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• Marriage! MARRIAGE for ALL! FINALLY! Wonderful, beautiful, very great same-sex couples of all ages made history by legally tying the knot over the weekend in Washington State. It's about GD time. Congratulations, everyone!

Pacific Northwest Ballet’s The Nutcracker is Back Onstage at McCaw Hall! Tickets start at $27.
Join PNB for a timeless tale of holiday adventure performed by PNB’s amazing dancers and orchestra.

• Also making its legal debut this weekend, let's hear it for WEED! Now if only the SPD could somehow reimburse us for the time we've wasted hiding bongs, lying to our parents, throwing pot out the window, and "hanging out" with annoying Marley enthusiasts just to buy nickel bags full of stems and seeds.

• Psssst! Sarah Moody of Hardly Art Records has launched her own minilabel on the side called End of Time. The inaugural release will be none other than the debut LP from Seattle's own Wimps! Wimps' Repeat will be a limited vinyl pressing, officially out in January of 2013—preorder it while you can at

• The LAPD personally apologized to hiphop artist the Notorious B.I.G.'s family for the recently leaked (and pretty gnarly) autopsy report concerning his untimely death during a drive-by shooting in 1997. This "leak" seems like yet another Illuminati conspiracy to keep the world talking about Biggie's and 2Pac's deaths until the end of time, distracting us from the TRUTH.

• A weekend trip to Portland reaffirmed our belief that Exiled Records is, measured by exceptional goods per square foot, the best record store in the Northwest for non-mainstream music—even better than beloved Seattle establishments Wall of Sound and Jive Time. Our poor skinny wallet.

Sufjan Stevens's Surfjohn Stevens Christmas Sing-A-Long: Seasonal Affective Disorder Yuletide Disaster Pageant on Ice at the Neptune Theater on Saturday featured confetti cannons, skeleton Santas, a giant Christmas wheel, and Sufjan himself transformed into a magical Christmas unicorn made of Mylar and balloons. The night was filled with such joy and such off-pitch audience singing, we at Crappening lifted our strict soul-patch ban for the occasion.

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• An onstage proposal took place during the song "Lovin' You Baby" at the Charles "Screaming Eagle of Soul" Bradley show on Friday at Neumos. It was a straight couple, so we're not nearly as interested or excited for them, since straight marriage is so 2011. And 2010, 2009, etc. JUST KIDDING! Love is groovy, congrats to the happy couple.

Weed is now legal! Wait, did we already tell you that? recommended