The administration seems to be ignoring something crucial.
The most important thing you need to know about SPU, which is not mentioned in the brochure, is that God does not exist. This fact is known by practically every member of the scientific and philosophical community--in short, the producers of the very knowledge that you are going to college to learn. Over a century ago, these fine men and women determined that God is entirely a human invention--instead of the other way around. However, the administration at SPU has decided to ignore this proof and proceed as if God exists, and even runs and dictates policy at the university. The Bible, like all texts that support belief in some supernatural/supreme being, is just an anthology of fascinating stories that should be read for pleasure (the talking donkey--"Why are you hitting me?" it says to its cruel owner--in the early parts of the Old Testament is hilarious) and not for instructions for how to spend the only life you will ever have. Charles Mudede