I've got something to say: I'm going to kill your baby [today], you rat fink bitch. Sometimes shit gets tight and I find myself standing on the corner, asking strangers for change, slashing my heart for fun [not being alive for anyone]. Not only is it hard to come to grips with being "lower class," but I gotta deal with the attitudes, like the one you got [oh baby]. You don't think I'm really a zombie, you think it's just a scene [from a monster magazine]. So to be cool in front of your Nike-sporting, TV-casualty frat-boy friends, you thought you'd poke me in the fucking eye of Death!!!! That's why I'm going to rip the veins from your human neck and kill your baby [today]! It's my destiny to eat your flesh in a green hell, cuz unlike you I got 20 eyes in my head--you better think about it [baby]! I'm going to have you on my wall! I will forever wear a smirk of righteousness on my [Astro] zombie face after hearing you cry into the devil's night, "Get him off me! Get him off!" You really suck, [suck], yuppie [suck].