emily nokes

Can you believe that Mudhoney have been spewing sweat, spit, and guitar riffs for 25 fucking years? It's true! They're celebrating the occasion with a new album, Vanishing Point, and a record-release show with Unnatural Helpers and Universe People—obviously, it's going to rule.


But the music industry is a ruthless land, and you don't last a quarter of a century without witnessing a lot of ugliness along the way. Bands come and go, sometimes for the better, oftentimes for the worse, and Mudhoney have seen it all.

If the world were fair, all the great bands would manage to survive as long as Mudhoney have, but alas, sometimes the good die young. I asked the boys to tell me about a few bands they wish would have been able to stay the course into their 25th year—they responded with six forgotten Northwest greats that flew under the radar, never achieving the fame they probably deserved. Here's what they said:

Zoot Pickle and the Grudge (1988—1991): The nonstop, gender-bending, funk-fun blast from Renton. Crazy costumes, strange stage secretions? Sunk by the weight of costly operations and artistic differences.

Neanderfuck (1992—1998): The most primitive garage-punk thug band from the Northwest. They made RPA and Extreme Hate look like doily-knitting dilettantes.

Wimbly Wambly & the Eggamuffinz (2001—2004): Rise and shine to Burien's hottest breakfast-themed party band. Bloody Marys, mimosas, and meth; these guys (and one gal) really knew how to kick-start the day.

Jane Antlerdance (1997—2005): This country-folk legend was born and bred on First Hill. In an effort to get authentically country, she moved to northern Idaho, eventually falling into the Aryan Nation's orbit. Her nonracist debut record, however, is as essential as the first Screwdriver album.

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Pub Nosh (1989—1989): Seattle's only Oi! band of note. Formed for fun, ended in tragedy—lead singer and pogo master Smelly Fred was killed in a head-butting incident involving a police horse!

Czech Pleez! (2004—2010): Heavy-metal string quartet, used themes by legendary Czech composer Cyril Suk. Well-known members of the local swinger scene, we can all see how this ended... badly. recommended