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• Mid-'90s Seattle band Goodness reunited at Neumos on Saturday as part of the Moe's 20/Neumos 10 weeklong anniversary celebration. The stage was decorated with freaky laughing clown tapestries à la Moe's décor, and frontwoman Carrie Akre (also of Hammerbox) is still something else—her pipes sounded as good as, if not better than, 20 years ago.

• In sadder '90s-Seattle news, Gits drummer Steve Moriarty is calling for a boycott of NBC after its Dead of Night true-crime documentary series reenacted the story of the decades-old rape and murder of his bandmate Mia Zapata but refused to spring for actual live Gits footage or Gits songs. Moriarty's Facebook page explained: "There is nothing artistic, musical, or positive about the re-telling of Mia's brutal death. The piece will air in June and does not have the endorsement of any of the bands, Mia's family, or immediate friends."

• Punk goons the Spits said their January 3 show was the best show they've ever played at Chop Suey, and it did indeed sound flawless. The band also didn't seem to mind when dudes in the front row lit a long string of firecrackers, or when other dudes threw full cans of beer at the stage, or even the many dudes who climbed onstage to crowd-surf. The guitarist did mind, however, when one rowdy dude unplugged his guitar, telling him: "Back up, brother... And if you do it again, I'll kick you in the teeth."

Wall of Sound, considered Seattle's best music-retail establishment by many people with more records in their pads than dollars in their checking accounts, is now open till 7 p.m. on Sundays, instead of 6 p.m. Trust us, that extra hour makes a world of difference.

• Seattle's electronic-music community swarmed to Re-bar on Saturday night for a benefit show to raise funds for Decibel volunteer Blake Peterson, who's been dealing with serious health issues. Over 300 clubbers raised more than $2,000, and their generosity was rewarded with sterling house/techno DJ sets by J. Alvarez and Nordic Soul vs. Michael Manahan and Lusine's live performance.

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Dead Moon's January 4 show in Portland was a punk-rock family reunion, with droves of Seattle folks making the jaunt down to see the legendary trio's sold-out Crystal Ballroom show (capacity 1,500). The Moon played three encores, and people still wanted more. They also, sadly, sold out of T-shirts. Fred and Toody forever!

• How many black artists topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2013? If you guessed ZERO, give yourself a high five. And a slap in the face! In an article on, Chris Molanphy pointed out these uncomfortably bleak stats, as well as the fact that white acts topped the R&B/Hip-Hop chart 44 out of 52 weeks. Gross, everyone, gross. recommended