Welcome to another installment of Setlist, where I get to pretend I'm the radio DJ I always wanted to be (you can thank Pump Up the Volume for that... or blame it, either way).

This week's playlist of local luminaries includes, well... to be honest, I threw away the playlist before I remembered to post this, so I can't remember the complete order. But there are songs by the Blakes, Smile Brigade, the Sea Navy, the Capillaries, and Jacob London. There're more, but I was drunk when I recorded it, so I can't remember exactly who they were. Okay—that's a lie. I was completely sober. But I still can't remember. Just listen, see who all made the cut this week, and be sure to add your own music at http://www.thestranger.com/bands so you can maybe be a Setlist superstar in the future.

Thanks for listening, and I love you all.