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Brian ♥♥ "Amor, cuantos caminos hasta llegar a un beso" Happy Valentines Day, my love. I miss you & can't wait to be with you again. your duck... LeAnn

dallas j. ♥♥ i love you more than ponies and snacks and typhoid and stencils and bubble bath and rose tea and potatoes and everything! youre my favorite! snack out

Your not a bitch. ♥♥ I couldn't beliveve your friend called you that. I think your swell, wanna neck? How about a movie? If not,then I hope your legs grow together, bitch!

luis ♥♥ jeepers creepers, where'd you get those peepers? jeepers creepers, where'd you get those thighs..see, that girl knows, luis, she knows! +i luv you!

IN LOVING MEMORY OF ♥♥ Joy Danette B. She was a Mother, a sister, a lover, a partner in crime, and Brodie's Grandma. She will be missed dearly.

Ya cohom che Jen! ♥♥ You frisky little Snugglepup! When I say I'm in love, you bes believe I'm in love- L U V

My dear Marguerite ♥♥ I fucking love you like a sister you are. Our current love tin would consist of an uncle and BM. And Frosty, just for the hell of it. BFF&Ever, bitch.

I've got the HOTS ♥♥ for you, Anthony. You talked to my psyc class and something overcame me. You'll never read this, but I'll continue to watch you walk to and fro.

play misty for me ♥♥ QUILTY, oh Quilty. Light of my life, fire of my loins! My sin, my soul. Thanks for creating the soundtrack of my Saturdays. You & KEXP are beautiful.

You Austin Hottie! ♥♥ Annie, no matter what "apartment management" says, you are a real sweetie and I won't be deterred. Your Passionate Hungarian

Tika my Sweets ♥♥ I love you more each passing day. The past seven months have been so hard being away from you so much. But I cherish each homecoming and love our future.

HEY SWEETTITS ♥♥ It's been a rough year but I want you to know that I will always love you!! I miss you!! Happy V-Day. Love, Mike

Dave ♥♥ A picture may be worth a thousand words, but its hard to say a single one when you take my breath away. Jessie

Ally The Sexiest ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day, my sexy, sweet Ally! I love you with all my heart. You are the best girlfriend a guy could have and I know that best. Love, Alex.

Kendell My BIG Daddy ♥♥ If not for u, My sky would fall, Rain would gather 2, W/out ur love I'd b nowhere at all, I'd b lost if not 4 u, And u know its true, I love u. Emmy

Luv My Babisom ♥♥ Slavica, Your beauty won my attention. Your answer to Ingebritsen's question won my curiosity. Your patience won my soul. All I am is yours. Isaac

Dear Bambi ♥♥ Even though we are separated by thousands of miles, I love you more everyday. Te amo harto, tu dinosauria afro-cubana.

Your Master Sword... ♥♥ ...cut me in two, then you took the good half to The City. I'll be there in a few short days, Valentine, to see my other half again. -lessthanthree

Impulse Boutique E&J ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day to the foxiest mamas in retail!! You had me at hello. xoxo, the Janimal

Jackass ♥♥ I miss our benders of double vodka 7's! I miss our Monday night rituals! I even miss your teasing! Looking forward to rekindeling our friendship! HT:)

Spritely Sprocket ♥♥ Let's make love to the acoustic version of 'Joey' forever & ever. I never want this hell to end. Love, Painter N. Flying Bat Girl & The Girls.

**Mark M** ♥♥ happy VaLeNTiNes, homey!! XOXO,

Who knows her place? ♥♥ Stacy, Stacy, Stacy... Why you put up with me I dont know. Is it my sick sense of humor? My dashing good looks? Or that I knocked you up? love Tommy

Kid Robot ♥♥ The way you dance, puts me in a trance, do I stand a chance, to take of your pants? From your glance, I sense hot romance, now its up to circumstance.

Ew! ♥♥ "I could never love you!" Let's just say that I've never felt so lucky to be so wrong. I'll always make your grilled cheese sandwiches. Love, Lesla

spoocup & butt putt ♥♥ forEVAH piggy piggy piggy cant you see...sometimes your snorts just hypnotize me...thank you for loving my dorky ways. I love you. Please marry me :)

Cumcake!! <3 ♥♥ A certain Poof Princess requests that a certain cumcake purchase a yummy cupcake and put whipped *cough* frosting on it for her to eat. I love you!

I luvrs U cupcake! ♥♥ Gracie, we're weird, we know it, but you and I make it work, oh, and it works, real good. Here's to another amazing year love! ~Matt

TELL ME HOW IT IS!! ♥♥ I love you more than anything in the whole-wide-world when you tell me I have a huge cock and the best dance-moves in town...

Dearest Christopher ♥♥ We're at the beach you know. Even with these pillows 'neath our heads. Slipping deeper and deeper into slumber you go, And resting on our bed. Its with each stroke across my hair that sends, Grains of sands running through my toes. And the grazing of the bedsheet, The waves crash. And the wind blows. And your body twitching, Blends us kissing, As waves lap below. So even your heavy breathing, As your breathing. And Im breathing, Is all I know.

A mon Doudou ♥♥ Cela fait notre deuxieme Saint Valentin. L'annee derniere je ne pouvais pas etre avec toi. Cette annee je ferai tout pour te montrer combien je t'aime et a quel point tu m'a rendu heureux. Avec plein de bisous, Ton nounours

CURLIEST HAIR EVER ♥♥ 3 years in 1 day. Everyday is a life full of more than I deserve. We are the luckiest humans ever. Everyone is sooo jealous.

J. Kickass ♥♥ I heart your blasé attitude...your distinctive laugh...the way you always cling to me at parties...I heart you. Be my Valentine? P.S. Shot Gun Anus. -A.B

BODEY AAAAAAAA!!! ♥♥ Baby, I love you and can't wait till I'm back in your arms. You are my best friend, best lover, best everything. LOVE YOU BODEY!! Your Princess xxxooo


FUNCH!!! ♥♥ Hey Funchy, I just have to say that you're the best thing that's ever happened to me. Forever, Jash

Hi sexy! ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day!! I love you!

woof! ♥♥ To my one and only daddy, from your one and only bulldog.

Itzik at my Feet ♥♥ My humble Rooster Prince. I'll show you every control, every excitement, every good challenge, every delight, every comfort. You are mine. Ivy.

Miss you MTG! ♥♥ I miss your brain, your company, your laugh...I even miss your vegetables. What I miss the most is you banging me like a screen door in a tornado. E

JZA ♥♥ You must be a ninja cause your the toughest lover ever, thanks for all the warm nights this winter.

Buttercup ♥♥ Your long red hair and green eyes captivate me. You make me feel more alive. I love your sense of adventure and excitement. Be mine soon, Your Wesley

Mr. Bartlett ♥♥ Tacos, ninjas, tequila, let's hang out. Heart Princess B.

hello, DrunkenFig. ♥♥ McMahon: Je t'aime. C'est vrai! -Evans

KENDALL ♥♥ I love that you are my valentine! Let's make this our happiest heart day yet. I love you! --your David

Lirianna ♥♥ You are the peaches in my cream, the Baileys in my coffee, but not the two-stroke in my gasoline. I love you. Arilen.

BETTY X ♥♥ For the sexiest, loveliest, most badass vixen I have ever known; Thanks for all the great years together. I love you more than you'll ever know! -Nate

Dear Moped ♥♥ I'll love you more if you are good to me this year. None of that on and off shit anymore. I'll stop talking about getting a new bike if you behave. XO


webothgodowntogether ♥♥ I love you with all my heart and will never stop loving you. When I'm with you, I know I don't ever want to be apart from you. You are my other half.

Hey Miss Trixie! ♥♥ You & NVB have put me in a love spin. I want you both here w/me, & happy. What do I have to do? Whatever, I will do it for all of you. Love Don B

KIT-KAT-KA-TRINA!!! ♥♥ Happy Almost V-Day!! Curl up with a bottle of whiskey and think of me (no carbs I swear!). I miss you tons and tons!! With punk and love, Miss Roxxxy

Neal V, I love ya! ♥♥ Neal, Trixie was in love w/an ideal w/ a picket fence, not me. I love both of you. I want you to be happy w/me. What do I do? Love, DRB/Mr98199.

WSM you wiggle your ♥♥ nose and disappear all my clothes. I wish. You travelling audio consultant, I miss you.

Who's My #1 SugarPie ♥♥ It's been almost 13 years. Here's to 75 more. I love you more than I love Pagliacci's primo of the month! tika

COOKIE!!!!COOKIE!!!! ♥♥ U mean everything 2 me & I am so lucky 2b w/ u. UR SO AMAZING!! I am so xcited 2b w/ U 4ever & always. Paris will be awesome! I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!!

Christianna I. ♥♥ Even though we are far away and rarely see each other, you are my best friend and I love you! Mama's moving back to the hill! Booyah! -Rae

YOU are the Squish! ♥♥ SQUISH - Thanks for being mine and making me a happy, Mike! I can't wait to make all of your sexual fantasies realities. You're in big trouble...

Brandi H.! ♥♥ When do we get to go to the hip, greasy diners and BS about music? Have a wonderful Valentine's! I miss you all! -Steph

Remember Dante's? ♥♥ Cuddlebug, you're the best thing that has ever happened to me - friend, luvvah & sense of reason. I couldn't ask for anyone more perfect. I love you!!

amor en ecuador ♥♥ I have never had e-mail sex, but since I'm so far from home this season of love... You know who you are, my friend, bvoss, and you light up my life!

Peruvian loving... ♥♥ obviously the best kind.Sorry, i'm always tired. Who would have thought cooking class would pay off?You're peruvian loving makes my life.I love you :)

Dollface ♥♥ You're the most beautiful & sexy woman I know. You make me smile when you walk into a room. How about dinner, drinks & who knows on Tuesday? SweetBoy

Carla U R Hot & Sexy ♥♥ Carla you hot sexy blonde, I want to "toy" with you. Be my valentine today and all the tomorrows to cum. Lovingly yours...HUGE ONE.

Odd Eyes In Love ♥♥ K, Thank you for sharing your pillow with me. Thank you for the special treats. Thank you for knowing my wants and needs. All My Love, B.

Heartbeats + 1 ♥♥ To my lovely boys and lovely girl. I heart you so much. You have enriched my life to another level.MEGA HEARTS! NYC here we come. SHABOINGLES...DANG!

Our wedding in Italy ♥♥ I can't wait. Maybe i wont die young then. If you change schools i will miss you.Thanks for all the crazy late night phone calls. :)Have fun in sixth!

Merry Valentines Day ♥♥ I HEART YOU BRANDEA you mean alot to me so we should hang soo you better be happy i wrote this well yeah ima call you monday to hang out n stuff <3

Burkowitz ♥♥ Remember the days when you would scream into my Oly place tearing your clothes off and then throw yourself face down on the bed yelling, FUCK IT HARD!

"Sister Lifters" ♥♥ Hey gurl, you know I only wanna be down with you cause you got somethin' I just got to get with. Also, guard your grill. ,Trent T-daddy

nick ♥♥ .uoy no hsurc a evah llits i !ooooob

you are gone forever ♥♥ I took u for granted. I left town & returned 2 find your doors forever closed. Pepe's on the Ave & Sumo on 3rd. Thnx 4 years of good food. u r missed.


Gregorio, dearest ♥♥ happy valentine's day, penpal. you're my favorite. love, elisa

Ony is hella G ♥♥ the only thing i like more then french pornos, witty banter, knock knock jokes, belugas, drip coffee and Feist is you (and the way u bite). rar

omg wtf bbq love ♥♥ Hunty- Its insane how long weve been together,Insane how are souls fit,yet they do. So I guess all I can say is Oofa Woofa 4 evah and whee 4 life -liz

My Love... Kasey ♥♥ i live for myself but i don't live by myself i want to live with your love a luxury like a soft bubble bath just sink in it and feel it all over me -B

oofa woofa 4evair!!! ♥♥ and wheeeee 4 lyfe!!! retnuH, sevoL

Baby You... ♥♥ Dub, When I tell you "I love you," I want it to mean that you're a part of me & I'm a part of you. I can't wait to kiss and hug you, I love you! C.Lo

To T.O. From B.V. ♥♥ I know you and my Mom have a 6 day plan, but I'm pretty fond of our 7 day plan. Mom's CRAZY about you, and I adore you. Happy Valentine's Day. -BV

Nannypaws is Rad! ♥♥ Nanny, you are the best wife ever! I love you like tacos, only more! Happy Heart Day! Love, Rossipaws

Slugg Love ♥♥ Hope Thailand was a blast! Your beautiful freak.

KYESHA MY TURTLEDOVE ♥♥ I want you to be my woman. I long for you. I yearn for you. When I close my eyes, I see your face. Actually, when I open them, I usually see you also.


killer loves kitten ♥♥ suzye,there is the church and here is the steeple my where cute for to ugly people. love you, JamesRaHam.

President Logan ♥♥ I must be the luckiest girl to have met you on St. Patrick's Day. I will always love you unconditionally. OXOXO Kiwi P.S. I want my iTrip!

Big Potter Don ♥♥ Thanx for letting me wrap my dirtiness all over you - think we fall into the hot tub sometime? or just get nasty with our lustful eyes in the HP?


Kyle Tovar ♥♥ you are still loved by this one you are on my altar

Twilight Exit ♥♥ All your bartenders are gay (especially DAVE!!!), not that there's anything wrong with that. Be my Valentines, please...jerk!

I'll Love U 4ever ♥♥ I always feel safe in your arms. I want to have many more of your babies and I hope they are all like there daddy Love, Heather Bateman

Melissa Kisser ♥♥ I know you hate it when I call you that. Let's try not to get so drunk together. Wasted's the way to go. *wink

dion ♥♥ i do i do i do! march 17 2007

To My Cogsnoggler: ♥♥ You calm me down and freak me out, you see through me even when I'm hiding from you. Love is a string of inconsistencies. I sideways-butt you, too. tg

Daily Lover ♥♥ I love your lipsticked lips I love the peircings in your tits. I love the way we get it on you make me loose my wits. I can't wait to love you 4-ever

*Casino Dave* ♥♥ Thank you for always making me feel beautiful and special. Meet me in Vegas sometime and we'll do things right. I love you. Happy Valentines Day. k.lo

WE'RE MARRIED! ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day, Sweet Wife. Who knew we'd be where we are today? But we are! And that's what counts. Well, and that future stuff, of course...

daviecakes ♥♥ hows about another round of licking slurping and bed warming? susi and jadie will be waiting

Tiny Fang ♥♥ you sing pretty. you've made me talk more than anyone, ever! i've got nothing to hide. let's go see brazil and europe, and japan again. i love you. -t

Brenna, my love! ♥♥ Happy Valentines Day! You "Take My Breath Away" everyday. I love you more than a fat kid loves cake, and thats saying a lot. Love, your little sis

my dear ariel... ♥♥ you are heavens above, glorious glorious. being totally insane with you is the best thing in the world. my love, joshuajames.

To some old muse ♥♥ You taste like sticky marshmellow cherry lollypop. Helplessly enamored with your scent, & smitten by your jagged fingertips. I want to make you mine.

Hey Sweetpea ♥♥ Time to leave work, get ready!

Girls of my Heart ♥♥ Bobbie, Nicole, Sarah, and Lara, thanks for always being the true loves of my heart, happy industrial card selling day.

to my former robot ♥♥ i hope you have a good valentines day! booyo! from your former dinosaur

MENSA DREAM ♥♥ you and me fit perfectly; in truth i love you infinitely -- BETELMIRE

RYAN-TINE ♥♥ when Im lying next to you,I c moon beams burn,I c rainbows turn into are my amazing priatie love booty.get it straight from the horses ass!

Oh you... ♥♥ Dear JenS, Still hate you after all this time. To the max.

EW, My Pirate Queen! ♥♥ This isnt a vtine;) Youll always have a place in my hrt. Ill alwys lv U, tho its a lv ofa best frnd now. Your friend tht'll never leave you. -Yr 1st M

FOUR TIMES = EN DASH ♥♥ I'm more myself again. You're my level sweets. I can't wait to ride bikes real fast again. fourtimes=leek

To Arctic Tundra ♥♥ Dear Arctic Tundra You are one sick, fucked up, twisted bitch. This is just one of the many things that I like about you. Love from Snakeman

DJR #1Pumpkin Muffin ♥♥ U R my 1 and only love. U touch me like nothing & no one else. I love you more than you could ever know. Be mine forever. Love, SMP

You chump! ♥♥ Jesse, I love you. You're wonderful, not to mention my favorite chump, weenie, and sucker. Here's to our 3rd anniversary, and many more. Love, Erica

Poopsie Poopkins! ♥♥ You are my super duper pooper pie! I love our special "naps" on Sundays when the kids are watching a video! Praise the Lord! Love, Fetinkovic

Marnie ♥♥ Dear Marnie you are the love of my life happy valenites day! Chuck

To My Curly Head ♥♥ I love you so much! I can't wait to kiss you under the Eiffel Tower on V-Day! You mean the world to me! Your Kel Bel

I heart 'The Click' ♥♥ I LOVE YOU AND... Jaegged Edge:baking adventures MCGrahammer:agreeance Davey:flotation device talks EyeSac:straighening the JewFro

To my Dearest Peach, ♥♥ The most amazing times in my life coincide with the times I have spent with you. But it is no coincidence. I will love you more than anything always.

JOY from PPWW ♥♥ You are the love of my life. In payment for this amazing privilege, I think you should buy me a frosty pint of PBR at the Twilight. Love, Ang

Mr. Right ♥♥ I love you...I can't quit you...You make me complete. Next year I will "actually" look for you. Stay lost for now. I want to find you. LOVE ODIZUS

SMOKING BILL ♥♥ To the boys who make valentine's day all it's cracked up to be. Oh how I miss thee so. Love ya all from The Moscow Chapter Fan Club Leader!

SNIGGLE SNUGGLE ♥♥ FRIGGLE FRUGGLE I just plain adore you Ryan my pirate-tine. yaargh!

Jordan, oh Jordan. ♥♥ Where do I even begin? I always knew it was meant to. You whispered tenderly in my ear, told me you loved me, and I sharted.

Destry ♥♥ Can you believe we made it this long? Here is to another five difficult ones, hopefully they will get easier. Wendy

Hey, Nice Cupcakes.. ♥♥ You are the sexiest roommate I've ever had...I hope we can go to disneyland soon...I love you

EAU DE CALZONE ♥♥ the wedding, the's been a romance-filled year. i think we are destined for greatness. rock you like a hurricane. love, babus

Oh My Sweet Michaela ♥♥ If only we could unite again in the crashing waves of Pololu. If only the dark, venomous sand could hold us once more. It could be the sweetest sin.

PEANUT & BIGGIE B ♥♥ Seeing U 2 brightens my day. Even when I leave the room and come right back you get just as excited! You know how to make a girl feel wanted! Luv U 2!

OH, KARA! ♥♥ You are the sweetest, most wonderful person in the world. You are fun to be around and I hope that I always can be. Also you are good at sex. Love, C

Sexy lil tattoo doll ♥♥ To my lovely lust puppet that pushed me away but desires me more because of it, ill soon make you my dirty little play thing.

Lunkins ♥♥ I am so thankful for everyday with you. I can't wait until you make me your wife! xoxo Gal

Hey Humpleberry! ♥♥ 1. Sorry about the nickname. B. You have a hotter ass than Carmen. III. You are the best thing that happened to me, so keep happenin'. I heart u.

BABYKINS ♥♥ I am so stoked you moved here to be with me! I love you & Peanut & Big Boi with all my heart! Our family is together at last!!! Happy Valentines Day!

when you hear me pee ♥♥ each morning i think of how adorable you look asleep, how lucky i am to live with you, & how fucking cute our babies will be. i love you. your gaylord

MT5 ♥♥ Baxi and I are so happy to have you in our lives!you stab me in the best way, I love to boss your sweet soft body thanks for being my sweet pie

Daddy DeVille ♥♥ Who Loves you the MOST??? You know it, never forget it. Always. ME

John D, my love ♥♥ Your taking my heart with you. Hurry back so you can grope me in the frozen food aisle and tickle me till I fall out of bed. Your the bestest! <3 Sam

My Banjoplayin Baron ♥♥ DB- Let me tell you what love'l do If you love a boy that dont love you They break yer heart they leave you alone They roam the east so far from home

The one ♥♥ Your the one I think about late at night when my mind goes wild with dirty thought i have always wanted you Deep inside feeling your kisses and lust.c

2 My T-Blacc ♥♥ Daddy~ There's no way we've come this far for nuthin. You have completed my life and I'll never let you go. Never give up baby, our shit'z forever. ME

Time for bubbles? ♥♥ PBear, is it time for a hot tub bubble bath? I'll get three brandy glasses ready. You, me and the dish soap!

My Beloves Ones ♥♥ To my Mom Victor and Vanessa i just wanted to tell you Happy Valentines, and mom thank you for being there and everything will be alright. love carla.

My love, Ms. L-dub ♥♥ You put the the tit in Atitlan, the Semuc in my Champay, the heat in my Coban. You are my adventure. 5 years is but a start, lets do another 50! LoveA

Narnia ♥♥ I love's like a dream world of magic!!!! GERRRRR!!!!! Happy Valentine's Day Hun and I hope there are many more in store...your the best!!!!

cherry loves izzy ♥♥ even after we're old and ugly and nobody else wants us, i'll probably still be hanging around - ya' know, if i don't die first! bge, cherry

Little Criter ♥♥ Ahead: Your smiles, your firm tail in my bed. A welcome to the neighborhood for you and your rambunctious doggies. No more box fort!

Stacy, Kaity, Sarah! ♥♥ Happy V-Day my three fabulous and darling girls! I'm so grateful to have you as gal pals! May Cupid send you some hot tamale romance! Love ya'll, Cat

BUNZ ♥♥ I love you!!! Thank you for taking care of me! I miss you.Please stay with me forever! I know I'm a pain in the butt!I Love you, Precie

Keith I love you! ♥♥ Almondhead - my love to you is as solid as an almond,I am your baby Louie FOREVER!

Pretty Bird ♥♥ Your joy and prosperity are a light to my life and a pride to even know. 1000 crackers to you my dear!

George the Preacher ♥♥ A sermon of cute barking every time I touched your mother could not be ignored. Sex is evil and I have joined a monastery. (scruffs head). —Monk R

To the only Jenn ♥♥ You are my best friend. Lets stay close forever.I love you and I hope your Valentines Day is the best one you've had in a long time.

HONEY !!!!! ♥♥ Honey, I love you very much! I really do appreciate everything you do for us. Nobody could ever take care of us the way you do. I love you...Deb

JD! ♥♥ Yeah, it's for you, not another JD. I love you. Thank you for loving me and being in my life... - E

on2bebestdadeverso ♥♥ as we approach 2 yrs and a new babyboy i am amazed at how far we've come i love the flowers and the nonstop luvin,BEST1NITESTANDEVER. ILUVUMICHAELBYON

Oh, Bobo... ♥♥ Lightly, right below left ear; gently at left corner of lips; sweetly above your nose; biting down where neck meets right shoulder tendon tight...

I <3 Pepe lucho ♥♥ Happy Valentines day! From yours truley cafe special!xoxoxo

15(!) years late ♥♥ M I like you,and your hair smells pretty. Let's go see a movie,and eat at Frisko Freeze.15 years later,we can tell people THAT was our first date. J

Who would've thought ♥♥ another human being would make me so happy? Happy Vday, Zuckerbar, Tiger E--I love you immensely, madly, deeply! XOXOXO

Woman in White ♥♥ You are so stunningly beautiful and sinfully irresistible. You take my breath away. To me, the sun rises and sets with you. I love you :) Irish Sea

smut funk 101 ♥♥ to my homies: i miss you lots, even more than tator tots. ps:u know i be fuckin shit up like a demon here in southkorea <((x_X))> peasencarrots,dan

TO MY MEAT MAN ♥♥ The Dirtiest Begining Leading To The Happiest Everafter. Proud That I'm Lucky Enough To Call You My Love. Happy V-Day If Were Still Together...

letting go ♥♥ harder than i predicted. so many things i wish i could say...lost that privilege, though. here's to giving a fuck. spend yr vd w/someone worth it -csb

lucky lady ♥♥ i nubs so muching. kodp later, bigtime.

NP: I love you ♥♥ Thank you so much for making me smile each and everyday!!

Darlin' Ali ♥♥ Je t'adore, jim

Help. ♥♥ Hurry.

Happy V.D Day Bwanny ♥♥ Hi sweetheart. Happy Valentine's day. Thank you for all the hard work, and the hundreds of hours spent on the special gifts for me. I love you, YOURGUY

You're perfect ♥♥ I just wanna chew your face and scoop+ out your beautiful, beautiful eyes with an ice cream scooper and eat 'em and chew 'em and suck on 'em.

You're my puppy ♥♥ Your face is so beautiful I just wanna smash it, just smash it with a sledgehammer and squeeze it.

Calusy ♥♥ Patricia, Some people are just lucky, I guess... And so was I.

bff ♥♥ nord. I love you soooo much. Being with you is always the best part of my day. You looked gorgeeeouuuus last night! Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo nord

Always Your Button ♥♥ I don't care what's happened, I'll always be your button, hat on or off.

Sam ♥♥ You're the coolest girl in the world and I'm going to all 4 corners just to prove it to you. Distance may separate us, but we'll always be close. Love, John

Arabian Sweetheart ♥♥ Don't you know, how you are loved so.

Jos ♥♥ I am so happy I have found you. I can't wait till we are together. I miss you and love you with all my heart. <3

To JAMA ♥♥ Get better and don't worry your brain. Always, Jediah

IS from WINW ♥♥ NOTAM Been AGL 4several months. My CG shifted. No more HP. PPOS is in a R/C w/ a THDG no TURB ahead. WX 4us VFR 4ever.would luv 2 GA w/ U. U R my FO.

asia, uggs,& 4runner ♥♥ precious..things that remind me of you, trees,rocks,asia,uggs,4runner,LOVE,comfy bed, school,ipod,beach,SEX,life&more.I LOVE you sooo much!happy V day


who's the lil baby? ♥♥ glacier bays,warm sands north by boat,south by van castle keys in the east, & west to the sun, 13 years in a blink we've just begun i love you

Ms Gothic Seattle ♥♥ all my best for a wonderful year. It was nice meeting you at the Alice Cooper show.

Miss Fortune ♥♥ Your smile shines in my heart everyday. Your class and style makes the rest look boring. You are seattle's Best Burlesque Dancer. Please perform soon

to my creampuff ♥♥ I'm so glad the French colonized Vietnam. They gave me such a great lover's name for you. I'm still waiting to see your school girl uniform!

Attention Morbeux ♥♥ Keep your goals in site and keep going! I believe in you! You are a strong and astounding person. Keep going. You are doing great. ::proud:: j

Hey Girlgoth ♥♥ To the best monster maker in town! You are a wonderful person. This lady love you! Lets get together for craftistuff soon, I miss hanging out w/ U

Sadie my Love ♥♥ You make me misty. You know, *whispers* Down there.........Luff, Masie

Bennett ♥♥ You are my home.

The Nylons & You ♥♥ You are amazing. Brilliant. You call me out on my BS. Beautiful. And, never will I forget when you brought the Nylons to work out to. I love you, Chee

I heart Damien ♥♥ BIG TIME! you'll always be my monster truck man. happy valentine's day. lots of love from Andrea.

MY DEEDERS ♥♥ I will always love you and will always be here for you. I love my deeders!! octopus

Utopious ♥♥ "I miss my special friend," says Utopious, "sorry man, there's nothing I can do about it dude," I tell him. Sorry Utopious, no love for you this Vday.

Love Like Fireworks ♥♥ Leana, you are my sunshine in Seattle, my thunderstorm in the Midwest and my sunset in Ecuador. We've been through it all, now let's do it all again.

My Sexy Babe ♥♥ I am so happy to have a boyfriend with such a sexy ass!!! I love grabbing at it! Happy Valentine's Day B.A.M. Love Corissa :)

My USUAL SUSPECTS!!! ♥♥ Mama loves you a lot. You fill my life with love and happiness and laughter. Happy Valenite's Day. Now get your love on. DBas

Welcome Home Micah ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day. Glad your home. Love you. Mayor Nickels

I imaginarily LOVE U ♥♥ Happy Vday to Three Imaginary Girls. You are the best!

My Dearest SWEETS! ♥♥ You give the best bloody lip ever! love, sweets

Ms. KT Danger! ♥♥ Mmhh! Oh my god, you give me panty puddles! I need to dry my seat after looking at you. I would eat your cum on the dime and that ain't no lie!

Zack R ♥♥ I love you! This would be our first valentines together if I didn't fuck things up so much. Why did I survive my moms abortion? Till death do we party

Thuy ♥♥ Anh se yeu em ... Mai mai! Art

To My WFB Husband ♥♥ Thank you for ten years of domestic beardom, now legal in British Columbia. If I must grow older, I want it to be with you. Not sure about the cats.

Hoppin for TARSIUS ♥♥ Ciao agnello-cake. Dove va questa strada? Quanto costera? Quanto tempo ci vorra? Faccia attenzione con questo. Mi aspetti. Torno subito. SF-Coniglio

Dirty Rhyme 4 Mantha ♥♥ There once was a girl from WI,Whose mustache was equal to Bronson,But T didn't care,he liked her lip hair, And he loved when it tickled his Johnson!

5 years Suzanne! ♥♥ Suzanne, we've been together now for 5 years of many good times and I hope we have have another 5 and then 5 more and more good times! Love, Tom

TO ME FROM ME ♥♥ this is a valentine to me cus I rock that much

For My Lobster ♥♥ 5 years later and my heart still skips a beat when I kiss your sweet lips. You are my true love. This is forever. I love you Catherine! Love, Amy

DJS, Prim & Proper: ♥♥ (tiptop said he don't stop said she oh no said he) go slow said she (come? said he ummm said she) you're divine-!said he (you are mine said she)

SNUGGLE PUSSY ♥♥ Kiss' Sweet As Honey Wine Hunkered Down In A 69 Even Through My Balls Of Blue To You My Valentine I'll Always Be True

ATTN MetaBrains: ♥♥ While you and i have lips and voices which are for kissing and to sing with who cares if some oneyed sob invents an instrument to measure Spring with?

The Administrator ♥♥ Yeah you know who you are. Happy Valentine's Day from your fellow 24 lover in PVD...

the dewolfe posse ♥♥ i love you all, couldnt do it without you guys, you will all have a special place in my heart always...xokelly

I love you, yo! ♥♥ Happy Valentines day my sweeeet little sugar-sweet-azz. I love you! wit' love, Travy-T!

I <3 you, Babycakes! ♥♥ I- You're the best and I'm lucky to have you. Here's to our continued awesomeness together! I love you a ton! -C

2/14/1983 ♥♥ Te amo mucho mi chica bonita, y Feliz cumpliaños! You are the best thing that ever happened to me! Lova you me

Still hiding out? ♥♥ Jes, Jerry Beauregard Dickens Elvira and Carl miss you. We would really like to talk things through so we can forgive, forget and start over.

Sweet Rossi!!! ♥♥ my love-my baby's daddy-je t'adore moppity moppity moose I will always love your #1 bottom kisses Nanny

No place like home ♥♥ Being as this is our first valentines day as a married couple. I Reckon you'll find this appropriately romantic. I love you.

one & only wish ♥♥ with every star i see and every candle i blow out i have wished for us 2B together again. TTH i love you with all of my being RND


I LUV KRISTINE ♥♥ to my precious pretty pretty, oh how i love thee. want to touch/rub you so bad, the hottest of sex is what we've had. kisses to you today, happy v-day

my baby's daddy ♥♥ Jesse - I love you and I can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together. You are my most favorite thing on the planet! Luv Carmen and Peppermint!

Kurt ♥♥ Meet me for a nooner with scrumptious cream on hot-cross buns! <3U M

na du, sven ♥♥ ich freue mich, dass ich dich kennengelernt habe. ich hab dich so lieb. dein, max.

I Love You Joey B ♥♥ Dear Joey, Forget about dumb bitches on V-day and just think about the fact that you lost your virginity to a really cool girl who still loves you.

mathew ♥♥ i would love you forever if you could just let me. too bad you'll never know. - bortasha.

sara without an H ♥♥ if we didn't already live in our own little world, i'd kill everyone else so that we could. i love you! j-joe

Let's Do This! ♥♥ Hall 'n' OHHHTS!

SPENCER ♥♥ I've loved you for years. When we're at the bar, I pretend I didn't notice that you saw me. We'll never be happy without each other. Tot ziens liefde.

The <3 of My Problem ♥♥ Since we met, I've had trouble choosing just one best day in my life. Thank you for giving me that problem. Happy Valentines Day Jamie, I adore you

a spitkitten-ku ♥♥ vixen of pen and clay; smartassery cooking behind milhouse brows. like, happy v-day and stuff! jamie

Andrew ♥♥ L'amour, la photographie, le sexe, le voyage, le rire, la musique, le câlin, plumsauce, le soutien, l'avenir = la vie. Je vous adore.-votre petit chou

Pepe is my Hero! ♥♥ From 4th grade I've loved every moment with you. You are my best friend and make a damn fine Peanut. Good thing you've got lots 'cause I want more!

My Valentine Rodolfo ♥♥ Rodolfo I wish you the best this Valentine's day. I love you and I hope we can be together for years to come.

Ethan the Puzzler ♥♥ U confound me! Comprised of many qualities I desire, u charm me as u charm everyone else. If only I were able to be closer 2 u! Maybe next existence!

lovely stares ♥♥ We cross paths ever so often on our school campus. You fascinate me, but I'm simply way too shy to do anything as I hide behind my glasses. Coffee?

dear poon platoon ♥♥ on this holiday of lust i want to tell you ladies what a joy it has been to live with y'all! i look forward to our many adventures to come! -sanchez

LEIF you got VD ♥♥ Because every day is valentines day!You rock! In every way! From your O so cool OLD punk dude style to you smoking hot gun! So dont say no to VD today

Barbie Loves Sasha! ♥♥ I love you baby!!! You make me hot! I'm your dirty little dolly always and forever. XOXOXO, Barbie Doll

to snacky with luv ♥♥ To the girl with the finest rack in all of the Storm country..You enchant me with you super fly ways, you'll always be my number one slut! xo noodle

Jill Marie ♥♥ To the most beautiful woman I will ever know I grow to appreciate you more each day. Thank you for sharing yourself with me. Unconditionally, I love u

1st floor Danny! ♥♥ Did you know I have a crush on you? Maybe sometime you'll stay for a visit after tea? Happy ignoring-Valentine's day! ~4th floor tea party hostess

TO MY BOO-HOO BARBIE ♥♥ You made my life more than I imagined it could ever be. Because of you I know what love is. No more tears. This year will you be valentine for good?

Best Housemates Ever ♥♥ Jess and Sharon, Thanks for putting up with all of my insanity and quirkiness. Living with you is awesome. Love, Andy

STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVE ♥♥ Hey kittenpants, I love you.

Hey Scott aka "Chuy" ♥♥ I want you to know that I love you as a person, even though you hurt me. Everything we had together though makes me believe you are magic. Love, W

Dear AWK ♥♥ Dear Andrew W. K., Please continue to rock heavy. My heart is with you always. Love, Garth

Will : you & me ♥♥ Brussels, March 7. It's a date. I'm going to make this happen, I have a dream.

Breanne ♥♥ I can't promise you a better life, but you'll never suffer alone.

Ms. Babe E. Doll ♥♥ We may be low on Vitamin D, but at least we've got each other! You are the sexiest, funniest, and most intelligent woman I've ever met! I love you!

ernest! ♥♥ working on forever one fascinating, lovely day at a time. i like it. happy vd, lucky. m

thomas field ♥♥ happy v-day! love jamie and sammi

Oh Schnuffelupagus! ♥♥ I love, love, love you! Please be mine this Valentine's Day and I will surely be your Cat-Blanket. You make my heart flutter, my sweet Kazoo of LOVE!

Puke on your tits ♥♥ You moron! It's a sensible breakfast.

papa sethie ♥♥ I love to eat your training bits and snuggle you all night. you were worth waiting for. be mine forever. love tite-ass

FABIOLA "FABS" ♥♥ I wanna roll you up like a Taco and eat you!!! WHAT!!! OK!!! YEAH!!

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