Bumbershoot's 2013 lineup was announced at the Crocodile last Thursday during a prom-themed Allen Stone concert—couples took the event very seriously and dressed in actual adult prom wear, complete with corsages and all the boobs that's fit to primp. Bumbershoot this year will include the Breeders (play "Cannonball!"), the Zombies (whoa!), MGMT (okay!), fun. (no.), Heart (yay!), !!! (!!!), Death Cab for Cutie (sob!), Redd Kross (woo!), Superchunk (neat!), and all kinds of other wonderful summer music for you to Shiskaberry to.

Pacific Northwest Ballet’s The Nutcracker is Back Onstage at McCaw Hall! Tickets start at $27.
Join PNB for a timeless tale of holiday adventure performed by PNB’s amazing dancers and orchestra.

• The best place to take a break from the May Day riots last Wednesday evening was Chop Suey, for Los Angeles–based Bleached. The sister-fronted four-piece played a well-balanced set of new and old sunbaked tunes, charming the crowd with their buzzing harmonies and bright pop hooks.

• Las Vegas's That 1 Guy brought his particular hippie electronica to the Tractor on Friday night, playing his signature homemade instrument (the "magic pipe," constructed with steel pipes and bass strings), showing acid-test videos, and deploying a sock puppet. The house was packed with people who had the maniacal glint of cult members in their eyes and LOVED every second of it. They got especially excited for the song "Butt Machine."

EMP is acknowledging the exotic freak show that is women in music with its Women Who Rock exhibit, which features such notable artifacts as Lady Gaga's piano and Madonna's bustier.

• Toronto's harsh-grunge revivalists Metz caused much joyful moshing and unabashed stage-diving at Neumos on Saturday. Earplugs were needed, bruises were unavoidable, and everyone left in a "whoaaa that was heavy" daze.

• Reunited for the evening, mid-'90s punk-synth explosion the Cripples played a swell show at the Comet on Saturday, the proceeds of which went to help fund an in-progress documentary about the beloved, defunct Funhouse.

Debacle Fest happened May 3–5 and was a roaring aesthetic success, if not extremely well-attended. Performances by Date Palms, Hieroglyphic Being, Matt Carlson, Brain Fruit, Expo '70, Strategy, Prostitutes, and others made it one of the most satisfying musical experiences in Seattle in a very long time.

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The Cave Singers finished up their latest tour by packing out the Showbox at the Market on Saturday. Beaming frontman Pete Quirk introduced their newest member, bassist/flutist Morgan Henderson, noting, "He smells good. I watched him sleep for three hours today—it wasn't weird at all." Shredding on the flute is the new guitar solo.

• Speaking of Brain Fruit, the local cosmic synths-drums trio recently finished recording a ton of material at Avast! Recording Co. with Randall Dunn and now are trying to chop it down into manageable form and find a home (or two) for it. recommended