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Cannabis Calendar

The Stranger's Green Business Guide

You hold in your hands the worst possible material for rolling joints. We know because we once tried smoking joints rolled from this newspaper and coughed like motherfuckers—and it didn't even get us high. So don't smoke this guide. On page 17, we suggest a more ubiquitous book with superior, gossamer-thin pages for rolling papers (hint: Some of the quotes are in red letters).

In more serious, political matters, Washington State voters legalized pot last fall—which means that we on the staff of The Stranger could finally smoke pot for the first time. Man, that shit is strong. Strong enough to make us enjoy a full episode of Two and a Half Men. Strong enough to make Phil Collins sound good. Strong enough to try rolling a joint out of a newspaper.

Anyway, this is our fifth Northwest Marijuana Guide. Please don't smoke it.


The Pot-Smoking Hippies at The Stranger

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