I had no idea what to expect at Jason Sachs and Erika Kriegsheim's metal wedding on 4/20. I was greeted at the door of Porchlight Coffee by a corgi wearing a tuxedo. Most of the human guests were in leather jackets and band T-shirts and looked metal as hell, though the music playing was an excellent love-song mix that included the Smiths and the Crystals. One guy had studded gauntlets and a black velour cape that billowed dramatically behind him when he walked. Copious amounts of Jim Beam and Rainier were served. I admired the candy altar: sparkling dishes of gummy worms and Skittles beneath a ram's skull surrounded by candles and flowers. I selected a worm reverently. A paper banner on the wall read "Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam."

"Originally, we were going to do some ritual bloodletting," joked the groom, who seemed charmingly overwhelmed with excitement. "I hope this ceremony doesn't bore you." It was actually adorable, officiated by the couple's friend Scarlett, who told the assembly how she'd known Jason and Erika for a long time and that it was obvious when they started dating that they were perfect for each other.

Afterward, there was a feast of Ethiopian food, Hot Mama's pizza, and chocolate cupcakes. I met a woman who used to make John Waters lunch every week at a restaurant in Baltimore, and I learned that the wedding was at Porchlight because the owner wanted Erika and Jason to have a place to get married inexpensively. Erika told me they hadn't planned on having a metal wedding, but metal had been such a part of their lives that it just happened that way. They looked so happy and comfortable having beers with their friends, it was clear that their wedding was exactly right. recommended

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