• Whoa! Sub Pop will be opening a retail store at Sea-Tac Airport sometime in April. The store is currently accepting applications for music-minded employees to sling their merch (which will include vinyl, apparel, and accessories), but you can't be just any slacker: The shop will open at 6 a.m.

• The Fe Fi Fo Fums (Jesse Lortz, Johnny Samra, Nick Larson) will be reuniting for a special benefit show at the Highline on May 1 for the wonderful Betsy Hansen, local musician and co-owner of Radar Hair and Records (which is now for sale). Hansen has been struggling with cancer since 2011, and could very much use the love and support of the community. The Coconut Coolouts will also be playing, with more bands to be announced soon!

Cian Nugent came all the way from Ireland to show us Americans that he's the Ravi Shankar of the acoustic guitar (and pretty damn great on the electric, too). He did a phenomenal opening set at Barboza Friday night for headliner Angel Olsen. Unfortunately, half the crowd chattered loudly throughout, creating a hugely annoying drone of inanity. Tip: When somebody's playing music in a place where people pay to get in—especially somewhat quiet music—SHUT THE FUCK UP. Thank you for your cooperation.

• Over the weekend, Pennsylvania raunch rock all-stars Moistboyz played a sold-out show at the Tractor. Desert-rock icon Nick Oliveri joined them on bass, even though he had a wicked ear infection. It was rowdy, and people were literally spraying beer on one another in the crowd. Good times!

• The trumpeter for the emerging supergroup Industrial Revelation, Ahamefule J. Oluo, asked Jezebel writer and general genius Lindy West to marry him on Sunday night at Lottie's Lounge. West did not say no—she was as happy as a ray of sunlight! Evan Flory-Barnes, also in Industrial Revelation, and Sam Anderson from Hey Marseilles played a pretty tune as Lindy West agreed to give up her freedom. Spring is in the air.

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• Thursday at Chop Suey, TJ Cowgill officially added another member to his beautifully doom-crooning outfit King Dude, and the band sounded heavier than ever. On the same bill, J.C. Satàn also sounded hellishly heavy—much rowdier live than on most of their albums, prompting a messy mosh pit that seemed like it never wanted the French band to stop.

• The 13th annual EMP Pop Conference returns to Seattle's EMP Museum April 24 through 27. Expect an array of learned and entertaining presentations by some of the world's most astute music critics. The EMP Pop Con is their Super Bowl, and they always rise to the occasion—no 12th Man necessary. recommended