Josh Bis

• Last week, Capitol Hill's High Voltage Music Store adopted a sweet orange cat to help out around the shop (i.e., sleep, snuggle, mrowwr, etc.). His name was chosen in the most important Line Out poll to date, officially christening him Ohm. Stop by and give him a pet!

• Despite the crazy weather—rain, hail (!?), rain, more rain—the first year of queer music/arts festival 'Mo-Wave was a fabulous success. Saturday's Team Dresch reunion-ish show had the Chop Suey audience going completely bananas. Dynasty Handbag delighted and freaked everyone the fuck out with her performance-art/music show on Sunday, and the big happy festival came to a close at Pony with a surprise 1 a.m. performance by Chicago bear rapper Big Dipper, half naked, swinging from the stripper pole. If you haven't stopped by Polari, 'Mo-Wave's visual-arts component, it's still hanging at True Love Gallery until May 4 and features more great artwork than you can shake a penis at.

• Seattle's #1 festival correspondent, Josh Bis, reported that the Palm Springs music festival Coachella has been warm and extra crowded. The biggest surprise appearance was during French alt-band Phoenix's encore, which "featured the truly surprising appearance of R. Kelly, who bounded onstage to perform '1901' with his own 'Remix to Ignition.'" Since everyone thought the unannounced guest would be Daft Punk, "Kids in the immediate vicinity proclaimed it to be 'the most random thing they'll see in their whole life.'" It was also reported, thankfully, that "the #nativeappropriationwave may have fully and finally bottomed out: This year, feather headdress 'fashion' was rare to nonexistent. Instead, every third girl wore hand-made(ish) floral headbands."

• On Saturday, April 20 (aka Record Store Day), Longview rock band Seacats will play at Lunchbox Laboratory in South Lake Union at 3 p.m. to celebrate the release of their new 7-inch, The 7" Burger. Lunchbox Laboratory will also be serving a "Seacat Burger," an all-beef patty (or vegetarian bean patty) with mac & cheese and french fries on it.

• A trusted source confirmed that the following artists will not be appearing at Decibel Festival this year due to having outrageously high performance fees: Daft Punk, Kraftwerk, and Aphex Twin. These musicians earn more money in one night than most people do in several years. And you can take that info to the bank.

• Poor Lower Queen Anne. First, Easy Street Records exited in January, now Silver Platters music emporium is moving to Sodo on First Avenue in June. Owner Mike Batt says that the relocation is a positive development. "Our new space is a big one—high ceilings, lots of natural light, and plenty of parking. Traffic flows freely along First Ave, accessed easily from the westbound lanes of I-90 and the West Seattle freeway, and will not be subject to the closures associated with events at the Seattle Center, or the ever frustrating Mercer Mess."

Macklemore was at the MTV Movie Awards and made it onto Radar Online's "Best, Worst & Wackiest Dressed Stars" list for his "funky blue Thrift Shop duds." When you make a bullshit celeb gossip site, you know you've made it! recommended