• The artist who is Prince and also a symbol and also the color purple has an Afro now. It could be bigger, but so far it's looking pretty good.

The Prom, playing May 31st-June 19th at The 5th Avenue Theatre
The Prom is a musical comedy about big Broadway stars on a mission to change the world.

The Evaporators played a most excellent show at the Funhouse over the weekend. Nardwuar totally still has it! Patrons of the Lower Queen Anne establishment were dismayed, though, by the darkened back porch area where showgoers usually gather to smoke, play basketball, and flash one another. Apparently, the fire department told the Funhouse to remove the extension cords that powered the back porch tent lights because they were deemed too dangerous. But a completely pitch-dark porch area where a bunch of tipsy Friday nighters are reveling is as safe as can be?

• The 2012 Genius Awards party was a smashing success! Big congratulations to Lori Goldston, this year's music Genius! And to all the Geniuses and fine (like, fiiiine) folks who participated in the joy. "Everyone looked better than normal this year," observed an anonymous Stranger staff member. The Seattle Rock Orchestra concluded the ceremony with Michael Jackson hits, causing spontaneous stage dancing to occur. A single surprised security guard attempted to keep the stage-hopping at bay, but you simply aren't allowed to tackle someone if they are wearing sequins and/or a bow tie.

• Master Musicians of Bukkake keyboardist Randall Dunn had a somewhat valid excuse for being absent from the Genius Awards party: He was in a Texas studio recording the next album for avant-folk-rock group Akron/Family. We'll forgive him—this time.

Bob "passionate about pro-wrestling" Mould played the Showbox at the Market last week, and apparently it ruled. A source from the scene said Mr. Mould played classic Sugar hits from Copper Blue, a bunch of killer tunes from his new solo album, Silver Age, and a handful of old Hüsker Dü favorites. There were many an excited bear and old-time Hüsker düdes (sorry, had to) in attendance.

• Some heads in Seattle's electronic music scene have been grumbling that Q nightclub's vaunted Funktion One sound system has not been living up to the hype. The low end at Q especially seems to be deficient, and when you've lost your low end, you've lost much of your ass-shaking capabilities.

Animal Collective and Micachu & the Shapes at the Paramount on the 18th was a wild ride of colorful people, colorful music, and OH MAN HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THE PARAMOUNT? It's so... GOLDEN. Animal Collective's stage set was a big mouth full of light-up teeth that looked like backpacks or pillows or Easter-hued tombstones, depending on how high you were. Speaking of high, an audience member was rolling on something that caused him to erratically clap along to the music. (Know this: There are no parts you can or should clap along to in any Animal Collective song. That's just a fact.)

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