you and that I am crazy about your sunday girl

The French Inhale ♥♥ Dear Jordan, Cameron, David, and Bryce: I love you all very much. I can't wait to get this thing off the ground and rockin'. Love Always, Brian

YAKE ♥♥ It's Warm Love /E

All I've ever wanted ♥♥ All I've ever needed, is here in my arms. That's you Donny! Thank you for being so amazing! I love you! **Your crazy fuckin' genius clown: May**

PAUL PAUL PAUL ♥♥ I have loved you since the minute i met you. That's creepy right? I don't care. I never want this year to end. I hope that dog happens in our lives. <3 Judy

Dr. THADDEUS! ♥♥ You & I, we got some good stuff goin' on here. The hippie & the techie make quite a pretty pair. Thanks for ur love & laughter. If love is a labor...xo~*

Yikes!!! I miss you! ♥♥ Sean, U R energy! Creativity! Vitality! Truth! Passion & inspiration-never lose it! I miss u much & think of u often. I'll always love & support u! xo-kris*

HEY YOU! ♥♥ Darlyn... On a more serious note, You are a great support system for me and I hope you know I am the same for you. Happy V-Day! I Love You!! Christine

ROACH #42 ♥♥ UR the best litl bro! Thank u 4 all that ur. Keep ur warm <3 & sincere compassion-therein lies truth & beauty. I will always admire and love you. *kris

MAYDAY LEWIS!!! ♥♥ wait-u arent testerone-driven speed metal from europe? 2words: let down. thanks 4 the best summer ever. love&burritos 2 u all-come back soon!-america*

after all this time ♥♥ we get our time together. You are still my hottie bottie, Happy Valentine's Day, babe. I love you!

That Wheaton Guy ♥♥ I am deeply, utterly in love w/the nice guy wearing the Little Feat sweatshirt who says hello at 3 a.m. and opens the door to the rest of our lives.

To my roommates: ♥♥ Rattlesnake, H.J., NATAKE & Ruff Router, I love u all undyingly. I propose we put all of our beds in the living room on V-Day & just pray to the pirate.

Sweet Ass ♥♥ You will always be my delicate flower, of booty. I love you more than The Stranger's word limit can ever possibly allow. Your forever devoted FB.

From 1 of your fans! ♥♥ Blake, thank you for being here for me. You are, one of my best friends, and you're beautiful inside and out. I appreciate your existence. -Brandea ;)

Sauce or Olympics? ♥♥ Warning: dirty sex vixen in love. Proceed with caution. Actually, Jim. . .don't. Proceed with wild, sweaty abandon. I love you in saturated colors. -M

Jenaba... ♥♥ You have sweetened my life so that I believe once again in the possibility of love conquering all. Such a gift one soul can give to another. Thank you.

DECEMBER 9 ♥♥ This is the first day of the rest of my/our new life. You fill me with joy. Each day is new adventure and it just keeps getting better. I love you!

ela musis amica ♥♥ A villa, a dream, a couch, & a bed, arboreal assassins & afternoon hotels, road trips & ocean rooms, noon walks & fall blooms, tomorrow...

Three Reasons ♥♥ why you're the most qualified person to date me: 1.You're incredibly hot and don't even know it. 2. You're silicon based. 3. You took the fork off your floor.

Why do I love you? ♥♥ your smile, your cute boobs, your soft butt, your warm arms, your beautiful smile, your infectious laugh, your loving eyes, your skin next to mine

Young Sqush 4 panda ♥♥ Young wild panda: I have wandered the bamboo jungles in search of a valentine and now I cho cho choose you. Will you be mine 4-ever? Lots of loveys.

Puddles ♥♥ The hand-a-lope of truth is on my forehead & I must confess that I do love you thiiiiiis much. Thanks for being my cuddle-bunny-monkey-man! xo pickles

From Scotsman w/ luv ♥♥ Gunner: I forgot to apologize for gifting that DVD of Chris Frizzelle's feet. Not funny, not sexy. The Right is right: We are destroying Christmas.


Mad for the Undead ♥♥ My Zombie, I love every putrid inch of your desiccated corpse. Let me be the fodder for your Valentine's Day feast. <3 A zygote suspended in air.

Hey Telephone Guy ♥♥ SG: Sorry for the Clay Aiken show, the meals at Barking Dog and that hurricane we escaped. I'd like to make it up to you by loving you forever. TS

To My Sexy Texan ♥♥ Ooh I need yur love babe, Guess u know it's tru, Hope u need my love babe, Just like I need u, Hold me, love me, Ain't got nuthin but luv babe, 8 days a week.

To Joe from Jenna ♥♥ I'm your friend. Forever. No matter what happens. I still want to spend time with you away from work. No pressure or worries. Call or drop by. *hugs*

Birthday girl ♥♥ Melinda, You are the love of my life, you are my everything. You still have spicy brains and birthday's are definitely free grab day. I LOVE YOU.

Anya Rockstarkitten ♥♥ Happy Valentine's day to you and your, the lady with the flash xoxoxoxo

Salmon Chops ♥♥ Your raunchy scent fills my dreams. My goal is to become skilled in the art of salmon chopping. Zesty pleasures will be abundant. I need a pungent whiff.

lalLALAlaalllaALalal ♥♥ Because you scramble my eggs, and clean rotten food from my parent's fridge, and because you taught me true felicity, I will live my life for you.

andy, you're my hero ♥♥ how do you like your eggs in the morning? oh wait, you're allergic. that's okay, i'll buy you a pretzel roll instead, deal? <3

MARK!!! ♥♥ My Lunch is still bigger than your Lunch! Thanks for putting up with me. I'll always be your Monkey. Oh, and your really good in bed. ::Muwah::

Hey Mr. Monkey! ♥♥ U R the last thing I think about when I fall asleep. U R the first thing I think about when I wake up. In between, I dream about U. I miss U...Otis.

Love and Happiness ♥♥ Forever. Not back and forth...just forever. I am yours. I will stand by your side during metal shows, zombie attacks and awkward holiday meals.

Welcome to hell ♥♥ ...BITCH. You're the best ever, darlin', and I love every minute with you in my life. You're the only one for me.

To my Greek God ♥♥ You're seven shabblebin more amazing than I ever thought possible, even if you are a thousand miles away from me. Happy Valentine's Day, Boo. xoxoxo

Hello darling ♥♥ Let's go out for a hike and then have a hot Valentine dinner!

Christopher R. ♥♥ Dill or sweet, I will take you anyway, you are my pickle love. Happy Anniversary, pickle nose! Your baby gherkin

Chan Rak Tur Cheepai ♥♥ Sa, chan rak tur mot cheewit! Happy Valentine's Day. Love, Anantachai.

Wen Wrocks My World ♥♥ I am stupid silly in love with the sexiest, smartest woman in the northwest! Nobody holds a candle to this goddess!!

Carlin Rocks! ♥♥ So many things are better since you have arrived, the Green Lake love fests, spontaneous dinners, lovely cuddles. What a treat you are!!!

MEATLOAF_X ♥♥ sorry i have my trial on v-day, baby. but tonight- me, you, and a cavity search? you choose who's cop. i love you terribly. xo -your love taco

Will, you wonderful ♥♥ person. I miss your goofy grin everyday more and more.

In Your Eyes ♥♥ Every time i look into your eyes, My heart starts to tremble, And my heart begines to flutter, As i did when first i gazed into your eyes

warp TEN ♥♥ You are the Dr. Crusher to my Picard, the Deanna Troi to my Worf, the Lieutenant Yar to my Data. I love you!

Dearest Alecenikov, ♥♥ You make me so happy! Thanks for moving in with me, thanks for being so great, thank you for everything you are. You're beautiful, Alece. I love you!

zeus ♥♥ i liked your person. a lot. more than a lot. and i still think about him all the time. our world woulda been nice. alas, not meant to be.

Wayne, my Husband! ♥♥ Today and always, I give my heart to you. You are my best friend. Love, Carol

SIMON WIDOW TWANKY ♥♥ Hot cha cha!! Who's the most amazing cross dresser ever? Only you know the answer. Happy Valentine's Day!!

MY HAWAIIAN ♥♥ Thank you for being my best friend. I will miss you now that you are evicted. Next summer it's just you and me. -austen

U.S.S. BOA ♥♥ you are so damn hot. i am so damn lucky. i love you so much... forever... -baby bear

Saracita and Mike ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day to the most darling, lovey dovey, adorable sweethearts on the planet. Sweet Cherries in the Snow meets the King of the Pubs!

My Velvet Goldmine ♥♥ Karen, my modern day Marilyn with kink. The rain misses you as much as I do. So come be kinky with me in the rain...or wherever, I'm not too picky.

greenlake grill girl ♥♥ You; thin, blond ponytail w/blk glasses. I'm dork that said he works in the lake. I love looking into your eyes, will you be my valentine?

I'm HUUUUNGRY! ♥♥ TNT - Somewhere amid the mesh shirts, tummy growls, Paul Walker, college inn, monkey porn & text messages, I've fallen for ya like a blind roofer.

Free Will Astrology ♥♥ Leo, 2006: Look beyond UW and smile. Delight as Virgo makes you feel like the aueen you are. Enduring love for you, Jedi, & Tallis guides him always.

TRP ♥♥ You are an obsession, you're my obsession. What do you want me to be, to make you sleep with me? I will have you. Yes, I will have you.

I sure do like you.. ♥♥ Hello Greg! It's Margaux, and I just wanted to let you know that I like you a whole lot more than I like gummy worms! See ya when I see ya! oxoxox

Skeetchy At Harvard! ♥♥ E'er since hovering Matz, You've been the rum in my hair. Tilove aint my love but you're always there! Dirty Parchment is eternal! Love Sleek

To my love I adore u ♥♥ Strapon Von Nipples the III, I adore u. I hope that u'll b my Valentine for many yrs to come. U are my heart and the love of my life! ~Mallory Jem <3

Monica Mosher!!!!! ♥♥ You are sooo awesome! Your future is so bright everyone's gotta where shades! Expect big things of and for yourself in 2006!!!! Love you lots! xoxoxox

Clear Eyes ♥♥ You didn't write speeches for Nixon, but you did tell me an awesome story about Audio sex.

JE'TAIME MY LOVE ♥♥ TheGreatestTideCouldNeverWashAwayMy LoveForYou. MayTheBeachesInMyDreamsAnd TheSandsOfThisPlanetForeverBOurPlayground. IPromiseAlwaysToBYourGreatestLove.

My bear is like WOAH ♥♥ Does Karma prepay? 'Cuz I ain't been good enough yet to deserve you. So, my lovely, my everything - looks like I'm mowing the lawn. Forever! Go Bears!

BB-ALIVIA-MATTY-ALAN ♥♥ A girl couldn't ask for cooler friends. Leave Seattle and I'll kill you, I love you and I mean it! And P.S.: a Happy VD to yer mom!

jono has a huge cock ♥♥ i love love love you!! thank you for our year together you sexy bastard!

Babe in a Bikini ♥♥ Poorer, richer & everything else that can go wrong has. Stronger, wiser, and even more in love even after 10 years. We love you Papa, your girls.

BRAD H. ♥♥ There are stars and cartoon birds circling my head. I am out cold and completely in love with you. You blow me away, beautiful. "To the future!"

U mesmerize... ♥♥ R u sum kinda hypnotist? Bc u'v captured my essence wholly. It's the laughter in ur eyes, the intellect in yr soul, the beauty u exude - that mesmerizes.

Monster Beck ♥♥ Love to my best friend on Valentine's Day! I've known you since we were old enough to sneak out and play Barbie's in the middle of the night. Always.S

Natalie ♥♥ You are fucking true blue. I love you. -Alex

Changing you....... ♥♥ ...CHANGED MY WORLD. Christopher, it's when I run up the hill after work to see you a mere few seconds sooner that I have my HEART! -ARIETTA

Naughty Girl ♥♥ Let's go take a bus ride. I love you lots.

Bambiosis Genoir ♥♥ Each day I grow to love you more & in four weeks you will see just how much I've grown! You are a good man and I'm honored to have your love. Te quiero.S

Cuenadink ♥♥ Love cannot be expressed in 150 letters but what I feel for you inside can only be expressed in actions. My definition may take eternity. yerzachary

My Honey Bunny... ♥♥ AJ, I love you so much and I can't wait to see you when you get home! We're going to have a great night together!!! ;-) Happy Valentine's Day!

New! From Mi!! ♥♥ Kelly is part of a balanced breakfast. Where I am a wind-up toy, he would be batteries included.

MWM seeks M1/2PF ♥♥ for pain-free, pregnant passion.

thanks ♥♥ thank you for the valentine

Honey bunny! ♥♥ bunny- you will always be my valentine and my best friend, even though we now fuck other people. i love you, danny! xoxo lil beet

Joey Joe Joe! ♥♥ I really can't think of anyone else in Seattle to send a valentine to.. so thanks for being my e-friend and maybe someday we will meet. -robotentrails

dinosaurs rock! ♥♥ and so do you. you're a goddess. i even smiled for real as i was writing this. i'm gonna make you scream. in delight. you'll see...

The Lovely Lysette H ♥♥ Forget the ex & trashy fake-tanning, low-class chick who stole your husband in the most ugliest of ways. May your heart find love that's worthy of you.

Dear L-Mush ♥♥ When I think of you, I think of NECK ETAI! I love your smile, your laugh, and your heart. You are beautiful. Happy Valentine's Day. Love, B-Mush

Dearest Joshie ♥♥ You are a dreamboat, the most perfect Joshie I know, and I adore watching you interact with strangers. Happy Valentine's Day! Love, brandie

Malykokoschka (Molly) ♥♥ XOXOX to my lil' Russian. -ian

MMLLL ♥♥ Someday, someway. This time you tell me when it's time. C

Rivet Girl ♥♥ You rule, and I need to talk to you more often. Visit me across the sea, you dig? You're missed, much <3. -Eggy

Woo Baby! ♥♥ You are the bestest ever. After all these years and etc., I'll always give you special huggies. My life wasn't complete, then I met you. I love you. M

Monkey Love! ♥♥ You are the most darling boy I have ever known. Seven years later, you still make me glow. I love you more than anything, always. <3 Big Head Fred

lovely skoi ♥♥ What an intense start to the year. In all that is the dark and the light, I love you more with each passing night. I am blessed by your love. ~feather

Naked Lady Man ♥♥ I'm so glad you're still alive! I'm awfully lucky to have an awesome guy like you around. You cheated death twice! I'm so proud of you. Love, Dot.

You're super awesome ♥♥ You're awesome, but you don't know I exist. I know you love sushi, but can't bring myself to ask you out. Ask me for coffee!

Canadian Slinkster ♥♥ You invaded my territory years ago and I don't think anyone could be as happy as I was to be assimilated. Love you forever, jelly to your peanut butter

Early Sunsets Alex ♥♥ 1 of 10 things I hate about B-ham since you left to hose down otter cages: not being able to watch you read this weekly in its entirety. Tell Kels hi.

Right here, Sally! ♥♥ Oh Mabel, you and I have got to get together soon. This correspondence by Stranger Valentine is ridiculous! Hope you're doing as sesy as ever. Kricket

erik: dance dance ♥♥ You are my best friend and always will be. I love you. Sincerely, your minnes-oh-tan.

DDAAVVIIDD ♥♥ OMFG, you're leaving me so soon and I can't take it, so yur gettin' a hooker instead of me, kay? And by the way, I LOVE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH IT HURTS INSIDE!!!!!

Happy Valentine Jen ♥♥ Remember, it's actually steak and blowjob day. Love ya. All the time. Even when you don't swallow.

M.C. ♥♥ I'm still retarded for you. We fit. The past 3 months without you have been complete balls. I miss you. Lurf- E.H.

tyler boo boo ♥♥ Tyler, I love you! Thank you for being with me you have the hottest butt chin I have ever seen.

JOE H ♥♥ I want to have terrible, terrible love with you. No. But. Really. I want to wander barefoot through some Los Angeles kitchen with you. I love you.

Hot Stuff ♥♥ Happy Valentines day My hotty hunny. I think this is the best was for me to surprise you and say I LOVE YOU. Love your Baby Doll

Hey Pumbletoot! ♥♥ Yo daddy KBP, I love you so much and look forward to being with you, Baltimore! Now, where's my money, pimp?

NOAH ♥♥ I love you with all of my heart and I can't wait to be your wife. This year will be the best yet. E

Mini the Fox ♥♥ To the coolest, prettiest, most caustic woman in the world -- I'm a better person knowing you. I love you, cute face.






Come Back Baby ♥♥ You left and I miss you. No more SD, come back soon because we all want you to. I miss your dirtbag face! Love, Allison.

For My Rose Petal ♥♥ To my best friend, my lover, my partner. I love you more than you'll ever know. Thank you for making me the happiest woman. I love you so much Rosie.

SMELLY-ASS....! ♥♥ Van, thanx for being such a good rock n ur the best always!hope you have a semi-good valentines day......ur friend always,smelly-ass2(kat)

2myGiRlsLoVeYa ♥♥ To my girls: Want to thank you for all your support this last year w/art and being great friends, love you girls! Be my Valentines? HeHE now let's party! -L

Banana Boy ♥♥ How about a private avant garde banana party?

CRETINS ♥♥ iloveyouguys

The Sweetest Nectar ♥♥ I've got so much honey the bees envy me. I've got a sweeter song than the birds in the trees. Nelly Belle, no one else makes me feel this way! xoxo

Habitué ♥♥ Yet another year goes by & I find myself still longing. Oh how I miss you so. If only we hadn't messed it all up. Siren

To My Schmoopie ♥♥ Dear Gus, I love you. I can't believe it's already been 6 years since we met. Looking forward to many many more great years together. XOXO Mimi

Hey Gingerbean: ♥♥ You and the honeyflake are just the awesomest things ever. I love you both with more heart than I ever knew I had. Aghoo! Love, Mr. Smirky

Heather & Ever 4 Eva ♥♥ Darling, it's cliche, but I truly love you more every day. Thanks for being my Valentine for the past five years. I look forward to many, many more.

Hey i got an idea... ♥♥ Today is your day so get silly. Today only you can put things in my belly butgton, even though it feels like im being disemboweled.

One Dan to Another ♥♥ Remember when you'd turn sentences into acronyms and I'd try to figure out what you were saying? I love the wacky things you do! HVD, DD. luv DG

How do mermaids mate ♥♥ Zack and Katie, let's get wet, google mermaid sex and do as the Merfolk do!

For my Heine!! ♥♥ Sea Stallion my love. The sillier our pet names are, the stronger our love grows, you crazy walrus. Happy Valentines Day! Always, your mango clam

Mr. Zoka ♥♥ I have joined the ranks of your largest admirers. I can't pass your store w/out craning my neck to see if you're there. I look forward to more time w/U.

BIG RABBIT DADDY! ♥♥ You rock my world, with your junk in my trunk. You are the best dad in the world to the silly little person and 5.

Polish lover ♥♥ T, Thanks for 3.2 awesome years! Your blue eyes still make me melt, and your polish sausage is hotter than a habenero! I love you so much. XOXO, P

EMILY, TIEGE, & MASY ♥♥ I love all of you and am so happy to be in Seattle with you! Jesse

Poop on a stick ♥♥ This v-day, I want to give a heart shaped poop on a stick to Kendall, Jessamyn, Miss M, Amanda, Carla, Coral, mom, dad, Andy, Emma and Abe.

Jim Bro ♥♥ Sitting a top the toadstool awaiting your return. From the 2 people that love ya most. Hang in there and please dont eat the candy bars. 2007!

Terms of Endearment ♥♥ BJM: Welcome to hell, bitch. Here's to the 2nd anniversary of living in our love nest. I love you more and more each day. Happy V-Day, BEM

I love Chu ♥♥ Remember that this is the year of the pyrotechnic tiger; it's time for The Coming Universal Transformation.

Mrs. Juli M. Rules! ♥♥ Dancing Diva in a candy bra, My wife, love & sweet Billie's Ma, Juli's the best thing that happened 2 me, 2 my heart, she holds the key, Patrick

Be Mine, Web Porn! ♥♥ Milfs, matures, asians, teens, squirters, amateurs, housewives, creampies and BBWs, won't you be mine tonight?

You are the best! ♥♥ Molly, Linda and Greg, All of us at SIFF adore Alaska Airlines! Happy Valentine's day from us to you. May your hearts be full of love!

demanda ♥♥ you and me and our matching warts.

LEO! ♥♥ Jag gillar att vara gift med dig. Det e oftast mycket roligt. Jag lovar att diska varje vecka. Du ar min favoritperson. jag lovar.

to my bunnies ♥♥ hi bunny bunnies monter monter i love you very much all the time every day all day long, even in this silly hallmark-manufactured day. smoooOOOochers!

Bozomeat von Hamlice ♥♥ Whenever I hear "Oxens, raccoons, party balloons. We're going yak yak yak yak," I think of you and smile. Tenderly, Miss Bus

Tu Eres Mi Amor ♥♥ ♥♥ Dear oh lovely Womanamosan, I love you so madly. Even though you are my Woman de la Noche, you still make my day bright. Love, Your Hombre

machu pichu ♥♥ you with the takeout: shooby de splaw!

Brown Eyes ♥♥ Brown eyes, you fell out of a hole in the sky. Hope you stay when the summer comes, 'cause you give me but terflies. And paper bag puppets.

GR8 K8 ♥♥ You are absolutely lovely in so many ways... I cherish you for being you. Love you!

Bubbalicious!!! ♥♥ My best baby original gangsta hippy! I love u even though u don't use deodorant. Thx 4 reminding me to floss!

Cookies and Dr Mario ♥♥ I hope you know that you've completely floored me with your ability to hit every nail on the head. -Joh

Happy V Day ♥♥ sm0000000ches, Love B & M

Viking Princess ♥♥ All of my love to the only woman smart enough, pretty enough, and generally hardcore enough to be called Kitten. P.S. I'm gonna touch your bits.

To Hot Computer Nerd ♥♥ Talking, fucking, moving (twice), reading, arguing, cooking, sleeping, ice skating, porn-searching, masturbating, driving, learning... loving. Love SR

Little Skinny Butt, ♥♥ I'm still a turkey and I still love you.

Dan, You're The Best ♥♥ Provider, Dad, Boyfriend (er, Husband) in the world. Our love for you is one thing you'll never have to panic or worry about. Terry and D.J.

Hottest on the Hill ♥♥ Jerkew, you give beauty something to aspire to. And you've got it inside and out! You have captivated me babe. Love, Swam

Scout and Olive ♥♥ You break things, puke on my bed, shit in the kitchen and leave hair ever where. I wouldn't want it any other way. Love Daddy E

joshua ♥♥ what could you possibly see in little ol' 3 chord me? thanks for putting out and eating my sub-par cooking. xo. ali.

LIZ & LINDSEY ♥♥ Oh my dear Snuggle Bunny and Snoop Doggggg, I miss you both terribly here on the other side of the country. Love always, Susie

JODY YOU'RE THE BEST ♥♥ You're a great wife and sexy too! We should not answer the phone tonight. I love you , Al

Frog Meets Toad ♥♥ your kiss is on my list, in fact your chest your hips and your tight ass is ON MY LIST...let me show you . see you soon chuck xoxoxoxo frog

BEN! ♥♥ I love you to pieces! You can tell because they're only letting me submit one valentine and mine is addressed to you!

Sexy MopHandle Papa ♥♥ Happy Birthday, Rico! And always be mine! Love, Izzie

Hey, Barby: ♥♥ Thanks for the sensual awakening, the swift spirtual kick to the head, and Simone. You're missed. Drop a line sometime -- at -- J

I WORSHIP YOU ♥♥ And I want to drink your piss more often to prove it. Why don't you make me drink your piss more? It's not the same if I have to ask. Make me do it!

Dear Emmy ♥♥ I love you. -Aaron

I miss you Leah <3 ♥♥ Your boytoy want's to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day! Don't do anyone I wouldn't do! Which means you're limited to girls, I guess... need a camcorder?

Hard yes! ♥♥ Hardy, I adore you. Love, love and more love, t

CHICKEN CAT!!!!!!! ♥♥ oh sweet chicken cat, so glad you are my love. here's to year #3. i wanna see the world with you. brrrrpppttt meow!!!

REALLY NOT A STALKER ♥♥ Mike, Amongst a world full of D grade Ikura you will always remain the Czar's caviar and I will always be addicted to savoring your eggs. Mmm...tasty

I miss you, Will. ♥♥ I miss you. Period.

Zippy ♥♥ I hope you enjoy the planet. I understand what it is like to be small, and will try to always love you anyways. -Higgins

Mr. Shifty ♥♥ I'll give you candy, give you diamonds, give you pills, Give you anything you want, hundred dollar bills, Just marry me, marry me, marry me. Mrs Shifty

To KEENAN, w/ love, ♥♥ You left me. I died a little inside. Keenan, please come back. I'll change. No spurs. No cattle. No Alamo. I wish I could quit you! Love, TEXAS

READ ME!!!! ♥♥ Josh: I know I havent been the most tolerable person lately and you have been going through a lot so I just wanted to say I love you! ~Jamie

Petite Boîte Chaude ♥♥ Je vous aime avec tout mon coeur et âme! Je bascule attendent jusqu'à May 27th...Je sais que nous serons heureux pour toujours. Votre filet mignon

sara bear ♥♥ to my sara bear, i love you lots. also happy 1 year anniversary, my love. happy valentine's day, love shawn

Thanks for her dimples ♥♥ To the sun, who nurtures her. To the air, filling her lungs, letting her breathe. To our beautiful mother earth, giving her a steady place to plant her feet. To all the elements who toiled to harvest her, the loveliest little four leaf clover. My lucky charm, my all that I need.

I love you mightily! ♥♥ Robert: Never forget that, in spite of all or because of all, I love you mightily, powerfully, and as completely as my heart knows how. Jonathan

Seattle MAC Store ♥♥ SIFF sends much love to all at The Seattle Mac Store and IrisInk—we love your equipment, classes and software.

My Kiwi Valentine ♥♥ I would drink magic coffee with you anywhere. Love, S

Kitten ♥♥ Yr #3-in my heart. Let's go to the moon! I adore you!I love you! I am your crazy crazy Chicken Cat.

Dear Boosh: ♥♥ Bonne Saint Valentin! Your glorious ray of sunshine brightens up my weekends. I'm looking forward to celebrating this special day with you. -Patches:)

HANS you sexy mofo! ♥♥ Can't wait for years more of monkey poo, whiskey mini-golf, millions of vinyl and other odd obsessions. I Love You , Celine

tastie little morse! ♥♥ right back at you! in your face!

Caroline, My Love ♥♥ All I need is to be near you for the rest of my life. Thank you for being the rock upon which I stand. You are the most amazing woman ever. xo, Ross

Kymberly Rocks World ♥♥ I must publicly declare that Kymberly of Bremerton has and continues to rock my world. 8bitjoystick

Binkers! Darbink! ♥♥ You are my mire-poix...the perfect blend of everything. Happy Valentine's Day and I can't wait to bink with you. I heart you so much. Remember when.....

CJB baby I LOVE YOU! ♥♥ Just wanted to let you know how much I love you, you are one sexy man and I want you each and's the couch? Cum to bed baby... love ECB

DAMN I LUV MY SHUBZ! ♥♥ I miss you, comrade, but I love you umpteen thousand times more. If I get to come home and you leave Seattle, my heart will achy-breaky. EYE LUV YOOH!

I'm crazy for Trix!! ♥♥ Happy Valentines Sexy! The last seven months have been a blast!! Looking forward to summer! Your my best friend and I LOVE YOU!! XOXO!! Silly Rabbit

LLEENNCC ♥♥ You're the best Colleen ever! TTFFDD & AANNFFDD and the EE's too!

Jesse F ♥♥ Gurl, I know you claimed no fisting on the first date but you lied and I love it. Please move to Chicago.

Osaka 9/24/93 ♥♥ Luckiest day of my life, and of yours, too, I hope. Thanks for 9 wonderful years without a boring day.

Kay ♥♥ Happy Valentines Day!!! From your friends at PlasmaLab International!!!

MY JANKY SWEETHEART ♥♥ To my silly and sweet Austin Quinndizzle: Yes, you're janky, but I still have the love of 1000 kings for you. It runs thru me and into you... YAY!!!

To al of my friends! ♥♥ Since I don't have an object of affection this year, to all my friends, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! You're all my Valentines. I LOVE YOU ALL!

Green Eyed Bunnah ♥♥ The moment you stepped into my life you lit a spark! You are an amazing woman/mate! Too bad The Stranger wouldn't give me the front page. Love, KSW

Happy V-Day Kevin!!! ♥♥ These past three years have been amazing! I love you so much! Happy Valentine's Day! I'll see you tonight ;) xoxo, Rachel

Brit ♥♥ Yo, baby, you light up my life and stuff. You're like a really big hi-score. No, no, you're like a really good taco. Or a beer. Yeah, a beer. Ben X.

to superboy ♥♥ I've never spent a better 88 dollars or four months in my life. love, supergirl.

My Eroc!! ♥♥ Hey you!I wanted to tell you I love you and you are my super hot boyfriend and I'm excited to listen to you tell me how to drive for a long time.WuvRa

B and B ♥♥ Once I kick this womb, I'm sure you'll be rad 'rents. Until then, can you keep it down? And stop poking me in the head. Odessa out! Peace.

Lance Romance ♥♥ Asking me to marry you on a burlesque stage, was by far the most romantic and lovely moment of my life. Thanks for giving me true love. Trixie Lane

BRIAN <3 ♥♥ You're my favorite- I love you more than baby monkeys. Love, your Burrito.

My very own cupcake! ♥♥ I can't imagine just one day without you, and each day i love you more than the last (even more than Gir and cupcakes). Love, Your Darling Button

HURRICANE ♥♥ You stormed into my life and won my heart forever. You're the best niece EVER and I LOVE YOU! Aunty Carey

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