Frat row is cursed.

The length of 17th Avenue NE that begins at NE 45th Street and ends at NE 47th is cursed--ruled by the worst vices known to man in general and UW students in particular. Though green with big trees and thick shrubs, each home on this street, which is known as "frat row," is on the verge of collapse, ready to come crashing down under the weight of weekend parties that begin at dusk and inevitably end with some sexual assault (unwanted advances, digital rape, indecent exposure), hospitalization (alcohol poisoning, accidental stabbing, beer brawls), or even death (last year a student fell from a second-story balcony into an alley off 17th Ave. and died of fatal head injuries). Cheap beer is more available than water on this street that's haunted by all manner of perverts who spend every possible minute attempting to enter, undetected, a sorority house and commit, while in the heart of a pajama paradise, crimes whose intensity could only be reflected by the fire mirrors that adorn the halls of hell. Charles Mudede