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JACKIE BOY ♥♥ sending you verbal roses, hugs, kisses, and nothing but sweet lovin'. so much love- jessica leigh

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Zippy Forever ♥♥ We haven't met, but you're already the second-most-interesting person in my life! I can't wait to open the airlock door.

Mysterious Media Man ♥♥ Your eyes sparkle like the vacant monitors lining these halls; your teeth glow like LED lights. Only you have the patch cord compatible to my heart.

Wavelength ♥♥ E- Our brief time as lovers has forever left a mark on my heart. Our friendship now puts a smile on my face everyday. Thank you for everything. <3 R

A 206 VALENTINE ♥♥ A valentine to all them Honey Cakes queens and those Kings with Furious Styles: Your crowns have been bought and paid for already!Lady Lex Enterprises

To My Sweetie, Scott ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetie! I love you and am very proud and happy to be with such a wonderful person. Many hugs and kisses to you! Love, Renay

& <3 ; ♥♥ Geek love.

I love you Jaboo ♥♥ You are listening. You are hairy. All of your hairs are listening. I think of you and cough up a chicken on skis. Admit the bondage club was a mistake.

Dear Weird Deer ♥♥ Your Georgia side shines on diluvian nomenclature ever so shyly. Will you be my audible aristocrat or what?! Only your hair knows. Let's shave.

Becky J. E. ♥♥ Your my heaven on earth, the air I breath and the sun that brightens my day. Secret Admirer.

Attendrir reussi ♥♥ Thank you, Kris, for ambitiously melting sturdily constructed walls with your charm and continuous bop consumption. Bravo. Je t'adore.

Tiffer M. ♥♥ Babe, you're better off without her! Here's to abundant sex, delicious food, loyal friends, independence, and finding the one you deserve! Muah, Shan

20 years & counting ♥♥ SOOZ: Love of my life. I would do it again in a heartbeat. You made me who I am and I am better for it. The contract is up now. Renew? BIG RICKY

Loving and Kissing ♥♥ Everyday realize anew how incredibly lucky I am to have you. You're my North Star, my guiding light. Thanks for showing me true love. I love you!

New Year's Eve, 2003 ♥♥ from that first delerious night to last, and all of them in between, you are the one who makes me weak in the knees. be mine forever, victoria.

Pumpkin ♥♥ Wow. A baby. We are going to be the greatest fucking parents ever.

Something I Expected ♥♥ Even if you lived in a teepee on Staten Island, I'd travel to see you my laureate, though I may get a hotel. How I love the little soaps. Be mine!

What You Know About It? ♥♥ A queen raising a princess! Say we cousins, u closer to my sister. I wouldn't trade ya'll for the world! I love u Sakela and Alexandria. Luv, cutty Lex

KILEY ♥♥ Tu as mon coeur. Je t'aime. Je t'aime. Je t'aime! -KATHLEEN

DOLLFACE ♥♥ You'll never know, dear, how much you breath strength and courage into me. Maybe one day, Aaron will sing this at our wedding. I love you babycakes.


J-GREEN & LADY LEX ♥♥ I love you & yes, it is forever! You my husband w/ no ring but you've always been my King. Love ur sweetheart, ur cakes but 1st: your Queen KISSES&LICKS

BISCUIT ur 2 street 4 me ♥♥ It was love at first sight and it's only grown stronger, no matter what your little voices say. Let's enjoy the present and screw the past and future.

Make it Work! ♥♥ Your solid foundation is hard to resist. I was thinking about the lightning bolt, and realized that the tip JUST got me! Sea Gals & Sea Hogs Unite!

Boon Baby!!! ♥♥ I love you like fat chicks love cake! I am blessed to have even know you. How's that for some PDA?

My philippine beauty ♥♥ Hope you like the things I send you. I always look foward to our time "together." You make my days.

To My Big Monkey ♥♥ There's no other monkey I would want to go swinging in the tree with than with you. I love you so very much! Happy Valentine's Day, Monkey!!!

Poem for Seattle J. ♥♥ You're a reflection in a dream where the floor is water. You are music. You're a bird made of music. You are flying and I am building a ramp to you...

Promise ♥♥ To the Man: Baby, through thick and thin, The flames have never gone out, But for us the smoke has finally subsided. Forever your #1 fan

rora borearis ♥♥ you just might be the best sis a girl could ask for! thanks for being your rockin self. i love you the mostest. --bissa ann

bean!!!! ♥♥ nothing to sweet or sappy, but you still turn me on (every day). i love my life with you. it's alway amazing bug

Rossy-Boy ♥♥ You're the greatest. We love you so so much. Happy Valentine's Day. Love, Kellen, Seth, Piper, Scout, and Caroline.

Jesse in Blue ♥♥ Through quadrangles and mountain passes we have come to this place. Like the golden lion of my childhood. You are my love, my life, my all around.

Cheeeeeeeeeeeps! ♥♥ You're my dingus and I love you. I am thankful for your big heart, your hugs, your brain, all the back scritches and your juicy toots. Love, Berkita!

Flapjack Fantasy ♥♥ 3 years & 2 many days later, I'm craving a lot more than your pancakes, girl! I wanna lick the beaters, melt the butter, taste the syrup, flip u over..

ooh snookiepookums ♥♥ you're IT baby. anywhere. anyplace. anytime. straight up or bentover, i'm yours. one day we'll actually BE together on vday... i flippin' can't wait.

my valentine evan ♥♥ The day I saw you, I picked you for me. Smile on my lips, gutair on your knee, Near, far I'll keep you. Let's not part, I'll hold your hand you hold my heart.

Etta Mae!! ♥♥ I love U. Love your lips. Lips above:Soft. Warm. On mine. On me. Hand press my tailbone. Lips below:Sweet. Wet. Willing. Welcome me. Til my heart stops.

Brave Little Toaster ♥♥ Dear John, Thank you for filling my life with kindness, humor, creativity, love, and beautiful smiles. I love you, Alece

Poem for Seattle J. ♥♥ You're a reflection in a dream where the floor is water. You are music. You're a bird made of music. You are flying and I am building a ramp to you...

HOT LAVA ♥♥ I love my Kirtus Ray Vaughn!!!!!!!

for Charmer ♥♥ "And have you too finally figured out what beauty is for?"-Mary Oliver Charmer, my life is more beautiful with you in it. I cherish you. ~Charmerette

My dear sweet Lani ♥♥ What you say you want is right before you. I'm addicted to making you smile. You're beautiful, courageous and so talented. I love you more everyday.

FOR MY JER ♥♥ Happy V-DAY to you! I just wanted to say that you make me so happy, it gets better everyday & I appreciate ALL the sweet things you do for me. LUV Darlyn

Estevan ♥♥ As my most faithful manbeetch, you are forgiven for running off with zee dirty heepies again. -Love your Donatella

Layliani ♥♥ You are the best girl anyone could ask for, who else could I go to for fashion expertees and to run down zee Fubus? -Love your Donatella

Shana 405 ♥♥ Flowers? Love notes? Bring you some snow? Sing you a song? Nope. Let go.

Keeara ♥♥ Kissing you is amazing. Your touch slays me. Beautiful, brilliant, and absolutely delicious...

hilreeeeeee rooftop ♥♥ hey baby, let's meet up on the rooftop garden and make some sweet sweet love while eating chewy sweetarts and airheads candy. hotT. good luck !

Dang, yer fine! ♥♥ Remember when we 1st met and christened Bellingham? What a lucky girl I am! I wanna spoon you now! Loveth.

Pirate Girl ♥♥ You rock my world with your rolled up pants. Good luck with the new job as you become glass girl. me

BEST ROOMIES EVER!!! ♥♥ Thanks 2 u 2 lovely ladies, our house is always full of nakedness, cooking, dancing, and dishing. Living with u = the time of my life. I heart u both!

kitty U wierd fucker ♥♥ we wouldn't be if it weren't for shorty's, meische, and your fancy jacket n'cane. i fall deeper in love w/u and your cock every day. ur my bf. i love you.


Hot Tamale, Mi Amor- ♥♥ Wants of your "thrust" flow in to me like a bursting kahlua-filled chocolate. I'll lap up your sweetness & pull u in again. Passion is an hors d'oeuvre.

CANNIBAL BAT THOMAS! ♥♥ Tentacle Leprosy has never been so sweet. You are talented, graceful and I am lucky to know you! Evil Old Allah-san has smiled! Love, Marcus, Pandora+CP

my soulmate ♥♥ Hi my Evin, I love you so much. You truly are my soulmate. We've been together for four years now and I don't think I'll ever get sick of you. -Mindy

I miss you, Will M. ♥♥ I miss you and me together. I screwed up, but I want you to know I've changed and I'm ready for you now. --B ))<>((

Brannie A. ♥♥ Another year behind us! There are 130 miles between us, but no distance is too far. Thanks for late nights, random texts, parting hugs & wit. "Us om!"

My Eggs Benedict ♥♥ To my made-line, have a happy Valentine's Day filled with koodies, skeet, Red Dog, Red Rum, demoralizing gansta-rap, and me, your Rigga. Love Riggs 77

Sweet Cheeks ♥♥ You've got the best pooper in town, and I love you so much more every single day we are together. Love, gracie.

Brown Eyes Loves You ♥♥ Thank you for the most wonderful year and a half a girl could ask for. Here's to many more. Happy Valentine's Day, Particle Man!

Jerad is the bestest ♥♥ You are the bestest boyfriend ever! I love you more everyday. Happy Valentine's Day, Studly! Yours, Melissa

1st Of Many ♥♥ You're my first, last and only Valentine. Fortunately for me, that's all I need. I love you with all my heart. -Danny

LIL CHINESE ORANGE ♥♥ Hongie-bear, I love U more then U could ever imagine. U brighten my day with just a smile, and the smile is just the tip of the iceberg. An iceberg with penguins. Pooh-bear

+Special Lady Friend ♥♥ Hellooo nurse. So happy that you are MORE than a special lady friend! You are my extra special valentine. And... HUMPFEST™ is spectacular.

Ode To A Best Friend ♥♥ SCN, you are the coolest dancer ever. Love, B & C

More than Paint ♥♥ Kris- Te Amo, Te Amo, Te Amo. Jen

Skyrockets in Flight ♥♥ Afternoon Delight! They say flipper-baby, we say flipper-tunity. Happy Valentine's, Donovan! From Meesh, the official flag-hag.

A Monkey Loves You! ♥♥ Happy V.D. sweetie! You're fun, smart, and sexy—I'm so lucky to spend my life with you. Let's buy a modern dome home and conduct strange experiments.

To my Chowbaby! ♥♥ A Valentine greeting to Caro, my favorite Chow! Love, Yuyu

Skandi-Delite ♥♥ Be my lady (wrestler). --Irish Cream

To my TXCowboy ♥♥ B: EJ, GM, VM, WD, Powerpoint, so much more. So much mileage, but u r worth everything everyday. No 'Illusions' about it, I'll always B there 4u. LY:S

Our First V. Day ♥♥ Becca, I'm so happy you're finally in Seattle. I'm so lucky to have you and I'm so happy that we now have Atticus in our lives! Happy Valentine's Day!

hey snofabitch! ♥♥ I LOVE YOU! can't wait to see you in a week and over spring break. remembeber we have to set the world record for longest orgasm. miss you, love.

Platonic Life Mate ♥♥ Yo Quinn...I'm stumped, which inside joke should I use? How about: I'm sorry ur fiance won't put out! Haha, ur sexual frustration is frustrating me!

Honey*Bucket ♥♥ Let this be the first of many Happy Valentine's Days we share. XoXo, Your Dorkasaurus

My Sweet Angel ♥♥ You make me feel amazing; you're the centre of my world. I am so grateful you're waiting for me, and I'm proud to be with you. I love and adore you.

Missing you ♥♥ JRO, SORRY and I miss you. Wishing you well. Thanks for the best/worst times. - your one and only, honeybear

Miss South Dakota ♥♥ I love you more today than when we started dating 12 years ago. Everything about you is incredible. This is the year I leave my wife for you.

BUGGY ♥♥ Mazalakh, Mazalakh! Dada mo, dado mo, will you do the damn dango? Manna, manna jum jum! I love you Buggy! PUCKY

Polish Tickler ♥♥ Bill, I look forward to Bowling Night with you for many more years to come. Just remember to stretch...!

To my dreamy yogini, ♥♥ Who I just adore, I send all my love to stengthen her core. Dwnwrd dogs can't compete, Salutations won't do, v. roses are red and violets are blue. LWC

Arrrrrrrrrrr ♥♥ Travie me matey I love you intimately!!! Here is to a lifetime of adventures... hearts and bats everyday of my life and into the astroworld. xoxox amc

Mommacherry ♥♥ My fuckin' rock 'n' roll messiah, with hair as red and hot as my blood that boils for you, you save my soul, baby! Love, Izzy

~Dearest Razzibear~ ♥♥ I ate your gelatin, my pooh-bear, it was delicious and so cold. I love, Razzbeari, with little cHiNese OranGes... Happy V-Day! I Love You!

E.G.B.A.R . ♥♥ Oceans away. Gone 500 days. Risking neck for check. You've done so much for us. I appreciate, adore, love and respect you. I am your #1 fan, Gary. XO

share d love around ♥♥ Anoda year have come 4 lovers 2 come 2getder, 2 share common dream 2getder and have fun. But dere is only 1 true love and dat is Jesus Christ, happy Val.

Secret reply ♥♥ Whomever this is, "I will make your wildest dreams come true." But be warned, my wife will have something to say about it.

Sweet Davis ♥♥ U&ME, 2012: After a long ride, u slide off yr mare, stride across the paddock, & duck into my leanto, where we shag like in a sleeper car. I.CAN'T.WAIT.

POOP LUVS BIG E! ♥♥ i love your kisses and your never ending supply of cheesy lines! you are my favorite thing about every day! i love you forever. smooches always, shawnna

MilkDuds&Roses ♥♥ You are the most handsome man on Earth. I am ready to tell the whole world, but I will start with this. I love you!!!

Nutsack Wishes ♥♥ Lick my nutsack, Calvin and Robert! Love, Don

To My Girl Friday: ♥♥ The long wait was worth it; everybody says how great we are together...they don't know how right they are! It makes me proud to be your Boy Tuesday.

Baby Joey ♥♥ Little Baby Joey, you're my one true love. Will you be my valentine? If you're a good little kangaroo, you can ride in my pouch.

Chrissy J.J. ♥♥ C.J.J.-I love you for being such a real and loving girl, for teaching me more about myself in trying to understand you. You are deliciously sexy. K

Lord Gideon.... ♥♥ I am a dreamer but when I wake, you can't break my spirit; it's my dreams you take & as you move on, remember me, remember us and all we used to be.

Chaz the Spaz ♥♥ Shabam! I love you lots. -your little girl

DIRTY P ♥♥ God bless you, and all your brilliance. xoxo c.

Ode to a Walnut ♥♥ O, Walnut. Thy beauty is legspreadingly magnificent. Why haven't I proposed to you yet? There is no excuse. Walnut, will you marry me? - Almond

I LOVE MY JB ♥♥ Thanks 4 being a strong bond N our relationship when I was weak. I love you with all of my heart. There will always be "Brownies in the morning" babe!

My Brown-Eyed Love ♥♥ Love you more than 'spro, spaceman-- let's escape somewhere warm and change our names to tropical drinks. You drive the ship and I'll chart the stars!

OHHH, Sweetie ♥♥ The horse fucking video from Enumclaw is a good metaphor for your last month. Let's spend the year healing your "deep internal bleeding." Love you.

My Beautiful Muse ♥♥ From that moment backstage in August when I knew you were there for me, I have been fascinated, inspired, and awed by you. Thanks for being in my life.

MY CHIMP! ♥♥ You never fail to make me laugh. I adore you, my love. Thank you for everything... and to many more? Love you, CJ. Truly. Besos, Bella.

To the SIFF Fools! ♥♥ SIFF is fools for its Fools: Seattle Int'l Film Fest sends its love to the almighty Fool-Serious Group and all SIFF Passholders! See you all in May!

Dear Capt. Monogomy, ♥♥ ♥♥ Earlobe hickies are red, Your eyes are clear blue, Your gaze says it all - Fuck the right thing to do! Be mine - ALL mine.

To Nick with love- ♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day Sweetheart. -Carrie

Allison and Arriana ♥♥ I hope you're all well and that I'll see you soon. May your life take you to the riches of which you dream. Be well, be good, be happy, Jesse

hunjo ♥♥ don't make me get down on one knee - s

I love Liza Batz ♥♥ You, me, Ren & Stimpy, and a whip. Oh, what a night. You bring out a side of me no one else ever has. Thanks for our beautiful darkness.

N*, Lobster, Da Bird ♥♥ I'm not sure where our lives will take us. I should probably appreciate the times we had. I'm still hoping for the day of synchonicity to come. - Rev.

Emilson+Jackery ♥♥ Em, You spark such amazing things in me...I adore you endlessly. "It's only been 3 hours but I love it when u call my name"

For my dear Erica: ♥♥ No matter the future, I love you and want you to be happy. Wherever our futures take us we still have the memories and love in our hearts.-Jesse

I adore YOU ♥♥ Mike, I don't think we should ever stop. Happy Valentines Day, I love you. Teal

Honey Bunches #22 ♥♥ Honey, I miss you!!! I hate being apart from you. No one has ever made me laugh as much as you do. Come back for me...I'm waiting impatiently. CHU!!!

My Smelly Pigentine ♥♥ I miss my bebe cochon! Hope you have a nice Valentine's Day!! Don't eat too much chocolate & sweets!! Buhi buhiiii !!! Love,Maman Cochon

cute n curly haired ♥♥ I saw you at the Loft on a Thursday, six months ago, and I was blushing that you were counting my beauty marks. I was adoring your curly hair. Love, j

Dear DEP, ♥♥ To the true love of my life where kismet and kindred spirit reigns! I love you always and forever, LMR

math class guy ? ♥♥ I've liked you since the first day in math class, but why wander the halls during lunch? Eye contact makes the heart grow fonder...


I want one. ♥♥ Love you Megan. You are the greatest!

Thank you ♥♥ for always being there and making me happier than I could have imagined. I'm so glad we get to be together this year. I love you Phaedra!

To My Darling Dots ♥♥ Your mooster loves yoosters, and how!!! Happy V'day to you and your hunky honeys! 1-2-3! moo

Daniel Scott T.! ♥♥ I never regret cheating on my valentine (4 years ago!) with you, my love. Fate brought me to your luscious lips, lean long body, and tiramisu skin.

Boo! ♥♥ The first time I looked into your eyes I became a believer in love at first sight. Thank you for sharing your life with me. Love always, Kitty

CHURSH CHURSH CHURSH ♥♥ You are the wind beneath my benis, I love you more than my hand will ever know. Adam

Secret Agent Nurse ♥♥ As years go by, my love for you grows fonder and longer. Your need to be free to be me is our anthem. I look forward 2 life together in love. Handyman

To my cutie pie ♥♥ To my darling Tara, my love, my best friend, my everything. My time with you has been the happiest in my life. Happy Valentine's Day cutie pie! Love Jan

LOVEE! ♥♥ I love the way you sound when you snore. I love resting my head on your belly and listening. I wouldn't want you any other way. I love you! Dovee

<3 <3 Alithea <3 <3 ♥♥ The seven months of our relationship have been extremely special to me. Happy Valentine's Day. Love, Joshua.

Andy Pants Honey Pie ♥♥ Sunshine of my life. You are the best. I adore you. I love you. You are my Valentine.

Terry! ♥♥ I love you! Dan

Eric, my love. ♥♥ I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you so much. Lindey

Rian I love you!! ♥♥ And I love your mommy. And someday I will meet you. And you are the best girl in the world. Kip

From the Real MB... ♥♥ I let you be the MAMA BIRD instead of giving you flowers and chocolates. I love you, I love you, I love you!!!

Too Cute!!! ♥♥ Charm is a way of getting the answer yes without asking a clear question.—Albert Camus. I don't think you will ever hear "no."

titus jr ♥♥ If you were a part of the middle east, you'd be IRAN. You are amazing. I love you. NIGGI

WE ARE NOT A NUMBER! ♥♥ Jon & Kara, sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G... At the store in Wallingford most of the time, but MUST go to Victoria SOOON!! C'mon, sweetie!

KOZ ♥♥ I'm trying to make you fat with cookies. You called me a cheap date but you've never taken me out. No time like the present. Be my Valentine? RKH

joey! ♥♥ You're my sweet mt boy. thanks for moving to the big city. I love you. gayla

HEY, LITTLE SUZE ♥♥ Your mom and your aunties send love-filled halloos. Without you here, we're singin' the valentine blues! Love you tons! xoxo M+AK+AS

K, My Twin Sis ♥♥ Happy AVD! Ur older b/c I PUSHED YOU OUT! My life just wouldn't be the same without you in it. I love you. Ain't I good enuf for kin? xoxo, Christy

Jenny-Jenny ♥♥ Lucy behaved. The hipster girls mean nothing. You are dearly missed. Come back to my stupid country.

A Shorty named Chris ♥♥ You arrrr the cutest girl I've ever seen. Let's get together and do it!

Ode 2 Naughty Monkey ♥♥ Dead sexy describes Naughty Monkey He's cute, furry, and oh so hunky! All the ladies luv him. He's too hot to handle! Hubba bubba—let's cause a scandal!

Six-Five Joshua ♥♥ I don't know any other 6'5" fags, but who would want to with your towering stature, kindness, and intellect. If you and your LTR ever fail, I'm here.

MonkeyLove ♥♥ Pachyderm, I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you! Loving you always, Your Howler Monkey :-*


My Hot Cootchie Mama ♥♥ Bring that gorgeous honey-baked ham of yours over here and let me baste it. I wanna rub my marinade all over your loins. Mmmm... juicy & delicious.

Liza Bear ♥♥ Forever is not enough time for me to say all the ways I love you. But first and most important, thank you for the love you give and continue to give.

OSHEN DELI IS LOVE ♥♥ MC noodle! Jail Bait! i love you so much! OSHEN DELI WILL LIVES! No one, not even SPD or the magtown news can bring us down! Party @ the compound! <3

A Tiger's Love ♥♥ 21 years of enjoying your love, dedication and sweetness. The kids and I cherish you forever! Thanks! Paco, Eric, Kito and Gyasi

Musicwerks crew! ♥♥ I love you guys like you are family. Just remember 4 words: have fun, don't die. Good words to live by. Heather, Shaun, Mike, Josh you are the BEST!

Cranapple Juice? ♥♥ Scullytor, "Do you know how fine you are to me... Very fine, like the juice." :-) YumYum

Chrissy ♥♥ I'm sorry for all the shit last year... I promise to become a better man for you... you deserve that... thank you for all that you give me.. kisses, dillon

That 1 Guy I adore ♥♥ Your melodic rhythms make me wonder what sorts of songs you could make with your hands in my hair and on my heart.

My Mexillent Brenda ♥♥ Your official Stranger Valentine. Huzzah! Fuck shit up in Chicago, love. Gonna miss you (hands in pockets, looks at ground, kicks rock with foot). Terri

My Impatient Man ♥♥ You know who you are, and I love you for that... Thank you for being a part of my life and loving me back.

My bedeviled love: ♥♥ You're everything I ever hoped for in a man & more; I am lucky to have you in my life & as my Valentine. Goosestepping Nazis couldn't keep me away!

Are you Trapped? ♥♥ If you're not pinned beneath heavy moving boxes and can read this, dance with me in celebration of our amazing life. If you are, help is on the way.


Your Sex = Great ♥♥ Your mouth, your hands, your amazing naughty part, are all reasons I call you after 3 drinks. I'm not stalking you, I just love to love you baby.

Juicy and Thick ♥♥ SIFF loves Chipotle for their big, fat, juicy, thick burritos. Special love to Nilah. Muches Smooches

Kim D. AKA "Trish" ♥♥ I love you like crazy!! Thanks for being loving, caring, supportive, and for having a really nice ass! You are my love and best friend. Love, Mikey.

RUBY: ♥♥ We can't wait to meet you and find out what kind of unique person you are. Come soon! Love, Mom and Dad

To My Beacon of Hope ♥♥ Holli, I feel very lucky to have you in my life and am really excited for the next year. You're going to be a great mom. <3 you, Casey

Favorite Boy ♥♥ why you're rad: you love me, you're my best friend, you're my playmate, you're my drinking buddy, when we do it your lips get really hot—I like that.

Aishiteru, Lucas! ♥♥ Hey babe, let's go back to Koh Phangan and spend another week under the full moon, or celebrate an evening at the onsen. Itsimo Aishiteru! Allan


The Ten Fingers ♥♥ I consider myself very lucky to have you as my forever valentine. Thanks for the good times and for always doing the dishes. Love, SBW

Whuddup Hater... ♥♥ Feliz cumpleanos mi amor, and also happy love day. Meeting you is the best thing to happen to me since moving to Seattle. You da bomb baby. C.

Zippy's Dad: ♥♥ I'm feeling too mushy for witticism, so I'll just say I can't imagine a better partner to share impending parenthood with. I love you more than ever.

Matinay! ♥♥ I'm at a loss for words. Unusual, baat? Thinking back, imagining ahead, so much I've learned and enjoyed with you, and so much more to come! Mac

LISA ♥♥ Keep smiling! You're gorgeous!

My dear sweet Carol ♥♥ You are the cream in my coffee, the falafel in my pita & the tiger in my tank. I'm glad I met you & I look forward to growing old & wrinkly with you.

FLORITA ♥♥ Simply you are the best! Tu amigo R..

Wave of Wonder ♥♥ I met a beautiful stranger shimmering in a Baltic sea. Another dance, please Ali. I Love You. B

Love goes boomboom ♥♥ Jen, you've pushed me over the edge, made me destroy what I no longer need, burned my heart to ashes, and still I remain your devoted fool. Christine

For Howard ♥♥ My life changed the day you said, "YES." Our love transcends eternity—we are blessed. You are my god & I will always be your goddess. Love, Priscilla

To My Fav Sister ♥♥ Happy Birthday! I know it sucks to be in LA—but does it help that you are my favorite sister in the world, even if I had any others? I love you! Em

Girl loves boy ♥♥ JJ, Will you continue to be my Valentine? You can slap my ass and call me Candy if you want. I'll love you even more if you do. Much love, P

*jg* let's do it... ♥♥ a bong smoking a bong, sweet. xoa, hal

Sammy ♥♥ PR 4189. A1. 1967 Trust me! Love, Lady

The Thing Fantastic ♥♥ S: You deserve nothing but the best in life—don't settle for "reasonable." I miss you and will always think of you fondly and with a raging hard-on. R

The Aqua One ♥♥ I forgot what I said last year, but I probably still mean it. *snog* You're the COOP DE GRAZ!

PB & J Fluffernutter ♥♥ We miss our girl, but we still have each other. Let's not waste any more time. You're the only one for me, CEL. Love love love you!

Margy ♥♥ Happy Valentine's to you, sexy life partner and sweet soul companion. I love you and the adventure of our life together very much. Allen

FatKidClub love ♥♥ Some Love to the FKC. Some means all. May we not get cramps from candy & may Jess not spill, Mona not suck, Shy not clean, Dav get luv, and Jeff get laid.

joey my love ♥♥ you're the best little bitchy princess in the world, and so worth the effort. also, thank you for putting up with my bitchy princess behavior. love, skatters.

Chav-4-Life ♥♥ Brixton Big Daddy, Wish we could be out high rollin' on the spinners wit cha today! We can't wait to return! Love, Your Baby Mama and the Chillins'

AmyKate, my dream... ♥♥ I am so, so deeply in love with you. I couldn't imagine spending my life with anyone else. You're such an incredible, beautiful girl... I adore you!

Family Love! ♥♥ To my bro, Skyler, you're the best, Purple Dragon. To my sisters, Tahnee & Brooklyn, get along you two. I love you, Big Sis

The real poops, ♥♥ Thank you for letting me wake up to you every morning for the past ten years and thank you for this new journey. I love you. Forever and always, Peas

Lady Lincolnshire ♥♥ Hugga Chucka Burger Pop! Hot Cross Chucker Buns. If you wanna be my lover, (huh?) first you gotta be my friend. (oh) Happy Valentines Day. Jer-ber

Sirius Love ♥♥ Blue Star Valentine King of my heart. You thrill me. Let's run away together, I'll bring the guns and tequila. Honey sweet forever love, APB

I'm yours Mis ♥♥ I'll always love you because you're just as crazy as I am. It's the best feeling in the world waking up next to you every morning. I love you!!!

JOE!!! I Did It! ♥♥ I finally got one in on time! You mean the world to me, you'll always be my friend, I love you! You're adorable, funny, and sexy. XOXO Ally

Karma ♥♥ My sexy BlackSwan is a hot RainbowSwan new! I send my Valentine's best for all that you do. You are kind and sweet,and so yummy too. Love, Honeybear

andra ♥♥ i love you dearly.

Claire! ♥♥ I've enjoyed hanging out with you, and look forward to more good times in the future. See you after NM; I'll bring you back some orange sky.

!!Katherine!! ♥♥ You're open. You love my balls. You're smart. You come on a dime. You're hot. You're fucking awesome. Where have you been all my life? *muah*

Thanks to the Yana ♥♥ How does she do it? With the patience of a monk, the insanity of an LSD trip, the rumblings of her chubs, the heart of an elephant: she loves me.

Anarchy of Love Pt 2 ♥♥ To my boys: Oily, Brandon, Gordon, Aaron, Koichi, Dustin, Pat, Leo, Rubin, yes you too M.J. Hunt (even if you're an asshead). You guys rock my sox! Ally <3

dear valdez ♥♥ You are everything I ever saw in you, every glimmer of promise. You're invincible, I am lucky to know you. Seattle misses your laugh. xo, fairbanks

Andrea ♥♥ Send me the Las Vegas pictures or I'm flying back to MN and slashing the tires on your Focus Wagon. I love you, you're perfect, NOW DIE

OAK AIRPORT ♥♥ I saw you for the first time that day. If I believed in Fate this would be it.

BABRRR I WROVE ROO ♥♥ When we're not busy killing each other with kindness, I can't imagine spending my days with anyone but you. Sweet farts forever, The Tiramisu Eater

Blowing kisses ♥♥ The wind may blow come rain come snow but today is for you and me I gave my heart to you my love you gave your heart to me

My dear Sarah ♥♥ Almost 3 and a half years! (depending on how you count.) I love you more than ever. - Your Matt.


I Love You, Angel ♥♥ My love for you continues to grow each day. I look foward to our future together, and I look foward to making you happy. My heart for you. Mark

Anytime, Anyplace... ♥♥ Luke, you are the most adorable boyfriend ever & I want to kiss you all over.

TO &REA MY LOVE ♥♥ 14 months and still going strong! I love you the most! I even love your evil cat, but your other pussy is better. I'm gonna get in your butt someday.

You make me weak... ♥♥ in the knees with every kiss, whisper, snug, and "I love you." Could it get any better? Just when I think not, it does. Love ya always, Candypants XOX

bunny tsunami ♥♥ i love and miss you. happy valentines!

For my hot humbao ♥♥ I love you baby, YOU ARE THE SEX WIZARD (that's not the only reason I love you though, but it is a huge chunk of it). Happy V-day!

Shy Baby ♥♥ Going on 2 years babe! I love you more every day. Your smile lights up my life and I wanna see it for the rest of my days. Je t'aime mon cheri, a vie!

Area man in Love ♥♥ Reports indicate that Harry, who moved to Seattle from PA, is in love with a local woman Ingrid. When asked for comment Harry said "I love her alot!"

Margaret, ♥♥ I'm glad you're not a boy.

Anarchy of Love Pt 1 ♥♥ To my dears: Erin, Dre, Rhiannon, Sylvia, Michelle, Sarah, Jen, Lola, Saqqara, Ginx, Reese, and all my other darlings, I finally got one in! Love you all, Ally<3

J-n-J ♥♥ You I truly love, and it breaks my heart when each day that I do not start next to you sweetie

you valentine whore ♥♥ only you could pull off getting so many valentines each year. Shaners, you're just too much. But I love you anyway.

from ca to ma to wa ♥♥ and every state in between, i love you dearly. you have come so far so fast, and i think you are more remarkable than i could ever put into words. xo.

Vickie Hipke ♥♥ Thanks for being my sugarmamma. I promise to soothe your post-waxed vagina with my healing kisses whenever you need them. xoxoxoxoxo

My Beautiful Girl... ♥♥ Lindsey, you inspire me every day and thrill me every minute! I love you with all of me heart. Jake

Gina Ballerina ♥♥ Truly my better half. To the best thing that ever happened to me! Thank you for holding my hand. I love you! Oh yeah, put another log on the fire....

adammmgood ♥♥ chuck norris loves you and so do i

Partner in crime. ♥♥ Betty, Here's to all the nights we spent with PBR, shitty bands, and hot guys. You're the best drinkin' buddy a girl could have. Veronica

my boi is beautiful ♥♥ "do u beleive" U make me wanna be a better boi. U've changed me. I cherish each moment you touch me. Ur hands are magic. I crave looking in ur eyes. iluvu

Hi Timmmmmmm ♥♥ Just thought I'd send you a Stranger Valentine. gina

Mahna Mahna ♥♥ Do Dooo Do Do Do... I love you, Toby! LY, WTFYBO, Alliegator

too little too late ♥♥ for every time i should have called and didn't, i'm sorry. for every memory i have of you, i'm grateful. rest in peace, chandler.

I love you Greg! ♥♥ Happy Valentine's darling. I hope you're not mad anymore because I miss you like crazy. You're super hot and life isn't as fun without you so let's make out =)

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