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Rosi, Rosi, Rosi! ♥♥ Time and miles can never divide true love. I love you, I always have, I always will. Always in my heart. You are my saving grace! Your schmetterling.

Ginch Gonch Byatch ♥♥ You know who you are. Ya, I see you everywhere and you know you want it. You & your black '62 bad-ass Falcon should come and find it. Until then, mwah

I love you Ali K ♥♥ As each day passes, I love you more, Can't wait to find out what more's in store, To the end of time, my valentine, I hope you will always be mine!

Dear Mr.! ♥♥ I'm trying to let "it" go&is hard. I miss u terribly & just wanna let u know that i truely love you and always will. 'so glad that i had u! Adya

Jimmy–Your badge! ♥♥ Awarded to the man who inspires me–to live each day with more heart, more spirit, more mindfulness, more love, more clarity, more passion, more me.

Kathleen ♥♥ Your rendition of Private Dancer brought the house down. Looking forward to that Red Lobster dinner. Love ya! Still glad you moved to Seattle.

Lovee! ♥♥ Your Dovey is in love with you!

A.S. (aka catwoman) ♥♥ I love you, the cats, and the retarded monster dance very much!

Na-nights :)- ♥♥ Sweetie, I truly love you...even if one na-night is bigger than the other. Shall I even them out for you?! Love Sweet Candy Ass aka You beautiful man

Hey Sugar Bear! ♥♥ I won't hide the honey pot if you will wake me from my hibernation with your sweet kisses. xo, Sweet Stuff

HEIDI ♥♥ Heidi, my precious pet, Your androgynous personality, your asexual appearance, are the objects of my sexual fantasies, please come to me in the nite.

Riggs77 ♥♥ Ur my dreamboat. Will you be my valentine? You rock my socks off. I love you more than a fat kid loves cake. Thanks for being so magical. xoxstarbaby

LAURENLOVESYOU ♥♥ Rob, I know that this relationship is impossible. That there are too many societal norms to live by. But I love you. Don't forget me. Love, Lauren

For My Neenah Lovers ♥♥ Dont stop believ'n. Happy Valentine's Day. I wish I was there. I sure as hell love you! I'll come home soon! Meet me at Doty Park. "I'm Wide Awake..."

BOB ♥♥ bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob bob s. bob

Whooda thunk ♥♥ that we'd be so lucky? Praise be to Allah for you. I love you.

To Alena, My Love ♥♥ We've been through it all in the last year and change. It feels good having you in my life, with our crazy love. Happy Valentine's Day, baby girl.

Beeshus Beanz ♥♥ Since you walked in my life, you have shown me love I've never felt before. Thank you for opening up to me and letting me get close to you. I luv you!

Beep Bop I love you! ♥♥ Dear Mufasa-I want to swell your keilbasa! And make you scream out in delight, Oh the naughty things we'll do tonight! Love you always, ur dirty bitch!

pensione gypsy! ♥♥ I hope you don't travel too far for too long. You're wanted everywhere you know, you're the greatest girl! I miss you already-dreamer.

barista kelly in Q.A ♥♥ I've got a q and I need an a, will you be mine this year? -nice boy who doesn't want to ruin your fun.

EEEZZZRRRAAA ♥♥ You give my heart a home and make all this crap worthwhile. Thank you. Recca

FattKidzClubb ♥♥ We may have formed out of a need to be loved, or maybe for MORSEL support, but in any case, I love you guys. I love you too, Shiloh. PrezJ-step

To My Love Bear ♥♥ Your love and support is all I need in this world, and with it, I can do anything. I love you, love, your secret sweetheart

Hot Smoothie Staff ♥♥ C, S, X, D, A, y'all rock. Everyone deserves a Valentine, so here is a great big one from me. Please, please go get laid. I love you guys!!!!! J-dog

Once in a lifetime.. ♥♥ You're still the one I want to grow old & stinky with. You're still the one I want to hold hands with on the front porch swing. You're still my Valentine xo

I LOVE YOU BABY BEAR ♥♥ Tiffany, I love you more then anything on this Earth! I want to marry and spend the rest of my life with you, you complete me. Love your bear, Gabbers

Got your Charm on? ♥♥ To my Peach of Juicy Goodness: I'd love to help get your charm on 24/7, my sweetiepie. I love you! CA

I Heart Schnookums! ♥♥ Emily, darling, I love you so much. You are a wonderful person, my best friend, and a real dynamo between the sheets! Love, Mike

Toddy BEAR ♥♥ My personal heater, manual bra, TV pillow, loving, cranky, and silly sweetheart. I love you very much! Can't wait to see what else you become!

sweet g. ♥♥ [you're my favorite] love t.

carolyn ♥♥ portland or cannon beach orcas or sanjuan camano vancouver close to home or beyond reach i'd stop the moon and climb on to be now with you dear

I miss you ♥♥ I know I haven't said it, but I do. I love you and I wish we could be together. Happy Valentine's Day.

My Sweet Boy xo ♥♥ My Gideon~You are pure joy! I love your smile, your laugh, the smell of your forehead, the whole of you. I'm so blessed to be your Mama! I LOVE YOU...

For My Baby Bum ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day, Kevy. I love you're my little sweetums, and you brighten up every day of my life. :)

Dear Pacu Fish ♥♥ You have a poet's soul and a fierce heart. This last year together has reminded me that treasures do exist. I love you baby. Love, your Mermaid

♥♥ Here's to The Biz, and to no longer playing solo. Happy 3rd Valentine's Day. I love you.

SECTION THREE!!! ♥♥ To all of you in section three, I love you to little bits, And I'm the only one doing this, So suck on that, Bitches. Happy Valentine's Day. -LK

C to-the-double E ♥♥ Chris, you make me feel so lucky and happy to be with you. Happy Valentine's Day. Always in love with you, Liz

BURNIN' 4U BUT GOOD! ♥♥ YO Hot Stuff! Git that prime piece of HUNKA HUNKA BURNIN LUV over here and let's work up a blister with some luv juice-n-sweat XXX I LUV U HellKat

Glass Queen ♥♥ Oh Glass Queen.. How I love thee. Your heart, your thoughts, and that sexy body. Walnuts, beer, and oil. Our time together is never enough. I love U

Forgive the cliché ♥♥ Dear ML: You really do light up my life w/ your smile and beauty. You are also the coolest chick in town. I'm truly blessed to have found you. XO, MM

My Angel Becky ♥♥ You once told me you wanted to love me always if I would let you. Well of course I will baby, and I offer the same in return. Your Lance loves you!

Nate G. ♥♥ Look, I love you. I still do no matter what. Let's at least try to see what could happen between us. I miss the hell out of you. Love Juana

Shopping for Love ♥♥ Crimson to emerald, SAM walks again. The vacuum broken, your smile emerges. Embraced in your arms, my night is complete. Happy Valentine's Day. Luv, M

Tessa, the Ice Queen ♥♥ I love you baby. Murps from Dylan, Yelps from the Fats, Purrs from Cricket, Squeaks from the Ladies and Glub Glub from all the kids at the Club. XoXo.

Michael... ♥♥ Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. I love you for what you are and what I am when I'm with you. Yours, GoodKitty

Love of my life! ♥♥ Bryce, With years my love grows deeper! I can't imagine my life without you. All we need is love, everything else will fall into place. Love, Kasey

Panda Loves Turtley ♥♥ Suckably soft skin/Smelling of milk and honey/I Need Turtley

Sarah ♥♥ Life is great, love is great, having a house is great, you are great. Do you know fucking your sweet ass would be really really great?! Puuurrrrrrrrr!

Forever and Ever ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day baybay! I love you!Mmmmmaacccchhhhaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OKSANA ♥♥ U Russian beauty! U R my favorite barista! Do U have a bf? Maybe we can hang? I am on B'way VERY often. Me-thin, glasses, long dark hair. C U & chat more soon!

Dori ♥♥ Despite your constant picking of my highly landscapable skin, you're still my sweet potato pie, cuter than a hello kitty toaster, working or not.

oooo! a YETI!!! ♥♥ I like you. I like living with you. I like your butt. Baby, let's go dance in underoos!

My Nurse Valentine ♥♥ Congratulations on passing your boards, Bridget. (If you didn't, I still love you, but I may not show you this note.) Happy Valentines Day. Love, Joe

For My Baby Bum ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day, Kevy. I love you're my little sweetums, and you brighten up every day of my life. :)

BAAAYBaH- ♥♥ I love you my baybah. Now cook me dinner and give me sex, damn it! Happy heart day-Love, slutty tina

MySpace ♥♥ How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Thank you for the hours wasted at work and the peeks at other people's lives. You rule.

JOSH, MY TREASURE ♥♥ Apt that I'm using this forum to profess: I love your soul, your loving, our spooning, & our laughter. You have my heart, body, soul, & kisses. JANET

BUFFY: ♥♥ You make me quiver in my camo's., Biff


rushie applehead ♥♥ My sweetiepoo...will you be mine this Valentine's?

NvH ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day. You make me happy. Let's play soon. xoxo

BIODIESEL GIRL Oly ♥♥ I saw you at the Bro-hood. I wish I was a biodiesel mechanic, so I could look under your hood. You're gorgeous & crack me up, come see me on campus. M.E.

Prudence's Dad ♥♥ Bryan, my darling. Thank you for being you. Our love is admirable and timeless—and that fine ass hasn't changed a BIT! Kisses, not hisses. Luv, Ali

pookie loo ♥♥ be my valentine! i love you so much jordan and you make me smile so big...i just wanna cuddley wuddley with you... love, your lemon pie.

WHUTZYWOO I love you ♥♥ I just want to tell you so everybody will know. See you every morning, love....your perfect male specimen.

I'm Sorry I Love You ♥♥ I could never say that word to you, or to someone else about you. Sorry for the complication, the sex is great, it's just too bad I Love you. Sigh.. K

In love with pain ♥♥ Constantly on, dreaming, through my mind. Things I certainly miss, Mishaps have happened, I ask for forgiveness, Affection strolls near at hand. -Marcel

Love u harper-Bears ♥♥ Hey harper little sister, just wanted to wish you a happy birthday, and tell you I love you very much! Much love, your big sister- Bethany G.

DUSTONIAN! ♥♥ I love you more than bagels are Jewish, more than watching people getting hurt is funny, and about as much as you hate musicals.

Shit Shizer Mare ♥♥ The hottest of hot valet, my soon to be Valentine. Take me to Tokyo and buy me a monkey. I love kitties but not as much as you. <3Tooky Blu<3

yuri loves charles ♥♥ oh little charles, my sweet heterosexual female soulmate...i'd marry you for sure if you had the right parts. viva super secret day! love love yuri

You're My Favorite. ♥♥ The years have passed without u, I have missed u so much, having u now has been a dream come true. Loving u is easy because your beautiful. xoxo lea

Bonze (SMP) ♥♥ Sean, you're the best...tartar sauce container recyclin', jam-band tourin', rock collectin', tree huggin', drunk bastard hippie I know, and I love you. Val

SparkleBosom ♥♥ Elephant Juice! Your pooky bear.

Rox ♥♥ I'll love you, my pretty, and your little dog(s) too! --Oscar

maevis MY LOVE ♥♥ I want to marry you and be with you till I croak. Love, BIXBY

MARKET ♥♥ You are my sunshine and umbrella on a rainy day. I love you. Happy Valentine's Day!

Josh ♥♥ You are Seattle's sexiest scientist, and every time I see you I want to kiss you.

Hot Little Otter ♥♥ You hate sports, I love sports. You are always cold, I am always hot... but we both love cats, hot chip, Tokyo, tropical blue water, and each other!!!

FROSTY FLIP ♥♥ Thank you for being here with me. Waking up next to you is my favorite. I love you, Jennifer J. P.S. I got the Clap, YOU gave that to me.

Hey KLOWN! ♥♥ 1+1=2. I love you, Fucko. Always. Your Harpie

Eeya hotbodied boy ♥♥ I see London, I see Cow! I can see your girlie underpants! This love grows crazy. You're amazing. You're gorgeous. I'm no secret admirer. Ethan, I swear

D- ♥♥ I love you, but you don't know who I am. M.

People of Seattle ♥♥ The lady with the walker thanks all the people who have helped her across the street, in their kind and subtle ways. You are my Valentines. Phyllis.

Davina, sex goddess ♥♥ You are way better than green tea ice cream! I'll miss you every day that we're apart, but have a great time in the Galapagos. Love, Scott

to my sweet max ♥♥ where have you been all my life? have i told you how much i love being with you? runaway with me soon, until then i'll daydream of you. love, mily

Meredith ♥♥ I can't wait to lick your feets and toss your salad. Love, Andre

Pounce Marvelous ♥♥ Jason you are the best, the cat's meow, emperor level, nice chicken. I love you.


p-lo: ♥♥ we love you, even though you don't make us any money. but seriously. where's the cash? love always, gyunyunyu and the science fun station

Happy Valentines Day ♥♥ Miranda- Things have changed, but I want you to know that I still think about your sweet voice, soft touch and beautiful smile everyday. Love, Michael

Zee... ♥♥ Good thoughts and best wishes from a million miles away. Or several thousand anyway. *smile* C

RAPING HEIDI ♥♥ Heidi, I can't wait until I get to rape your tender butt for the first time. Your rape pal, Andre

matchmakers + ginger ♥♥ you share a name with haim and feldman and make one hell of a drink, what's not to like? gave you a ride to the bus one night. next time, my place?

We did it, baby! ♥♥ We made it work! Love you and miss you, baby. Schrody and Violet say hi. :) Happy Valentine's Day!! :D

Ode to a city ♥♥ Dear Seattle, I love you. And I don't care what that dirty bitch said! I would never cheat on you with Olympia. I mean really, show a little taste...

Ray n' Stevie 4 Eva! ♥♥ Meg: you are the best friend I've ever had and I love you x10. Katy

The Delicious ♥♥ I thought Black History Month was January. Don't worry. I'm celebrating black history in my pants right now.

Already a family ♥♥ Rich, even if it's always just the two of us, you'll be enough for me. I love you, Amy

NEED SOME MAYO ♥♥ Bitch- You smell like warm tuna- and I LOVE IT. Its like fuckin' chicken-of-the-sea down there- DAMN!

TO MY PIRATE JOSH! ♥♥ JOSH M., boo boo, I love you with all my heart. I am thankful to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you like fat kid love cake! ~KAT&yock

Kellie Kaye ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day, Sweet Kitty! I hope you have a wonderful day! I am so lucky to be your friend for now and for ever. You are purrfect. Love Kat

To All My Girls ♥♥ From Topless Fridays to Solstice to The Roots to Element to Kanye to 24-hr Donuts to Vancouver and back again, you are the BEST Valentines! <3 KATHRYN

Super Rockers Rule! ♥♥ Super Rockers for ever! Thanks for always being there and never changing too much. I wish we were sisters; we'd be closer. You're the best EVER. -SR1

Mi Libre ♥♥ From city streets to suburban dreams, there you are. We've improved each others lives, and even had fun doing it. Thanks for everything, free. Llorona

Across the River ♥♥ Congratulations on your marriage! I hope that God blesses you both and that love and happiness always find your door. -You're Little Southern Punk

Long Distance Love ♥♥ One day I will make that magical map that will bring as as close together as it seems on paper. Neither distance nor mistakes can keep us apart. <3

Emo Love Songs ♥♥ My dearest Sugar Biscuit, the day we kissed was the first day of my life. "Glad I didn't die before I met you." I will always love you. Your GA Peach!


blackbird girl in chow photo ♥♥ You're yummy.

Natasha Romanov ♥♥ You came into my life at just the right time, you mean the world to me, for yes it is the true the future will get us through all the downs.

To Ringo on The Rock ♥♥ more than anything in this world, I wanna be your only girl, please let me hold your hand! Es la verdad. I miss you kitten head!

My Dearest Brian ♥♥ Roses are red The sky here is gray, And there is just one thing That I'd like to say, I love you. With countless kisses and all my heart, Devin

I LOVE MY SOULMATE! ♥♥ dear ally, you're the best friend anyone could ever have, and my favorite girl on the face of the planet. i wish we hung out more. love your soulmate!

the one for me ♥♥ i dont know where you are but someday i will find you, so this is for you. just never forget that i will be there for you and always will andy

My Wasted Affection ♥♥ H-You're the only girl I would say I loved if I could ever have the chance to say it. You brighten my heart and give me hope for the world. W/Love-C

Dear Shorecrest.. ♥♥ How we love thou hallowed halls, and thou shinking kilts in Gordan colors. Highland feet pattering on the ground, SCNN & Otis' weird tan. We <3 you SC

SONIC BOOM! Ballard. ♥♥ Yeh so Im a shy girl.I totally geek out when your working. Your so cute with your noise bands and bicycle. welcome to seattle! This ones for you XO

Sunshine Pie ♥♥ Sunshine Pie you are like yaoi girls fan dream! your beautiful and slim as a sakura petal.Sunshine Pie you and blue jay would be so cute-2gether LuV

ERIC Database ♥♥ I love your lovely golden femme hair, deformed buck teeth, bolo ties, and silly mongoose hats. Poke me, bite me, & molest me some more! Meow.

Dammit Janet I luv u ♥♥ The road was long but I ran it There's a fire in my heart and you fan it If there's one fool for you then I am it Dammit, Janet, I love you - Tim

Booberry Gum Drop ♥♥ Derek, you have been a wonderful boyfriend and inspiration. I can't imagine what my life would be like without you. Happy Anniversary, baby. I love you!

Always thinking of u ♥♥ Your love keeps me going and replinishes my soul. I am grateful for all you've done for me, and I will love you eternally. I miss you, Mommy.

you'll see ♥♥ after everything we've been through it seems theres nothing else i can say. but i will anyway. i love you jay. happy valentines day my love. my light.

Future Wife Soeling ♥♥ Self Empowered + Harold and Maude + Mark Rothko = Soul Mates, I can't wait to start our love, Let's date in New York and get married in Beijing.

I LOVE YOU STK! ♥♥ we kick ass....everyone wishes they could be in our krew...but they can't i LOVE you guys. jamie loagan britty mckale mike jennifer & shea. LOVE emily

Frances Rue ♥♥ There most relationships mean jack shit, yours, well yours and i make up for every lame duck relationship this entire city has.

DEAREST KAMILLE ♥♥ Distance makes the heart grow fonder. I cant wait to can fish with you. Love always your BFF, Megan

Cheesy Poofs ♥♥ I love cheesy poofs. You love cheesy poofs. If we didn't eat cheesy poofs, we'd be lame.

boobie love ♥♥ to my favorite anne: let's live in the same city again soon, ok? i want to drink whiskey and end up in your twin bed... again. love, amanda.

You are my world ♥♥ kimmy baby, i love you so much! i don't know what i would do without you! happy valentine's day! Sarah

myyummyhardcoreboy ♥♥ J-Thanks for being my boy. You make every moment amazing. You're my best friend & lover all wrapped up in a perfect package. Can't wait til marriage. M

To my Jared ♥♥ I love you, a bunch, and I hope you'll be mine. Will you be my boyfriend again? <3karen

Peter, Peter..... ♥♥ Peter eater. Rub that scruffy 5 O'clock shaddow against my cheeks and wish me a proper Happy Valentine's. Youy Jeep Boi

To HARPER ♥♥ You are the BEST girl anyone could ever have. You are my love, my laughter, my girl. I LOVE YOU

w/change = you & me ♥♥ i've been blessed w/u & faith. i hope to write more of our lives together. can we finish this book together. I AM IN LUV WITH YOU DEEPLY AND SURELY

Steve in Bonney Lake ♥♥ Long time, no see. I know, I owe you a beer, a steak dinner, a great night on the town, besides the apology. Heather, you have a great man.

Baby Belbet ♥♥ I love your baby chickens!!!!!! Kitty Butt

oh christina ♥♥ oh cristina you make me shiver in shy love as i look at you and i am yet to scared to say who i am so for now all i can say is i love you

dearest Andrew ♥♥ Your eyes are like immortal. You are the Jesus Christ of my heart. Let's get married and move to Berlin. Love, HoneyBearSmuggins. p.s. I'm yours.

nick e ♥♥ you broke my finger and my jaw but i think you're rad anyways.

seattle: ♥♥ stop stealing the best people. love, olympia

SHOT BY BOTH SIDES!! ♥♥ Howard Devoto, I love you. All of your bands are good. Like Magazine and Buzzcocks. But Cat Power is really bad. I am glad that you are better.

GED SQUAD, GRADUATE! ♥♥ for spencer. for kelly. for xtian. for joe. for tommy tom. but mostly for alice, the only woman who has shared my bed for any length of time. guffaw.

becky j ♥♥ do the carpets match the drapes?

to christina m ♥♥ there's nothing better than screaming janis joplin with you in the middle of the night. -LK

to mickey e ♥♥ you keep me alive with your sweet flowing love, and you have a really hot ass.

To Seth, ♥♥ You are the sweetest boy I know, and I can't think of anyone I would rather spend my Valentine's day with. I heart you, Kim

burritos and baryons ♥♥ and summer skin and being pioneers and that time we almost died and the time to come, where we listen to the rain and pretend we're here. i love you.

Princess Rebecca ♥♥ Happy Valentines Day! You're a great friend and an even more amazing woman. Here's to the good times we've had and to many more to come. Love ya babe

Grin is HOT! ♥♥ May all the world know that Grin is a bodacious and lovely young lady. She is my one and only sweettart,and a worldclass b-girl.nice moves, love josh

DEAR MEL ♥♥ Let's make love on a beach. If a crab tries to pinch you, I will throw it in the ocean, where it will meet it's father for the first time. Love, Dave.

fantastic four<3 ♥♥ for valentines day i send you all (especially pk and mw) some sex and plenty of lovin' from me as usual. you're the greatest girls of all time. xo!mel

DEAR MEGAN S ♥♥ You do fantastic reports on underage music... now how about this underage boy? Yours in prepubescence, Dave

My Una Tuna ♥♥ Hey Una~Just wanted to tell you that you are beautiful and I'm so glad I have you! Keep your head up! I LOVE YOU!

To Sexy Pizza Boy: ♥♥ Jakey, Jakey, goodness sakey How does my penis grow... Like Jack and the Bean Stalk You've got such a mean cock. I just want you to know: I love you!

My Lil D ♥♥ You are the best boi in the universe! I want you on your knees, kissing my feet, and you'll be rewarded with a nice, long spanking. Love, Your Goddess

<3 kidney <3 ♥♥ kgd, you love me as i never dreamt i'd ever be loved. you bless my life! your beauty, your tenderness, your intuition - i love you, kate. (your sid)

TO MY OATYGIRL ♥♥ Elise, Thank you for all you give of yourself to me and Jasper. Thanks for understanding and loving me, and for being a wonderful mother. I LUV YOU

PAGING Zhi Min T ♥♥ Radiant worker drone, latex freak, Canadian ASS..I would say be mine or be kind but what I want to say the most is I want to do you in the behind. XOX

paulo. ♥♥ my love. a bling bling a booty booty lick lick a bang bang. ihop to infinity. WHAAAJT

a beth. ♥♥ yeah yeah i know you don't go by the name i called you for many a years, however, i still want to be your valentine. that orchid is sweet tits.

if you only had... ♥♥ a voluptous penis, you would totally be mine forever. but since you don't your voluptous juggs will have to do.

My Sweet ZERO ♥♥ I thought I was done with love. Bitter and hurt I was only seeking comfort-and then you walked through my door. I love you more and more each day.

$ Me So Horny $ ♥♥ Jaxsi, Happy V-day baby. Hope we can have some hot sex, cause you know, that's lots of fun. Love you lots! I'll be waiting in my thong. -J-rod

darling daveycakes! ♥♥ to bauhaus, backstreet boys, bright eyes and brokeback mtn. you are the freaking best friend in the whole world. i love you more than anything, bud.

bring your line face ♥♥ Shes in south America. She tooka part of me so when she left I felt empty. Shes in south America. Bring your face home Faris,my smile is you + me.

To: My Bucky ♥♥ Happy Valentines Day My love of my life. Thanks for TK, Pin, & Nini. 143 and 69 all the time. Love it!!

Meander I adore you! ♥♥ First I was stalking you on LJ, then it was friendster, then in real life. I love you Amanda. Will you be my Valentine? xoxo ryan

From Pea to Pants ♥♥ With no one else could I admit to being so goofy... my fine upstanding citizen (complete with striped tie) and favorite oyster-slurper. xx.

To My Demi-God ♥♥ Maui, the world's second coolest demi-god, may have captured the Sun, but your powers are far more impressive- and you're all mine. How great is life?

My Little Loukoumade ♥♥ I just wanna dip you in honey. Love you sooooo much! -Angeleyes

Sweet Holly ♥♥ I'm so glad I was riding my bike through Enatai that day last July. You are the sweetest woman I've had in my life. You have my heart and my attention

Jack Koz Rocks! ♥♥ I always knew you could defy gravity. That's why I supported your jump out of that second story window. I love you, you crazy mofo.

top turnbuckle ♥♥ thank you for challenging me to be honest and being patient enough to help me feel safe. I love you. oxo, north

ATTENTION: ♥♥ Do you know a woman who is beautiful, sexy, loving, funny, enchanting, passionate & breathtaking? I do. She's my wife! I Love You Jody! -Butternut

Laura.A ♥♥ Happy Valentines day! I know you always like to get these. Good luck on your screenplays and theater projects!-SR

Aaron.O...Darling ♥♥ Sunsets,Sex,Swimm'n w/d'fishes,all good memories. U say U love me?Maybe you will believe it someday.Be safe while slut'n around.Goodbye Darling!-KB-

GED SQUAD ♥♥ GRADUATE! I love you both more than A-Pizza-Mart, Kelly Clarkson and Sci-Fi Channel movies put together. Now let's go win a danceoff. GAY! love alice

SARS ♥♥ I'll always wait for you. Don't look at me there! Bubby

Remember. ♥♥ Like the song says: I can't take my eyes off of you Remember all those times? I do. I always will remember them and you I love you be my valentine

Emerald City to Oz ♥♥ To my sweet IB, down under when you should be going down, I miss mime mornings, the market, your mouth. Meet me for dolce vita and unmentionable acts?

SWEETIEPIEHEAD!! ♥♥ Sometimes things suck!But you are still "MY FAVORITE"! I want you, I need you and most of all I love you! P.S I hope you hungery for valentine PIE!?!?


KEEPER OF THE CROUTONS ♥♥ I'd go gay for you. xodp

To My Dear Cassandra ♥♥ Happy Valentine's to the love of my life. See you at the altar in a month! -Liz

YUO gave aids TO ME ♥♥ stop sticking an oar up my butt.

To Rachel and Halie ♥♥ Every week that I see your smiling faces for coffee is a week that I stay sane. I love you guys! Liz

HELLO MCBRIDE ♥♥ LuV ur straw hair-lets get sum pho and make sweet sex to the sounds of the DK rap-i want to suk on ur roks of beplo n drink ur mountain dew-LETSBOOGEY

Mr. Foxfire ♥♥ It's a shame we've lost touch. Maybe in another 10 years or so, we'll cross paths again. I think of you fondly as my favorite crush. -Miss B

Guitar Paul <3 ♥♥ I love you. But you already knew that.

kendric for you ♥♥ kendric i always have secretly adored you with every fiber of my being meet me tonight at the capitol park so i can reveal me and my love for you

Carolyn, My Love ♥♥ You're Costa Rica (and have told me that you don't care about Valentines day anyway) so you wont read this anyway. But for the record, I love you!

TRP ♥♥ You make want to fuck girls again! For that, read on! Roses are red, violets are blue, if you were dead, i'd still fuck you!

John Campiche ♥♥ I miss what we had together, and I hope you will give me another chance -E. Meade

Jebb Jebb Legg ♥♥ You are oh so god damned attractive... I'm glad that you are in my life and may we grow old together... FuFu Berry

Roger me, Toy Boy! ♥♥ My sexy Brit Love Monkey: I can't wait 2 jump the pond & start our life together. Let's fool them all & B happy 4ever! Your Mad American Glitter Babe

is it later yet? ♥♥ M, thank you for letting me be the one. i will always treasure the gift of your first experience. until the end of the world, always.

Gar Brown, miss you! ♥♥ Baby, I still miss you, miss your kisses, miss you holding me at night, miss everthing about you. Baby, no one compares to you. You know who I am.

AARON, SU Student ♥♥ a, you are an amazing individual. unrivaled talent and intelligence. with a depth I never knew until recently. i will always love you. t.

Korbalicious... ♥♥ When you find something to believe in, let this be a piece of it: Whatever you think, however you feel, whatever the voices tell you...YOU ARE LOVED!

Zoe!!! ♥♥ I Love you so much! Thanks for putting up with my stubborness! Our future is as bright and open as ever. Love, LP

i'll be your t-rex ♥♥ lauren, you stole my heart when you wore 14 year old boy pajamas. I'll be your boo no mater how far away the real one is.tranny 4 lyfe. BFF.

lovely friends ♥♥ Gina and Luke—where would I be without you? You are fantastic friends—thank you so very much. Don, I love you too. mika

i love ca$h money ♥♥ austin: will you be my valentine? forever yours: mandi

Cara, ♥♥ I love you & cannot wait to be married to you. Till then I'll just have to be happy with you, our new home, and the silly cat. -Love, Scott

Nutzperflakes ♥♥ sweet and salty nut banana nut peanut butternut

I want to lick SSS!! ♥♥ You are the sexiest band I have ever seen! Play naked next time or else!! You made me sweat and howl. Damn you Damn you! You haunt my dreams...AAAHHHH

<3 Bebe Doll <3 ♥♥ I always enjoy getting clean with you in a long, hot shower. Getting dirty again & fucking you in the ass afterwards is even hotter. <3 Your Bebe <3

Ohio misses you. ♥♥ To my darling Seattle. Ohio misses you. Will be back soon. To those of you who know, I miss you too and think of you often.

My Bebe - ♥♥ You taste as sweet as candy with my come on your lips. - Your Bebe <3

Mr. Greg ♥♥ Hey darling, you're great. I love you. xxx

Snuggly Bunny ♥♥ I love you, soulmate! You are still my reason for living. You are worth more than a million double cheeseburgers m'kay. Ramu+Macra forever!

Mike<3<3<3<3<3 ♥♥ I guess you're alright. I kind of like you. Be my Valentine?

to e. e. ♥♥ eli, i hope i can stop being such a bitch to you one day. happy valentine's day or whatever. -your overrated girl

Trevor ♥♥ You look like the family guy, You think your all that. Craving a smoke you come on by, We think your a rat. Happy V Day! P1

NERD HERD ♥♥ you guys make being in grad school tolerable. thanks and happy valentines' day. -the one who calls you guys "nerd herd"

To the Hol Lab ♥♥ you guys have been really great and i want to wish you a happy valentine's day. -the laughingstock of the lab

Foxy Fischenich!! ♥♥ Words disappear every time you are near. You own my heart. It took less than a year! Happy V-Day, Lover! Love - BB, Sylvester & Mr. Payton.

Ladies of REI flgshp ♥♥ each of you do so much more than outfit, educate and inspire! ya'll are my hearts desire!

Aprellalove! ♥♥ You're my angel pie, and I just wuvs you TO PIECES!! Happy V-day, my lovey lu. Molly xo

dear honey ♥♥ You are still the coolest woman I've ever met. Happy Valentine's Day. love d.

VIVA LAS VEGAS ♥♥ Elvis has nothing on us, baby. I can't wait until the big day! GOOOOULET!

Mitchell, ♥♥ I was just wondering..can I hold your hand? Or, maybe we could just eat watermelon, drink soda and listen to the Cure. P.S. I love you, Sara

Snooker Michael ♥♥ Thanks for being the best valentine that ever lived. I love you more every day.

PISCES IN LOVE ♥♥ 2 lonely fish, found each other and started 1 wonderful life. I love you with all of my heart and I wanted all of Seattle to know. TJ + Sean 4ever

To Brammi ♥♥ To my favorite little person, keep up the good work. I know I heart you. For reviving the room when you walked in. Love, Toby

Farm Boy ♥♥ Ten years later you still are the one I look for when I walk in the room. You are the best bad decision I ever made. Love, Yr Devoted Wife

Utah+Idaho=Seattle <3 ♥♥ Together we will conquer the world. I love you so much. You keep me sane. No matter where we go, we go together. I love you, Andrew. -J

Reis ♥♥ Our friendship: a succulent tendril gently entwines. Spring persists no matter how barren the winter. I've grown to love you. Ela

My Guy Todd ♥♥ My love for you continues to grow and leaves a dull ache when you're not near. Happy Valentines, Checkers.

Cutest Muffin! ♥♥ You are the cutest, and sexiest muffin ever to walk the earth.

Mister Wise ♥♥ Remember our first Valentine's when you ruined gladiator for me? I will always love you times 4 and 6 and 10, Your Lady.

West meets Spaced ♥♥ Thee West, my fair dark angel. You bind me to thee true LovE-KnoT. You are in ever-E-thing E think, feel & do & will be 'til E die. LovEternaL StaySea

I MISS MY CHICKEN ♥♥ AKB You flew the coop, frightened off by a comfy nest and threats of barbed wire. Let's be free range chickens together, just fly back to me soon. HLW

Saturday Night Ride ♥♥ N. I am counting the days until we are able to continue our wrestling lessons. Happy Valentine's Day. Love, S.

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