• Despite playing a venue without a bar—practically sacrilege for this band—Truckasauras put on one of their best shows ever at Fred Wildlife Refuge during City Arts Fest on Friday. The local analog-synth-fueled techno unit's outrageously powerful tracks matched the outlandish B-movie machismoronic action coming from member Dan Borden's VHS collection. When Tyler Swan set up his drum kit in the middle of the floor, the night's excitement index skyrocketed even higher. Cop Truck's brand-new instant classic album, 2012.

• The Pleasureboaters reunited and played their first show in four years over the weekend at the Funhouse, and it was like a magical time-machine trip back to 2008. OMG, speaking of time machine, have you seen Looper? Without giving anything away: Bruce Willis's smirk is still alive and well (phew), and baby actors are still creepy. ANYWAY, the Pleasureboaters played a ripping set, the crowd went nuts, and Wimps drew penises on the posters backstage (Sharpie penises = the official barometer of fun).

• In other Funhouse reuniting-of-a-band-we-once-loved-but-thought-they-were-dunzo (ew, sorry for using that word, it couldn't be helped) news, the Trashies came a-trashing last Tuesday and left the place looking like a murder scene with blood, sweat, and hair covering the ground. We would be worried if this were not the case.

• The Crocodile hosted Jeff the Brotherhood and Diarrhea Planet last week. For the record, we at Crappening Inc. do not like the latter band's band name, BUT their show was so great, we are willing to refer to them as "DP" and move right along. Longhaired and shirtless, the Southern gentlemen of DP charmed the crowd by running amok through the Croc (through the crowd, through the bar, up to the mezzanine, hopping on each other's shoulders) with their catchy riffs and harmonies. "Shred till you're dead... or go to hell."

• During the encore for Bitch Magnet's under-attended reunion show at Neumos Sunday night, a special guest joined them: Mudhoney icon Mark Arm. The East Coast grunge stalwarts' nuanced, scathing set was climaxed by Arm's cameo vocal on a cover of Minor Threat's "Filler." Also worth noting: When a group called Bitch Magnet draws an 85-percent male crowd, that's false advertising—or an advanced sense of self-deprecating sarcasm.

• Halloween night will be a sad one and the last one for the Funhouse in its current Lower Queen Anne location. After NINE years of being one of the best venues in the city, it will be closing down to make room for more crappy McCondos. The Funhouse plans to reopen at a new location but has yet to find the glass slipper of scary clown heads. If you know of such a glass slipper building (or a castle made of solid gold, which is what owner Brian Foss deserves), send tips to music@thestranger.com. recommended

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