machinist and bike enthusiast Willie Lee lounges on his 1968 Raleigh low-rider in Georgetown. Lee's fashion credo is this: If you have more than five minutes to dress yourself, you've got too much time on your hands.

CAP, $28 by Hatterdashery, (

Black canvas gives this classically boyish cap an industrial edge.

SHADES, $10 at Atlas Clothing (515 Broadway Ave E, 323-0960).

Sunglasses are a tongue-in-cheek accessory in Seattle's gloomy spring weather. The key to pulling them off, Lee advises, is to "work it like you own it."

HOODIE SWEATSHIRT, $20 from Anchor Tattoo

(2313 NW Market St, 784-4051).

Lee's hoodie is paired with a leather vest to create a casual day look.

TAPERED LEATHER VEST, $90 from the Crypt Off Broadway (113 10th Ave E, 325-3882).

Lee has been a member of the Dead Baby Bicycle Club for seven years. Three Dead Baby Club (DBC) "rockers," or patches, transform Lee's vest into elite DBC outerwear. DBC patches cannot be bought; they must be earned.

CARHARTT PANTS, $45 at Nate's Army Navy Surplus

(6169 Fourth Ave S, 767-4950).

Carhartt pants are insanely comfortable after roughly 500 washings.

WHITE TUBE SOCKS, $5 at a South Park gas station.

Lee's socks cover the real signature piece in menswear for spring: calf muscles. To attain sculpted calf muscles, balance the balls of your feet on a a stair while hanging your heels off the edge. Without bending your knees, lower your heels until your calf muscles are stretched down as far as possible. Hold for several seconds before rising up as high as you can on your toes. Pause for several seconds to enhance peak contraction. Perform four sets of 10–15 repetitions on a daily basis.

FLAMED-OUT VANS SHOES, $40 at Marley's Snowboards (5424 Ballard Ave NW Ste 103, 782-6081).

These shoes add a spark of color to Lee's otherwise somber palette.