I recently discovered that you raped my beautiful 15-year-old daughter. Since this occurred several months ago, there is no physical evidence. She won't discuss the details, but I suspect you've threatened her. She won't testify, so nothing will be done to you.

I've investigated you on my own--you prey on underage girls who are under the influence. After you rape, you threaten. You're a pathetic, jobless cokehead who still lives with your parents and has no future.

I know you've raped other girls--it's common knowledge in your neighborhood. I recently found out you also raped a friend of my daughter quite some time ago. The prosecutor declined to do anything about it.

Someday you will be stopped-a family member or boyfriend will follow through on my fantasy and kill you; you'll OD on drugs; or you'll end up in jail because of your multiple rapes--hopefully being brutally sodomized by many ugly, bad-smelling men who will humiliate and torture you to death.

I hope my daughter and all the other girls you've brutalized will be okay. The sad thing is, even if you're put away, there are many more people like you who are sick and evil. Get help or kill yourself now, and you'll save the world from your horrible deeds.

I've also discovered that many law-enforcement personnel and attorneys still treat rape victims like they were the ones at fault. I hope people with the opinion that "She was drunk, so it's her fault," or "She looks/acts/talks like a slut, so she was asking for it" join you in that horrible hell where I know you deserve to be.