• Have you heard Seattle producer Spekulation's "'Bout that action, boss" remix of samples from Seahawk Marshawn Lynch's interview with Deion Sanders yet? It went viral, even reaching as far as nfl.com. It's the second time in a year that Spek has tasted internet fame, having made headlines when his customer service gripe blog bitterbarista.com got him fired from his coffee-slinging position last February.


• An enthusiastic and beautiful Bruno Mars impressed during the Super Bowl halftime show with some smooth dance moves from the ankles down, a golden jacket, a matching band, and a voice made of melted caramel. The Goddamn Red Hot Chili Peppers joined Mars onstage for 80 percent of "Give It Away," with much synchronized jumping up and down. We heard that this Chi Pepp cameo was a personal request from Mars (???).

• The Seahawks' Super Bowl victory triggered a brush fire of karaoke versions of Queen's "We Are the Champions," if a walk past the Crescent bar Sunday night was any indication. It never fails to crack us up that a group of froufrou British blokes wrote a song that became an anthem for American sports fans, some of the most macho meatheads on the planet (not that the 12th Man fits that description—nuh-uh).

• No one thought Atlanta rapper Young Thug's gargantuan trap anthem "Danny Glover" could get any better, until Nicki Minaj came, spit, and conquered. "Tell Justin Timberlake that I am coming for Jes-si-ca Biel!" Aaaannd mic drop.

• Abbey Blackwell, bass player for La Luz, has left the band. She posted on Facebook last week: "Dear friends and fans, I am sorry to say that I will be leaving La Luz... after a year and a half of being in this incredible band, spending time with these talented women, and experiencing the best and the worst of tour, I've decided that the touring life just isn't for me, and my heart lies in the back of an orchestra and working on my own music." Good luck, Abbey!

• Seattle experimental-music event Debacle Fest will return for its seventh year on May 30–31. More details about venues and acts soon (we hope).

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• It was impossible to walk out of the Yuk Mob's Belltown party last weekend without being stoned. Impossible. Even if you didn't smoke a spliff, the ganja cloud in the room was thick enough to lift you right off the ground.

• On February 25, Rare Air debuts at Q Nightclub. It's the first ambient/new age music night ever on Capitol Hill, as far as we know. Hosted by DJs Explorateur and Veins (The Stranger's Dave Segal), Rare Air will also feature a live performance by Seattle synth master Panabrite. Bring a yoga mat and prepare to float into deep inner space. recommended

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