After reading last week's debut installment of Leslie Miller's brilliant new column, Rambling Filler with Leslie Miller, Q13 news director Todd Mokhtari called to offer his two cents. His comments were so eloquent we decided to give him a column of his very own. For the first installment of his brilliant new column, You Better Say Sorry by Todd Mokhtari, we'll use the message Todd left on The Stranger's voice mail last week. Enjoy!

"My name is Todd Mokhtari and I'm the news director at Q13, and I want to talk to you about a legal issue that I have with your paper about a byline by Leslie Miller, which was never written by her, never got permission, not a word was said by her, and you, you know, used her picture.... I'm sure you're going to hear from the Tribune Company attorneys, as well as from me. THIS ONE REALLY CROSSES THE LINE!"