• One of our favorite local producers, OC Notes, will be opening for Seattle hiphop royalty Shabazz Palaces in Switzerland and Germany November 10–13. Major!

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No Doubt have apologized for their newest music video for "Looking Hot," a song that is about... LOOKING HOT. I urge you to look up the lyrics to this masterpiece. Be outraged by how bad the song is, then be triple, quadruple outraged by the VIDEO, which shows the band members dressed as cowboys and Native Americans, complete with tepees, kidnapping, feathers, headdresses, and wolf-hugging. The band later apologized and stressed that they themselves had "Native American friends."

• Despite whispers that Chan Marshall might not be well enough to continue her Cat Power tour (whispers, as in, her batshit Instagram babbles about being bankrupt, not being able to afford ideal light displays, and having angioedema), Marshall played the Showbox Sodo on Saturday and didn't have a meltdown! Though the band sound-checked without her, and she arrived late wearing a surgical mask, the show proceeded more or less as planned. Though she did look flustered during the performance—at one point abandoning the real lyrics to instead sing, "Is the reeeeverrrb even on?"—her voice remained as steady and captivating as ever.

• An audio engineer friend informs us that there exists in Seattle a Björk cover band called Björk Ode. They played November 3 at the White Rabbit club, and according to our source, the group—Lorrie Ruiz, Joe Doria, Kent Halvorsen, Shane Peck, Janet Utterback-Peck, and Alina To—did the Icelandic icon justice. We're violently happy at the thought of this unusual human behavior.

Daylight saving time remains the worst antiquated nonsense ritual this side of the Electoral College. We "fell back" Saturday night/Sunday morning or whenever and "gained an hour," which was ALREADY OURS TO BEGIN WITH! Stop stealing our time and then giving it back! Farmers don't even care anymore, and the last thing Seattle needs is total darkness at 3 p.m.!

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The Funhouse, as we know it, is no more. Halloween night marked the last, best, punkest punk venue's final night of debauchery. Since then, the clown head and sign have come down, leaving the building stripped—save for one giant sign in the window that reads "FUCK YOU" written in a font made out of stick people. We'll miss the location dearly and can't wait for a reopen.

• PHEW. Courtney "Debacle" Love has put an end to rumors of a Nirvana/Kurt Cobain Broadway musical, telling the Observer, "There will be no musical." The rumors were started by Love's manager and Hollywood's favorite train wreck hanger-on, Sam Lufti, who just lost his court case against ex-client Britney Spears. He had attempted to sue her for defamation of character (apparently it's hard to prove that reptile-human slime hybrids have character enough to defame). recommended

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