Based on the controversial German novel of the same name, Wetlands opens with a (supposedly real) letter to the editor stating that the novel shouldn't be "read or adapted to film" because of the source text's "disgusting perversity." "We need God," the letter concludes, and then the film begins to immediately demonstrate what got the letter-writer all hot and bothered: A skateboarding teenager named Helen (Carla Juri) complains in excruciating detail about her hemorrhoids as Peaches' "You Love It" screams in the background. Helen's obsession remains at crotch-level for the whole film. She brags about her "healthy pussy flora" as she rubs her vulva all over a filthy toilet seat; she sniffs, plays with, and eats any number of bodily excretions; she grinds against anything that moves when she gets horny; and she winds up in the hospital after an anus-shaving accident. Those without a high tolerance for anal fissures might want to damn Wetlands as a symbol of a narcissistic generation with a head plugged up its own ass. Like its source material, Wetlands is a bratty rant that's not for the weak of stomach. Also like its source material, it's a well-crafted—even, under the right light, empowering—work of art. recommended

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