This Crappening will go ahead and cover things that Crappened since the last column, which didn't run last week because everything was scrambled by Labor Day (whatever that is).


Bumbershoot was just delightful! Except for the teen lemming tidal wave at the M83 show, where KeyArena's Footloose security attempted (but mostly failed) to stamp out all the dancing. Kids leaped from the stadium seating onto the dance floor area that was only partially full, but blocked off (the fire marshal's capacity rules made it seem sparse in the coveted groove zone). Oh, and I guess Jane's "hobo growl" Addiction was also less than delightful. But sunshine, Shishkaberries, and the Vaselines (joined by surprise guest Krist Novoselic!) more than made up for the existence of Dave Navarro.

Chicken & Waffles—the weekly Tuesday DJ night devoted strictly to 7-inch singles—is moving from its original location of Captain Blacks to 95 Slide beginning October 9. Sporty!

• Odd couple Shabazz Palaces and My Morning Jacket played Marymoor Park in Redmond to the surprise and delight of their fans. Ish of Shabazz says that MMJ "big bro'd" them and took them under their wing, and that both groups are just really into each other's music. Aw!

• Speaking of bros (the good, genetic kind) Redd Kross played a ripping set to a giddy Chop Suey audience. The show was free (thanks to everyone's favorite drunken uncle, Sailor Jerry), and the McDonald brothers, who have been playing music together since they were 13 years old, totally still got it!

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Ira Glass and our own Dan Savage DJ-battled into the night at a party (in the USA) following their appearance at Benaroya Hall. A line around the block, Ira's animated dancing to Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend," crowd-surfing by both Dan and Ira, people jumping on the stage to shake it—all on top of crowd-pleasing songs from Miley Cyrus and Beyoncé to T. Rex and They Might Be Giants—made this event the greatest sexy nerdfest so far this year.

• Oh all right, we'll mention one more impeccable music pairing! Jay-Z's Made in America Festival (he has his own festival, you guys) in Philadelphia featured a two-hour Pearl Jam set that ended in Jay-Z strutting out and joining them for his best song ever: "99 Problems" (apparently Ticketmaster is one). Hit me. recommended