Highline, Capitol Hill's most beloved vegan bar, has closed down its kitchen. Starting this week, it will be focusing on being a bar and music venue. But don't cry! It will still have vegan cake and Cakearoke every Tuesday night. A mistake in a real estate listing also fueled rumors that Highline would soon be vacating its Broadway space, but the bar's owner, Dylan Desmond, assures us that it has more than a year left on the lease, with the option of renewing for up to 10 years after that.

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• Playing to a criminally sparse crowd Sunday night at Chop Suey, Jetman Jet Team climaxed their beautifully clamorous set with a 10-minute freakadelic psych-out. On the Lord's Day. Before 29 people. In the distant future, you'll look back on your godforsaken life and regret missing this show.

• Seattle musician/producer Erik Blood is playing one last show with his current band, on August 17 at the Vera Project, and then dissolving it. Following that, he plans to focus on his next solo full-length and is also currently working on Shabazz Palaces' and THEESatisfaction's new albums. Of Shabazz's music, he says, "I can't believe what I'm hearing; it's incredible." In other Blood news, construction on his new studio, Black Space Labs, is nearing completion in Sodo.

• Speaking of Shabazz Palaces, Sub Pop just announced the signing of Ishmael Butler to its A&R team, where he'll help add new and no doubt intriguing acts to the label's stable of artists. Congrats, Ish!

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• A video of a fight that took place in front of Q nightclub early Sunday morning has made the rounds, showing a crowd spilled out onto Broadway, people on the ground, people screaming, and other grainy chaos. The video ends with a statement reading, "The night before, we had witnessed another fight outside the club," and suggesting that perhaps the surge in violence could be correlated to the club's recent shift away from LGBT programming after a change in ownership. But Q owner Andy Rampl insists the programming has always "catered to everyone," straight and gay clientele alike. As for the incident the night before, Rampl says it "was an altercation, but not a full fight. There are not issues with violence."

• Last week's I Hate Karaoke party at Pony got a point-blank blast of star power when Jake Shears—former Seattleite, forever Scissor Sister—was spotted in the crowd. After one bold patron rocked the mic with the Scissor Sisters' "Shady Love," Shears took the stage, billing himself as "Butch" (while wearing acid-washed parachute pants!) and busting out Billy Idol's "Cradle of Love." It was delightful. recommended

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