Derek Erdman

• Out in the magical woods of Happy Valley, Oregon, we went to Pickathon last weekend and saw incredible things, like Shabazz Palaces playing an intimate set in a barn, Ty Segall's semi-acoustic set on a fairy-like stage woven out of branches, and King Tuff playing a sunny set underneath a diamond-shaped fabric ceiling. The festival is highly sustainable and so gorgeous, you might cry. Speaking of crying, the only drawbacks were the "sanctioned jam areas" within the packed campsites... we firmly believe that 3 a.m. is never a good banjo time.

• At last week's Masked Intruder show at El Corazón, the band's "court-appointed police chaperone" broke protocol and crowd-surfed, stage-dived, handcuffed himself to people in the crowd, and ripped off his uniform while wildly dancing around as the band played just about every song off their self-titled full-length. It was so much fun! Every band should tour with a cop chaperone.

• The great used-vinyl/vintage-clothes shop Beats & Bohos is moving from its Ballard location on 15th Avenue Northwest to 72nd Street and Greenwood Avenue in beautiful Phinney Ridge. It should be up and running in the new spot by the time you read this.

• Buzzfeed has declared the righteous Chastity Belt promo photo—the one with the fabric "steak" chastity belt covering singer Julia Shapiro's crotch—to be one of "21 Painfully Awkward Band Photos." In other news, Buzzfeed continues to be a fucking ridiculous click-bait trap that eliminates all context from the world and shoves everything into arbitrarily numbered lists in exchange for Facebook likes.

• Do you like experiencing great music that is also free and all ages? Would you like to experience this music outside, on a lawn, during Seattle's "Oh, right, this is why we live here" warm times? Assuming you said YES (because you're not a monster), you must get over to KEXP and Seattle Center's Concerts at the Mural series, running through the end of August! This Friday, August 9, see Cloud Cult with Deep Sea Diver and Chastity Belt. The following Friday will feature Mudhoney, and the Friday after that will host Vox Mod.

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• At Saturday night's Cock & Bull dance night at Re-bar, Madonna's "Burning Up" packed the dance floor with people unironically losing their poop.

• At the White Fence show at Neumos on Sunday, a lone guy crowd-surfed. That is something rarely done to an arty garage-psych band. So, uh, kudos to the brave crowd-surfer. By the way, White Fence were brilliant; too bad the draw was so paltry that Neumos had to drop the red curtain of sadness. recommended