• Answering the question on everybody's minds with a resounding "HELL YES," Pharrell Williams doubled down on his insane Grammy hat by rocking another oversize headpiece during his performance of "Happy" at Sunday night's Academy Awards.

• Another silver lining of the long and boring 2014 Academy Awards broadcast: the multifaceted humiliation of U2, who took the stage for a stripped-down and still overwrought tribute to Nelson Mandela before the Oscar orchestra played the band offstage with "Old Time Rock and Roll" (burn!) and the Oscar voters gave the award that might've gone to U2 to the power ballad from Disney's Frozen.

• On Friday, Billy Corgan graced the universe by live-streaming more than eight hours of his ambient-jam-session interpretation of Hermann Hesse's 1922 novel Siddhartha. We almost fell asleep just typing that.

• Drum prodigy alert! A CD has been released by a youthful sticks boy named Cameron Michael Nichols-Rage titled Let's Play! Cameron was 20 months old when he laid down these drum tracks. His parents—William and Leslie, former owners of the Wallingford record store Electric Heavyland—then asked musician friends to contribute accompaniment. Because his mom and dad are well connected in the underground-music scene (they helped organize the Wooden Octopus Skull fest in the '00s), the resulting 14 songs are strange indeed. Alvarius B., Climax Golden Twins' Jeffery Taylor and New Weather's Sean Curley, Wolf Eyes' John Olson, and others conspire to create noisy, exploratory tracks somewhere between experimental rock and free jazz. Oh, baby!

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• Last year, local rapper RA Scion released an album with New York City producer Rodney Hazard titled The Sickle & the Sword. The work was recognized in this paper as one of the best things of 2013. But in December, deep and complicated differences between Scion and Hazard resulted in Hazard's management company pulling the album and the video for the track "Constant" from the web. Scion responded by offering the album for free, and rerecording the entire album with Vox Mod, a local producer who has worked with Shabazz Palaces and Erik Blood. Last week, Scion released the old video for "Constant" (now called "Fixed") with a new beat by Vox Mod. A big middle finger to Hazard and NYC—the 206 seems ready for some serious drama shit.

• The 13th annual Sound Off! competition winners were announced on Saturday: Seattle's Otieno Terry won the top prize, beating out Everett-based indie trio Fauna Shade, who came in second, followed by Seattle synth poppers Laser Fox. Bellevue punks Thee Samedi came in fourth and won the award for audience favorite. recommended