• The first public info regarding Sub Pop's upcoming Silver Jubilee (the celebration for their 25th anniversary, slated for July 13) is: TAD will be reuniting! Kind of! The band posted on their Facebook: "To clarify; Tad Doyle and Gary Thorstensen (two original members of TAD) will be joining Brothers of the Sonic Cloth to play a set of songs from the band TAD's God's Balls, Salt Lick, and 8-Way Santa records. Details to follow."

Ride the scenic gondola and meet Mt. Rainier face to face this summer at Crystal Mountain.
The summit is home to Washington State’s highest elevation restaurant, with elevated food and views.

• The Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds show at the Paramount on Sunday was reported to be bizarre and amazing. A source live-texted their reaction: "Nick Cave is a crazy beast. The Bad Seeds are goaty old guys who can totally bring it... These goats are the sexiest dancers I've seen with these two eyes. One of them looks like a skinny Einstein." Another source, by way of Facebook (Crappening is so happening), said, "Is Nick Cave the only guy in the world who can pull off a flamboyant gay sexy skeleton dance and still be macho?"

• Somewhere, somehow, a group of famous-people-handlers told Brad Paisley and LL Cool J that it was a good idea to release a song called "Accidental Racist," wherein Paisley attempts to solve racism after an awkward Starbucks encounter, singing, "I'm just a white man, coming to you from the southland... I'm proud of where I'm from, but not everything we've done/And it ain't like you and me can rewrite history." LL raps, mind-bogglingly, "If you don't judge my gold chains, I'll forget about the iron chains." There are no words... except for maybe three. WHAT THE FUCK?

• Sexy robot Rihanna played KeyArena last Wednesday, where she sang all her sexy songs while executing sexy dance moves, backed by dancers made completely out of sex. Audience reactions ranged from sleeping to sobbing to heavy, heavy petting, with a very special impromptu security-guard dance routine during intermission.

• Detroit rock band Protomartyr played the Rendezvous on Saturday and thrilled the pants off even the dudeliest dudes, in a set that reportedly sounded like the Strokes meets Hüsker Dü and "was fucking awesome!"

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• Sunday evening, a well-coiffed, tuxedo-wearing young man was seen trudging east on Pike at 12th Avenue, hauling a standup bass, what looked like a wind instrument (it was in a traveling case), and rolling luggage. Jherek Bischoff, walking to his gig at Chop Suey?! Why does this orchestral-pop savant—who has made music with David Byrne, Caetano Veloso, Carla Bozulich, and Nels Cline—not have a limo dropping him off at the club? It's one of life's great mysteries...

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis's much celebrated and much hated-on album The Heist has gone gold six months after its release, meaning they've sold more than 500,000 copies to date. Fun fact: Macklemore is the second artist to get a #1 Billboard single without being signed to a major label; the first was Lisa Loeb, for her hit "Stay." recommended