To the woman who wrote in to mourn her cat killed by the heartless cabbie: I can't believe how ridiculous and stupid your letter was. It was your own fault you let some cabbie hit and kill your cat! How stupid can you be, letting your cat out on a busy street like 12th Ave? You killed your own cat. You should talk to your 10-year-old son about being a responsible pet owner instead of a death that you caused.

I can't believe you let your cat suffer for two hours while it died and didn't put it out of its misery! Sick!

As for the cabbie not stopping, who the hell would want to stop and "get to know" a suffering, dying cat? Probably not someone trying to make a living as a cab driver. Probably not many of us. I think you're just trying to place the blame on someone else to make yourself feel better.

My suggestion to you as a responsible pet owner is this: Please don't replace your dead cat with another, future dead cat--or dog, for that matter.