• LA/Oakland brats Hunx and His Punx played a sweaty, sold-out show at Chop Suey on Friday (the occasion also marked Chop Suey booker Jodi Ecklund's 40th birthday—happy birthday, Jodi!). Opening band Wimps were dressed as ZZ Top, complete with long gray beards. Overheard in the all-ages audience after the show: "Who is ZZ Tops?"

• It was totally worth the wait. Italian prog-rock/horror-film-soundtrack legends Goblin, playing their first ever North American tour after four decades as a band, lived up to their lofty reputation with a staggering show of fiery instrumental interplay and chilling atmospheres at Neumos on Friday. Reanimating several songs from peak albums like Profondo Rosso, Roller, Suspiria, Dawn of the Dead, and Tenebre, Goblin appeared to be having even more fun than the audience, taking numerous photos of themselves and the crowd, and glad-handing adoring fans.

Kanye West's KeyArena show on Saturday—the first date on his Yeezus tour—opened two hours late. He didn't even go on until after 11:30 p.m. Duuuuude! West played for about two hours, though, and the live show featured a huge pyramid, a statue of the Virgin Mary, an onstage conversation with "White Jesus," and possibly rapping.

• We recently reported that Cairo booker/former Stephanie guitarist Ian Judd is leaving Seattle for New York City at the end of October. Now we know why: He's going to be managing the Captured Tracks label's retail outlet. Replacing Judd are James Scheall, Cameron McCreery, and Troy Ayala. Good luck to all.

• If you're a fan of hilariously flagrant trash-talking and occasional bursts of '90s-hued nostalgia ("I'm gonna watch that funny episode of 'saved by the bell' where jessies on adderall does anybody know what season that is?"), you need to get down with Nacho Picasso's Twitter feed. He's on some stream-of-consciousness Tourette's shit.

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• "Werewolves of London" = HOT; "Monster Mash" = NOT.

Daniel Enders, drummer/vocalist for Seattle power-spaz duo MTNS, suffered the theft of a Boss MICRO BR digital recorder that he says "has all of my teenage recordings, samples from Spain, and many field recordings. If anyone sees this in a pawnshop, used gear store, Craigslist, or even a Guitar Center, please let me know. Since I do not have the serial number, I'd rather buy it back than have it gone forever. It's beat up around the edges with paint a little worn off." It was last seen at the Montana bar on Capitol Hill. Let us know if you've seen it: lineout@thestranger.com. recommended