· The Gregorian calendar was originally developed by someone named Greg.

· Vidal Sassoon collects shih-tzus and is straight.

· Pedestrians always have the right of way.

· You neither starve a cold, nor feed a fever.

· Convertible cars are more dangerous than motorcycles.

· The same fungus used in making cheese is found in athlete's foot.

· Film star Patrick Swayze is Congressman Henry Hyde's nephew.

· Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Space Needle.

· The kids in The Blair Witch Project are really dead, and have been replaced by look-alikes.

· Swimming while eating will enhance your performance.

· Jean-Claude Van Damme is not really Austrian.

· Some cricket matches take as long as three days to play.

· Lesbians can smell better.

· The pads on dogs' feet continue to grow after they die.

· Actress Mira Sorvino won an Oscar.

· Wearing thong underwear causes anal fissures.

· Gulden's Mustard is nature's own Rohypnol.

· TV's Frasier is a practicing Scientologist.

· Reese's Pieces were originally conceived by Steven Spielberg.

· Lifting weights causes male pattern baldness.