Dan Deacon played at the Neptune last Saturday. His interactive brand of "Let's make a human tunnel!" and "Now we're running around the block!" show bordered on almost 100 percent audience participation, which is unheard of in this town! Deacon and the gang also have a new app that makes it possible to sync up all the KoolPhones (SmartPhones, FancyFones, iPodPhones, etc.) in the room, making a unified light source that changes screen colors according to sounds—at one point, the screens went dark and everyone's flash went off, DIY-strobe style. Deacon, in KISS makeup, said, "We were trying to look like KISS, but now we just look like juggalos."

• Former Seattle-based author/musician Pat Thomas recently received an enthusiastic thumbs-up for his book Listen, Whitey! The Sights and Sounds of Black Power 1965–1975 from ex–Sex Pistol/current Public Image Ltd. frontgeezer John Lydon. Thomas is now living in Los Angeles, where he's working on a book about Yippie activist Jerry Rubin. Lydon now does television adverts for Country Life butter.

• In case you're not up on your Lil Wayne news (for SHAME), last Thursday Weezy's private jet made an emergency landing in Texas and he was rushed to a local hospital. His management subsequently released a statement claiming that the rapper had suffered from "a severe migraine and dehydration." Cough syrup ≠ water, Wayne.

• Local bands covered songs from the '60s through the '00s at the Black Lodge Decades Halloween party over the weekend—'90s and '00s songs seemed to be the most popular (Weezer, Bikini Kill, Dinosaur Jr.), and TWO Billy Corgans were spotted: one with hair, one without. Oh! And if you want to look hot on Halloween, let it be known that sugar-skull makeup is the new "sexy gal" getup.

• We know it's over... Morrissey has "postponed" the remaining portion of his US tour, including the Seattle date at the Moore next week, due to his mother being sick and ill back in England. Get well soon, Mama Mozzer!

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• Seattle music-scene mainstay Conor Kiley (of Holy Ghost Revival and Broken Nobles fame and brother of Stranger staffer Brendan, it turns out) has a new band called Nite Nurse, featuring Willie Nilz, Shakey Jakes, and Herb (some of those may be pseudonyms). They're influenced by Funkadelic, Aerosmith, Tit Pig, Faster Pussycat, and other sonic raunchmeisters and exist to "facilitate tha shakin' of the money maker" [sic].

• This has certainly been a rough week for Nirvana fans. Just a few days after CBS announced that a sitcom called Smells Like Teen Spirit is in the works, Courtney Love's manager (can you IMAGINE that job?), Sam Lufti, stated (in court, natch) that they are "currently working on a possible motion picture or Broadway musical based on the Nirvana catalogue." SAD. FACE. recommended