This week you can hear songs from the Prime Time Nine, the nine local bands we feature in our Musician's Resource Directory. We handpicked exciting up-and-coming artists from the Stranger's Bands Page, and there's some pretty wicked talent.

Here's the playlist:

Lake of Falcons - "Pretty Little Knife"
The Quiet Ones - "Missing the Party"
Joy Wants Eternity - "For We Had No Road"
1-2-1-2 - "The Wiz"
Black Bear - "I Believe in Immediacy"
Dirty Scientifix - "Stop Look Listen"
Sleepy Eyes of Death - "Eyes Spliced Open"
Bird Show of North America - "Great Horned Owl"
Ghost Stories - "The Lower Five"

E-mail me at and let me know what you think. Or better yet, if you're in a band, add your music to our website so you can be featured on an upcoming show. Thanks for listening!