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Britt Pia ♥♥ Oh how love thee boobaloo. 12 years of heavenly bliss. With the occasional farts and the frequent kiss. I love You!

MR. SQUISH!!!!! ♥♥ I am so lucky to have you as my squish. You bring me such happiness. Thank you for choosing me! Happy Valentine's Day! I love-d you, your mish ><>

Do-Do Love ♥♥ I love you so much and the last two years spent with you have been amazing. I want to be your valentine forever! Love Madi

I miss you baby ♥♥ Ally, you're the only person that whips me just right and I can't stand that you're with Brad now. Baby, won't you ditch him and come home? Love, Madison

Tracie Lynn ♥♥ for your calm in the face of chaos, adhd and grad school, i love you tons! tiny husband

For my Pig Snout ♥♥ Your juicy truffle tart is ready & waitn' for your snortin' & routin'!

I LOVE YA SEAN ♥♥ Here is to our year 2 and more years to come. I love you dearly, and everyday I wake up next to you, I am constantly reminded how happy you make me.

Never gonna happen ♥♥ K, We would be never work. You're a white knight and I'm an ice queen - the princess who won't be rescued. Is it wrong that I still want to try? -R

Kelsey!!! ♥♥ Happy First Valentine's Day together, sweetheart. I love you very, very much. Love, Alex

I love you Yvonne ♥♥ My eyes fell shut and you lifted them, opened to a blissful adoration. As you unfolded yourself to me, I grew, and you stay always in my heart.

sweet squirrel ♥♥ you are my one and only forever. let's get married! how about august?

Big Crush on Savage ♥♥ I know it's stupid, him being gay and me being a lesbian, but I love Dan Savage!!! What an amazing guy!

\Emil-ehh!! ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day Em. Drink some Mack and Jack's for me. I'm in domestic beer hell.

Mooky!!! ♥♥ Dearest Mooky: I love you more than cupcakes! Love, Mooky

In the Grey ♥♥ Dizzy, were my wounded dog. Now I have no dog and you are fixed. How's that for living in the grey? Love, DE


Burrito, I love you ♥♥ You make me very happy. You french good too. Love, Burrito

stow-away stealer ♥♥ she was only a silhouette in the summer sun until the door drifted closed behind her. i recall her in contrast; my skin, hers, & texture of our feelings.

It took long enough ♥♥ I always hoped we would end up where we are now, and I'm so glad I get to sleep next to you almost every night. Will, you ARE amazing. Leah.

It just got bigger.. ♥♥ This is to my four roommates Brady, Brent, Cody, and Marc. I love you guys like the brothers I never had, or wanted, but now I'm stuck with you. -Leah

Bring your brown hat ♥♥ You have two monkeys. I have one time machine. This is new math for 2006. Let's add 'em up.

Pachinka Love ♥♥ I may not like to touch your feet but you know I've touched your heart. Stay with me forever. Kmarie

ANGRY CHICK ♥♥ I heard you hate the Donnas. I hate the Donnas too. Those co-workers will some day learn the error of their ways when your heart is mine! BOY HOWDY!

K. ♥♥ I drown in my desire for have been amazing to me and I want you to know how much I do care.

CSB/Tiki Crew! ♥♥ i love you guys. i love b-town. if i could marry you all i would. one big family.

MY SWEET SWEET LOU ♥♥ Oh Sweet Lou, how I long for you. Night and Day, You make me feel so gay. Your sexy bod makes me want to slob on your nob.

Sweet Sagacious Sag. ♥♥ Bird, my heart still beats 4 U. I gave U the keys 2 my heart. U & me just got off 2 a rough start. We'll always have our 1st kiss-Love faithfully, L.B.

I LOVE A MONKEY ♥♥ And her name is ANDREA!! Happy Valentine's Day to my baby. You are so special to me. I can't be without you or without your cookies. Love, MARIO

Giggady!! ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day to the sexiest & hottest man alive! I will always love you with all my heart & I want to spend the rest of my life with you! 123

3rd year's a charm ♥♥ Funny how your name comes to mind this time of year..."I just want to like someone who likes me...and doesn't live on the other side of the country."

Nice shoes indeed. ♥♥ R- Happy to have been wearing the black heals. I love you, I adore you and I am so thrilled you are my valentine. You are my favorite pirate. -S

SEAN F-ING P. ♥♥ Happy, happy Valentine's Day. It was great seeing you again, darling. Let's roadtrip away forever. HAHA. Miss you. xoxo: ODESSA LU

josh & amy ♥♥ you kids are the tops! thanks for so many wonderful times over the years. here's to many more to come. love, rishi

Borja, Tu Pito Bueno ♥♥ Elliot Achilles are going to heal the world together. Get your duffle bag ready for the ride, motha trucka! I'll see you in a month.

Been long enough ♥♥ I can't forget June 5, 2003. Rd, when are you coming home to me? LTC

ATTN: MURDER MIKE ♥♥ I'm not the perfect GF I don't eat meat or listen to ska, Plus my blonde hair is no more! But please be my valentine, You're the only one I adore.

ATTN: BABY NEW YEAR ♥♥ You don't always smell the best & your buttcrack shows at times, you still play with toys & make lots of noise, but I'm so happy that you're mine.

I know it's you ♥♥ Anna, I know it's you that I wanna spend the rest of my life with. I know it's you that makes everything perfect. I know it's you. I LOVE YOU.

Dorky White Male .. ♥♥ ISO cute Irish Pre-Law student to make my heart pound. Are You Her? Text Me ;)

wild child ♥♥ you're cute. i like you. i enjoy being around you all the time. stay out of trouble.

You. ♥♥ I love you. Team Fach is amazing and you've made me who I am today. Don't ever forget it.

I love you Stinky. ♥♥ Bon Jovi says it best: "I'd live and I'd die for you, Steal the sun from the sky for you, Words can't say what a love can do, I'll be there for you."

J.A.T ♥♥ You are the Bee's knee's. Along with everything else that is perfect in the world. I love you, incredibly. I love you like the sun on water.

i hate pepsi ♥♥ but i love you, mountain dew, fruit pies and shari's. this will be the best year of our lives! love, je$$ica

I love you Caitie M ♥♥ I never knew I could feel the things you have brought over me. My heart is in your pocket. You rule me. You are my muse. You are a bud. I love you - C

PHAT TYLA:SEXMACHINE ♥♥ ooh la la baby you are my one and only, true love i know you love it when i strip and we wrestle and you pound the air out of me mmm, <3 Seany P

RAFFY TAFFY ♥♥ you're my best friend. i love you jigga. love, jessica. p.s. i'm still hungry.

Team Blue Rocks! ♥♥ Ryan, Our time together is soooooo wonderful and out of this world. You are truly amazing! I am very lucky to have you in my life. Love, Ann

cute sweaty boy ♥♥ you're cute and should be my valentine. lets watch conan and eat ice cream together. love, jessica

Seany P ♥♥ Phat Tyla here and I want you to be my funny little valentine. Take me on a ferry ride big boy. XOXO <3

Adam and Kaylin ♥♥ Even though hundreds of miles away, these two keep the love going. Seeing each other only every few months must be hard but they do it so passionately.

Charlotticus! ♥♥ Eye hart ewe, truly!

To Jelly RM's Friend ♥♥ So listen, honey, wherever you are tonight. I wish you the best of everything in the world. And honey, I hope you found whatever you were looking for.

JEWLEA ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day! I still have to prostitute myself out to you hahahaha... <3 Seany P

Chelsea You Suck ♥♥ But on the off chance you read this, I love you and we should probably hangout sometime. You should know who this is, don't be afraid to call.

My foxy Galzone, SP ♥♥ I love you more than anything and I can't wait until you're my trophy ladywife. To shacking up and getting drunk in the basement. - Tiny Muscles.

John S. and Pokey ♥♥ Babe, I will love U forever. I never want to be away from U cause I can't get enough. By the time U read this, I don't know if we will even be together. I2U

Yer Ruby Red Lolipop ♥♥ I love your: smart brain, sexy self & bitey teeth. U make me feel like your best treasure in and out of bed. You're my treasure. Luv yer grl, Tangerina


my savage beast ♥♥ with all due respect to fat-bottomed girls, you're what makes the rockin' world go round. te amo, mi amante. -your butterfly

Cornish Green Team! ♥♥ To all of my section-mates (Aldo, Alyssa, Travis, Nat, Andy, Danielle, LK, LP, Cassandra, Joetta, Brett, Mel, Miriah, Adam): You are all my Valentines! Love, Dylan

Emoly of STK ♥♥ my loveeeeeee! be mine? pssssh too bad you already are. you are my B fuckin FFL, and you make up 1/4 of moi, you and jenn, happy valentine's day. b

ALLYD,WHEREARTTHEE?! ♥♥ You liveth so far away on an island called Bai- I love you more than dog doo and have not seen you in forever, plz come back so we can pullthelever.

MONKEY I LOVE YOU! ♥♥ hey babe, i hope you have a glorious v-day and know that even though i am up in b-ham, i think about you all the time. :) love you the most, HA! trace

My boy from Arizona. ♥♥ This is for the only boy who can make me smile when I'm mad, and at the end of the day you're the only one I want to hold. I love you, Kirk.

Rapheal ♥♥ Tall and shy. You had me at first glance. I want you to come over to my place and unzip my pants.

MR ERIC OF BOTHELL ♥♥ i loooove you my dear!! i'm sad that i wont be going to bothell no more with you but we are going to keep hanging out no matter what. be my valentine?

Charlie Brown ♥♥ This little message is hopefully enough to fill up your empty red wheelbarrow. If not, just take comfort in knowing that someone finally did this.

barely beginning ♥♥ Will, I don't know how you'd think I'd leave you for another human being. This relationship of ours is barely beginning, I wanna love you forever. anna

HIPPY NAMED TIM ♥♥ Beautiful dreads. Beautiful smile. You've left the silliest first impression. Too bad I had to go to band practice. Coffee or tea?

ALLY MINIPARTY! ♥♥ ally, your so awesome, but really ty at times. but some how i still love you. i hope you have a wonderful valentine's day! -justin

BUMMED ON BERKELY ♥♥ isabel, your presence in seattle is lacking. thanks for bringing me an honest appreciation for love. missing you, steve

TO REESE AND KATIE ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day, I Love you both! Thanks you for letting me be a member of the K-107 family. Love, Megan

Russian Sisters! ♥♥ Anastasia, you will always be #1 in my life. You have always been there for me, and I'm here for you always and forever, my Russian sister. Love, Elena

Hold Me Emoly ♥♥ I desire u with burning passion, but this is a controlled burn so don't worry, you will not lose any limbs in it. You will only have warmth in your heart.

$$ Ally D $$ ♥♥ Will you be my fucking valentine?!!!!!!!! I'll give you a cigarette and maybe a cookie......haha Happy fuckin' v-day or should it be d-day??? --emmy

To my Oi Boi ♥♥ Te querio mucho con todo mi corazon. No 150 words can describe how much I adore you, but it's all the Stranger gave me, so I'll take it. I love you baby..

We Can't Bake ♥♥ Someday we won't burn the cookies. Someday we will find the good episodes of X-Files. We have goals, we have each other. I love you till it hurts. -Yours

CARRIE 1/2 PRICE ♥♥ Those eyes. Those lips. That long, long, long hair and incredible, improbable booty. I'm a sunk geek guy with an indestructible crush.

Tuffy and Chai-Wai ♥♥ Hey sisters, I thought you would appreciate this. My favourite concert buddies and best people to complain about mum and dad to. Love U jerks! ~Whit

from oberlin w/love ♥♥ To my Seattle girls: Maria, Rachael, Kreeton, Kristen, Mollie, Rose. Yr the most kickass people ever. Love and duckies from the hippie paradise!

uncle milty ♥♥ M - Do you like to cuddle? WELL, I DON'T! Oh, such infamy. I loves the uncle, our puppies are gonna love each other so much! xod

PHONE SEX??!! ♥♥ Now your home, and in my arms, and everything in my world is right and perfect and beautiful. My sweet Bed-Head Blonde, your Java Junkie loves you!

spinsters, unite. ♥♥ A - Although you have found a companion for the Hobo Inn, I know you're still with me in spirit. We're gonna make great crazy cat/dog ladies. xod

Baby Brother B-day! ♥♥ Happy 21st Birthday Sam, your big sis loves you lots and wishes you were still in Seattle to play 20Q. Love, Diana

Michelle ♥♥ More than words is all you have to do to make it real, Then you wouldn't have to say that you love me, Cos I'd already know.

bois! ♥♥ A! we need to start going to the spot again, eat jack-in-the-box, and listen to backstreet boys... or we can have some coffee. hella. ~S.san.

<3! ♥♥ D.-Thank you for everything you've done for me, and sticking with me no matter what. Happy Valentine's Day! Love you<3 .S.

Aleisha! ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day! As Night Ranger once sang, "Sister Christian, oh the time has come. And you know that you're the only one."

MAC aka chick-a-boom ♥♥ Hey hot sauce...when I asked how you are and you said fine...I know you are fine but how are you doin'? xxoo from you know whoz

Nene, I love you! ♥♥ Be my valentine, Pumps. Again. Now and forever. Our summer begins in Saltspring. Can only imagine where it will take us. Je taime, Your Hype.

Kathleen... ♥♥ I think Poison was singing about you when they sang "Every rose has it's thorn, Just like every cowboy sings his sad song, Every rose has it's thorn."

JAROD T - HOTLOVER ♥♥ I will love you for eva...for eva eva... for eva eva!!! You are too freaking hot for me, sexy umbrella man! Your fav FH hoebag, Fletch

I'll be yr bird... ♥♥ our new lil'nest is a warm hearth, I miss you whenever we're apart, but you know you're always in my heart.

A Bushel and a Peck ♥♥ Lily, you are everything I've ever dreamed of. "For you, the cosmos." I'll never forget the day you promised to be my love forever. Yours, Pete

NOT INCESTUAL..yet ♥♥ Juju booboo, MY SISTER, MY BEST FRIEND, MY TRUE LOVE! Let us laugh forever in this rap game called life. WE GOT THE BEAT. KEEP booty bouncin' & know I lovelovelove u!

SNAYXXX ♥♥ SNAYAY, I AM YOUR CAYAY. I hope it always stays that way, and we can make it everyday, when I think of you I say, HIP HOP HOORAY!!!

hot bitch ♥♥ You are fucking fantastic!! I envy & adore you. Please be my valentine?? XOXO

Raaarrrr! ♥♥ This T-Rex is in the mood for some Moster Truck lovin'! Happy Valentine's Day, I love you babe! Love, Bubba


LITTLE! LITTLE! ♥♥ You're the best thing out of the free pile...ever! I heart you so very much! Thanks for knocking me're the BEST! xoxo: your girl

SLUCE! ♥♥ No purpose, no plans, just feet on the pavement and eyes on the world, nothing more than THIS is bliss to me, but I have a sense you already know! -NYC

Triangle of Trust ♥♥ To the best mom and brother in the world. I love you forever, and from Spain, I love you more.

I Love you Suzanne ♥♥ Suzanne, you're the woman of my dreams. I love you with all my heart and soul. I could not but for you. I lust you like no other! <3 Ryan

To My Gennie ♥♥ You mean the world to me. I am the luckiest husband in the world. All my love, your Andrew

Boonkie ♥♥ G - Even though you are dating a Christian now, I still love you. Always will. I can't help myself. I am so proud of you, smarty. Good luck - A.

Amber LEE ♥♥ Yes I know your middle name, now frame me and love me forever. Happy V-Day to the bestest friend in the whole world and drew-bob. Guess who ;)

FOOS STUD ♥♥ On this day of love and romance, I just have to say... SUCK IT BRAGANZA! SUUUUUCK IIIIIIIT!

Tune Tune, ♥♥ My heart still flutters for you. Je t'aime to the maximum. Love, Seahogg

Insurrection Acres! ♥♥ You are everything I ever dreamed of. House Booty is Bad Booty, but I love all your punk-asses. Love, Mandy

STUMPY ♥♥ 11 yrs, three degrees, many lentils, a providential child, and we've landed in an old house near freeway. It's better than it looks: I choose you everyday.


I love you Jeremy ♥♥ Thank you so very much for having me in your life, you make me happier than I can put into words. And Shylah is the cutest baby in the world.

For my lizard ♥♥ I'll be your hot rock in the sun, come lie on me.

Shailynn, My lil'luv. ♥♥ Shai, you are the coolest kid ever. I couldn't have ask for a more intelligent, beautiful, caring and creative child. I was blessed when god gave U-2-me.


Sweeter Peter ♥♥ It's no secret! All my flowers are for you...du bist mein sonnenschein. Always, Summer and your girls, Sascha 'n' Beans.

Little r from j ♥♥ Chocolates: $20.00 Roses: $39.99 Heart shape cake: $50.00 Love: Priceless. There are some things money can't buy, for everything else, there's ME...

2LayDown, YaHeardMe! ♥♥ I want 2 thank you 4 coming into our lives and being such a strong addition to our family. I know now we WILL walk down the isle together, we luv u, Lay.

PALMARK IS FOR LOVE! ♥♥ I sat on my porch a strummin away. You looked on at me while I would play. Soon we met and now we're here. You make me GLAD when you are near. :) luv Z

NUG ♥♥ Be mine.

Dearest Patootie ♥♥ Every day, in every way, you continue to prove that you are the one for me. Thanks for your love, friendship and support. Ti voglio bene!!!! --Tater

~~Teresa~~ ♥♥ I love you! Just think in a few short years we'll be raising our kids and baking cookies together!!! I can't wait!Till then we'll make quilts!! xxo Erica

Studio you know who! ♥♥ Thanks for sharing the love and the whoops.

Sweetness ♥♥ You know this is for you and that you're the only one for me. I wish I could do more of everything with you and to you. Loving you beautiful. LDS

<> ♥♥ Happy Valentines Day! I'm glad you're here in Seattle and not in Colorado...that was too far!!! Here's to racy underwear and dirty thoughts! xxo Erica

Thomas ♥♥ You have beautiful eyes. When are you going to ask me to dinner?

Rugby Marshall ♥♥ Where are you? How can I flirt with you if you don't go out? Maybe this weekend...CC's, the Cuff? We should go out. Or make out. Or both. -S

Tango ♥♥ Sprite, CODE THREE! -Nibs

Emotional Archeology ♥♥ You find artifacts I never knew I buried, and treat each as a treasure. I love seeking beneath your layers too my love. Keep digging with me forever?

364 Days! ♥♥ To my Jacob - almost one year since we started our latest chapter, with another volume beginning in July! Everyday you make me so happy! Love, Claire

LIZ! Read this. ♥♥ Liz...even though we're Valentine-less this year, I'm still so happy to have you. To the coolest friend ever. From Spain.

Ah heck, CARA N! ♥♥ Reunion, remake, remodel, redone, restraint, rebuke, rebirth, reorganize, resist, reinterate the same old story...much love to you, always. kvz

CHAINSAW!!! ♥♥ MY love, I miss you! Come up to AK please, you will be happier here & will find the man of yer dreams. The woman of them is already here. xo I love you.

rammie roo & feens ♥♥ Happy hour at Il Fornio? I'll save us a table. How does July work for you? xod

To my Jared :: HBP ♥♥ I love you more than George W. loves oil. Thanks for always being my biggest fan! Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Marisa (AKA HLB) <3 <3

~~Chi-Chan~~ ♥♥ You cured me of shyness, When we met in Japan, Now you're my highness, I'm your funny man, You're the love that I've heard, I'm your very favorite nerd.

Always yours! ♥♥ Bumper: Being your valentine for the 17 years, your Babycat

Dear Donkey ♥♥ Let's light a rainbow candle, put on Celine, stare longingly into one another's eyes and sway. Or we could just fuck and feed each other nuts. xoxo - K

!!! GRACI !!! ♥♥ ...........HappyValentinesDay.................. Will.You.Be.My.Valentine.................. YourSecretAdmirer!........... ....!mf!....

Greg ♥♥ You're pretty great, pig. Thanks for marrying me. Love, Greg

TOO CUTE TO COMPUTE! ♥♥ MEOW MEOW meow MEOW meow meow meow MEOW MEOW MEOW meow meow MEOW meow MEOW meow meow meow MEOW MEOW meow MEOW meow meow meow meow meow MEOW meow MEOW!

Fairy Tale In Haiku ♥♥ LRRR Alt Ending: In candied-apple dreams, we tie up the woodcutter, sneak out the back door. A kiss (w/some bite)for my BBW & a peck for my muse, Red.

Love You Poops! ♥♥ You mean the world to me. Thank you so much for all that you are. I don't know what I would do without you. I love you so much. Love, Peas. ))<>((

Soapy ♥♥ I've never been so happy. Can I please give you a massage? Love always, Naughty girl.

I (HEART) ARVID ♥♥ If you were a piece of clothing, you would be a sweater vest. I love you forever. And Murray and Gladys do too. Be our Valentine.

Count to ten... ♥♥ I wish I had the courage to show up at your pink steps and tell you what runs through my head each day. But that's a friendship gamble.

To My Taquito ♥♥ Just a great big "I love you" to my husband who means everything to me. Love, your chiquita

HEY HO!! Yay u EMILY ♥♥ from nordys cake to bitchin cookies we have become close. we even raised children together! what would I do without you in my live. LACOSTE FOR EVER!!

I love CoCo DooDoo ♥♥ Valentine, you shine like butter on a hot day. You make me wanna shave my arm pits and lick your naughty noodle. I'll always make your sandwiches.

BATTLEFARTS O' LOVE ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day, Mrs. Pants! I love you so much! Let's spend that huge tax return together! Luv, Loveable Shmubable

To My Honeybear ♥♥ Thank you for being the most wonderful man I've ever met. You're everything I could want and so much more. I love you, my dark-haired drummer.

HAPPY V-DAY A.B.C. ♥♥ there once was a babe named bianca, hotter than the sun in sri lanka. for the past 44 days, i have wanted to lay you in the back of my tonka.

Also Known As ♥♥ My Magical X-Mas Present Everyday: It's been 9 yrs, but we've still got at least 5 lives left. Let's spend 'em all on each other. Bisou Bisou, Trix.

My Pretty Finch ♥♥ BD, we go together like Longshot and Dazzler. love, ST

Goriest Goil Evah! ♥♥ To my Super-Ultra, Freaked Out, Sexy Sister, Sue C.: I braaak my love for you from the poopy and very flat midwest. *GENIUS!*

emeraldspearls ♥♥ my heart belongs to both of you, forever and ever XOXO....Big E

My Chiquita :wub: ♥♥ 18 months ago you walked through my hotel door & I fell in love with you. Now I'm 700 miles from Canmore and I love you more than ever. I always will.

Soupy loves you! ♥♥ And so does Dr. Milker. We like family cuddle and puppy story time. We don't like your beard, but love is like that. Let's shake it together always.

Scott, I adore you. ♥♥ Adore: 1. To regard w/loving admiration & devotion. 2. To be extremely fond of. Love, Patty ♥♥ hey ben!!!! i <3 u lol kthxbye -amy

john ♥♥ I am go glad that you are my Hickeyman. I love you. Boox2

Cutie-Super-Tastic!! ♥♥ Guess what? I love you more!!!

Yellow Panty Day ♥♥ When I was a kid & my best friend slept over, we used to stay up late cracking up until we couldn't stop. U make me laugh like that. Love U -S

5 Perfect Points ♥♥ adjective: timeless. nouns: luke, b(bh), aim, kath, j*. from t-moblie to my space, the things i hate about you are also the things i love. happy v-day

HSB ♥♥ Tell me your secrets and tell me the truth. My mind is filled with juicy dreams and possibilities. Come - make my dreams come true.

GED Squad, GRADUATE! ♥♥ I love you guys more than coke, hustlers, and skipping 5th & 6th periods.

Bedtime Stories ♥♥ Laura, say I'm the only Bee in your bonnet. I'm dreaming of Babylon with you, only it's making my life better and better. Barry

LOVE ♥♥ If love was more than just a word, I would say it to you, but since it isn't I'll pretend you understand. To my special panda whore.

OH BIG DADDY! ♥♥ The distance between us in life doesn't mean you're not close to my heart. I love you completely and hope we'll make it. Love, Baby Girl.

Love Thy Neighbor ♥♥ GO, my squirrel loves your nuts. Love always, Neighbor James.

Three IS Company ♥♥ MB, Thank you for wanting to make this work. I am glad I took another chance. I'm so happy you are in my life. Here's your cake now eat it times 2. R

alex h. ♥♥ Through thick and through thin. I'll always be there. I love you.

I Love You Baby! ♥♥ I really do! Sitiveni

lets STICK 2gether ♥♥ Angie, Yer the STAPLE of my entire being. Thanx fer bein who you are. I Love Ya'z stupid dumb!! Nivek

Your afro is a fork ♥♥ You are my best friend Mr. Sean. When i met you, you were fighting a hangover and your hair looked like a fork. Thanks for making my dreams come tru

Mrs. Adams... ♥♥ 5 years are still my

We.Say.Be LovEternal ♥♥ A year and a half since I saw you in that Nina Hagen Shirt at greyhound. And here we are a year1/2 later and everyday my love grows stronger. Eternal

For My Neenah Lovers ♥♥ Dont stop believ'n. Happy Valentine's Day. I wish I was there. I sure as hell love you! I'll come home soon! Meet me at Doty Park. "I'm Wide Awake..."

You are the moose ♥♥ Luke,you stink like moose bottom.i love you but not as much as mysti. OH!i'm naughty.FamilyGuy rocks.So do our randomadventures with our crazyparents.

Oblivious nerd ♥♥ Dude, don't even know how hot you are. your smile makes my guts go all squiggly. never cut that long blonde hair wish could run my face through it now 


The Class of '07! ♥♥ How i love thee. Double oh seven, fo lyfe. Never forget your true roots. Next year is our year. Make memories that will last a lifetime. DOUBLE OH 7!!

Loveline and Dick's ♥♥ Inside jokes: Cooler then claire. That color looks good. P.u.wallop. AZN. Claires car. High heels. Callaway?Stalking. Wallawalla.Gay voices? FABULOUS!

WILL, let's ))<>(( ♥♥ I can't fucking stand it, knowing that I fucked up and lost you. I want it to me like old times you and me. ))<>((

Oh those fine legs.. ♥♥ Well what can i say? With fine legs and a tingly face, what more could a girl lust after for?? Keep on being that girl and you will always be adoredx

ANHASSO ♥♥ Diamonds are forever. You are this girl's best friend. Together we make heads turn with our happy hotness. Where to next? Follow me following you.NERM

mmmmmmBabe! ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day my love! Thank you for your love and support through all the great times and hard times in the past 2+ years. I love you! -J

JILL BABY MY LOVE! ♥♥ Every moment we're apart feels like all the years before we met. Be mine forever! Im so in love with you! Love SPANKY

MUFFINBUTT!! ♥♥ Whoooooo's my lover? Whoo is it..YES you ARE!! I miss you very much and can't wait to see you down souf! Je t'aimerai toujours!

Check Into Cash! ♥♥ YLT,D? Happy Valentines Day, BFF! If we don't have someone special for V.D. we can do "it" down there (YDT), back there(YBT)in that way! Ahhh PFFFT!

MUFFIN... ♥♥ Sweetest Muffy, never too stuffy-I feel so lucky to be loved by a Lover like you! Thanks for the laughs & the ass-I love you even when you pass gas!

J. Symmizzle ♥♥ You are Number One in the Revised Code of Tammizzle. Don't let that Mean ol' WAC get you down, just remember Quid Pro Quo.

CAROLYN (C.C.) ♥♥ WE would never call you a coward and punk - that's mean.Come over on Valentine's Day - we have a yummy treat from your sweet tooth.Yeah baby!! Sylvia

Mrs. Pie, ♥♥ If I was a scoop of IceCream, clinging to a spoon on a HotSummer day, would you let me melt AllOver you, DeepDown into your crust? Gawd, I adore you.

DAVID B. from zumiez ♥♥ i just want to let you know i adore you. your so wonderful, hella cute, rad, and sweet. you deserve a girl thats rad and will love you for you. <3

Femmedyk ♥♥ Happy Valentine Day!! Hope you are well. C.C.

MY NUMBER ONE.... ♥♥ FriendLoverInfluenceCriminalSupportSnugglebunnyMostawesomepersonihaveevermet is you.My winged insect,i am so happy to be in your life. iloveyoualways

lost valentine ♥♥ kitchen @ stranger, tell your mom, deanna, that she is still in my heart. let her know she can reach me at jj's kent. she is my lost valentine mitch

Paper clip lover ♥♥ Paper clips are silver, some are gold, you're the one I'd save if all were told. A bend, a fold and all is told, you're the one to love, have, & hold.

Candlelight Cigars? ♥♥ Perfect evening recipe: Cold shrimp cocktail, freshly clipped Maxim's, Ballantine's on the rocks and Jerry in a jock. Heat in hottub for 1 hour

WE LOVE SPM! ♥♥ You are all Fantabulous! Love, The Greater-Metro SPM Admiration Society

PUSSYCAT, PUSSYCAT ♥♥ You are my Pussycat, my Angel, and Bond Girl all rolled into one. I love and adore you just as you are - perfect. Happy Valentines from your Daddy-O

Syd&Skat=tampon<3 ♥♥ These past couple months have been amazing girrl.You've changed my life.You are amazing Kaitlyn our live is an adventure. I love u a crapload boobcake

:-)8-<@==% ILOVEYOU ♥♥ I'm yours, you're mine. Let's get together and kill some time. My legs will shake and your back will get sore, but you can bet we will never get bored

El Sweets! ♥♥ I love you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much. Times a billion. Let's get married.

19 years--already??? ♥♥ Dear Vince--we've built a wonderful life these 20 years. We were too young to know what soul mates were, glad our hearts knew. I love you.... Carrie

With whom to dance? ♥♥ I love it when you give me things; And ought to give me wedding rings. I can't wait, Martini.

To Kelly, my love: ♥♥ You are the most beautiful, wonderful person and I love you so very much. I never forget how fortunate I am to be with you. Love always, your peach Ó

Flood ♥♥ MGS we could drown ourselves in a flood of sunshine/we could walk all night still i'd see sunshine. sooner... JS

The Fantastic Jamie: ♥♥ You ARE fantastic, accept it. Hanging out with you is always a treat. Hope everything in your life turns out for the best, you deserve it, babe! Paul

CRANKYPANTS ♥♥ I see, I see! I see how much I love you and can't live without you. Love, heat injections and twizzles, Poopypants

Here it is: ♥♥ I wanna say something. I'm gonna put it out there; if you like it, you can take it, if you don't, send it right back. I want to be on you.

To Carie my love ♥♥ Hey baby I just wanted send you this note to tell how much I love and adore ever thing about you.You mean the world and then some to me. Love Forrest

to my kendill pickle ♥♥ little girl, you're the 1 girl for me, little girl, you're as sweet as can be..23 miles till kalama, baby..lets make it happen! much love, your qtip

Monique of Ballard ♥♥ I think you are the coolest women in all of Seattle including Ballard, and that is why I pick you for Valentine's Day.

TCB ♥♥ Ilove you Shawn, and I would marry you all over again! Happy Valentines Day to you and our boys Alex and Myles. TCB love AmandaJean XOXO

Hey Panix ♥♥ Youre the Bestest! :)


Hey B! ♥♥ You are my sunshine when its gray. I love you so much and I am thankful for everyday I have with you. Love, C

Missing My Maria ♥♥ It's years since we parted & I think of you every day. Hope lifes treating you well & you've found what you needed. Forever in my heart, Keri

BARSUK MAFIA CRUSH ♥♥ Double H, I have the biggest crush on you and your whiskey. Will you be my bomb squad? Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo, josh bomb

The Capillaries ♥♥ You rock and I love you all. Licia

Mattie ♥♥ I love you every day. Happy Valentine's Day. Solar Sister

Hey Island Girl! ♥♥ Wanna know something? I love you!

TIFFANY ♥♥ 4 nipples, one girl. Twice as much as I deserve. I Love You. p.s. Fuck the greeting card companies.

Schmook! ♥♥ Schmook, schmook! Ekka, ekka. Schmook, love, schmook ekka! You're my favorite, hot stuff!

body and soul ♥♥ cheers to jumping in leaves, t's pov, parents undies, stella, the word "bag", snow angels, the blues, dancing to aretha, nondates, love of our lives.

Evan loves Celia ♥♥ To the best friend and girlfriend anybody could ask for. I love you Celia, and I don't know what I'd do without you. You are my everything. Love bamb

TO THE DRUMMER- ♥♥ Eight years and I still get butterflies when I am around you. You are my one and only. I will always be here for you, my lil pumpkin spice latte. XOXO

Love You Jay! ♥♥ "And when love speaks, the voice of all the gods makes heaven drowsy with the harmony." --Shakespeare May we find harmony for many years to come.

Dragon Loves Rabbit ♥♥ A Dragon may breathe fire, and be all scaly too / But know this, fluffy Rabbit: Your Dragon sure loves you! Jeffrey + Jessica 4 ever!

Daniel Reinheart ♥♥ I love you! *Muah*

Helen Freund!!!! ♥♥ I love you my dearest! Muah -Kelli

My Un-Funny Bunny ♥♥ I am lucky that you nibbled on a nectarine and stood outside my window in pigeon shit to declare your love. I love my Trannie-Devito. My mijita.

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