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• There's plenty of hilarious stuff in the movie Purple Rain: the performance of Morris Day, the inclusion of Prince's advice-giving cone puppet, the plot-forwarding notion that "no one digs" the Prince songs that fill the soundtrack (which spent six straight months at number one). But at Friday's night's packed-out Purple Rain screening at SIFF, the biggest laugh of the night went not to Morris Day or Prince's puppet but to Clarence Williams III, who, as Prince's imminently suicidal father, mutters the following sage advice: "Never get married." Guess you had to be there. (It was great!)

• Speaking of Prince, last week the freaky little genius announced a brand-new deal with Warner Brothers records, which will release a special 30th-anniversary edition of the Purple Rain soundtrack along with a ton of Prince's lusted-after "lost recordings." Squeeee!

• The new trend of throwing rolls of toilet paper around at live shows (see also the Black Lips at Neumos, CHRISTEENE at Chop Suey) continued last Friday at a packed and rowdy Night Beats, Cosmonauts, and Pharmacy show at the Lo-Fi. At one point, someone took a lighter to the TP wrapped around a mic stand, resulting in a very Jimi Hendrix–esque onstage fire.

• "Surprised all of my vital organs aren't exploding," we thought during Godflesh's comeback show at Neumos on Thursday night. It's always refreshing when a band that hasn't toured the US since the '90s proves that it hasn't lost an iota of the heaviness or edginess of its peak years. Godflesh's crushing industrial-metal attack with shockingly funky beats sounded massive and vital, as they bombed the nearly sold-out venue with material from their early years. Another aging British musician—fiftysomething producer Cut Hands (aka William Bennett)—also showed he wasn't ready for retirement with a set of intricately patterned, pummeling hand-drum rhythms, furious whiplashes of synth noise, and foreboding metallic clanks. Overall, it was an intensely brutal yet satisfying live experience, internal bleeding notwithstanding.

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• Seattle psych-rock band Kingdom of the Holy Sun improvised a new soundtrack at a screening of the cult 1973 French animated film Fantastic Planet Sunday evening at Northwest Film Forum. It was a (sur)real trip. Promoter Mamma Casserole (Michelle Smith) hopes to hold more events like this—i.e., local groups conceiving alternate scores to cool movies—in the future.

• Which hirsute lead singer reportedly became inconsolable and locked himself in the Redwood bathroom for hours when he learned of Mickey Rooney's death earlier this month? His choked sobs and occasional wails were allegedly heard all over the bar. recommended