Setlist! Hooray! This week's show features music from some great local acts plucked straight from The Stranger's Bands Page (

Who's who you'll hear:

1-2-1-2 - "The Wiz"
The Hacks - "Dirt in My Eyes"
Iceage Cobra - "We Gotta Move"
Paper Dolls - "Maybe Never"
Shorthand for Epic - "End Times"
Uglyhead - "Birds Eating Turtles"
The Divorce - "Yes"
Paris Spleen - "The Gesture"
Burdfur is Green Feathers - "Take It to the Head"

Awesome, right? That Iceage Cobra track is especially great—don't miss it.

And if you're in a band, head on over to the Bands Page to add your own music. I like to keep things diverse on Setlist, so I'm always looking for new music to check out and play.

Thanks for listening!

Iceage Cobra. They are good. They're playing Saturday, April 7 at Atlas Clothing & Music.