Woody Allen isn’t kidding with all that unbelievably great music he puts in his movies: He loves it, and he plays it, and he’ll do it right in front of you. This is only his second time in Seattle—the last time Woody was here playing his clarinet was a full decade ago, at Jazz Alley. He was promoting his movie Curse of the Jade Scorpion, which is best ignored, and Soon-Yi (his wife) was in the back of the room, a still-surreptitious presence. (She was surrounded by older Asian women who looked like fierce protectors.) Woody had never been to Seattle before, and it occurred to me then that if there is an opposite thing in the world to the Space Needle, it is Woody Allen. When I asked him how he liked Seattle, he seemed to feel the same way. (Paramount Theatre, 911 Pine St, www.stgpresents.org, 7:30 pm, $45.75–$85.75, all ages)

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