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Ben Weasel, of "punching female audience members at his shows" fame (google it), is raging mad because attention was called to old Screeching Weasel lyrics in last week's awesome Stranger piece "Pop Punk Puberty" by Megan Seling (that's right, self-referential winning). The lyrics were "As long as you don't have lots of zits or small tits..." and are stupid for obvious reasons, though Ben claims they were "misinterpreted" and then said a bunch of really mean and whiny stuff. The Stranger's official stance on the matter is: Tell it to your LiveJournal, ding dong.

DJ David James—of DUG and Chicken & Waffles fame—was supposed to spin at Ballard club BalMar on Saturday night, but the doorman would not let him enter the venue, nor would he explain why. Texts to host DJ Supreme proved fruitless; the club was packed, making it impossible for Supreme to get to the obstinate doorman to explain the situation. So James drowned his sorrows at nearby bar Hazlewood, where his anecdote garnered him free drinks all night.

Club Q, a new dance club/nightclub/ultra lounge (no one knows what that means) located on the corner of Broadway and Pike on Capitol Hill, let a few folks in for a sneak preview of the digs before its official opening, scheduled for September 8. Club Q promises bathrooms designated for drag queens and a haze machine rather than a smoke machine (no one knows what that means, either, but it sounds sexy). Oh! And the best part is, the club is named after Star Trek: The Next Generation's Q Continuum!

Neil Armstrong passed away on August 25 at the age of 82. NBC was the first to "report" his death, by way of this embarrassing headline: "Astronaut Neil Young, first man to walk on moon, dies at age 82." Oops. The headline lived online for about 10 minutes before being corrected, but of course the screenshots seen round the world will remain on internet display forever. RIP, Neil Armstrong!

• Straight-edge king Ian MacKaye (of Minor Threat, Fugazi, and Dischord Records) is coming to the Vera Project on September 7 for a Q&A. MacKaye and his projects directly influenced generations of hardcore music and also taught kids that drinking Coca-Cola can actually be way more badass than drinking booze. The last three times anyone has seen MacKaye out and about, he was reportedly holding a baby and wearing a denim bucket hat.

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Spencer Moody, local musician, artist, and best old-timey-facial-hair-haver has, along with his family, relocated to Los Angeles—the land of sunshine, the color taupe, and In-N-Out Burgers. Good luck, Spencer! Stay pale!

• The best dogs ever were in attendance at the Vibrations Festival as well as the Melrose Market Street Festival over the weekend. At one point during the MMSF, there were three tiny dogs in varying shades of orange and brown relaxing in a circle, casually causing festival attendees' hearts to explode with joy. recommended