Ari Spool and Megan Seling hilariously (okay, maybe not hilariously) dissect some of the best acts The Stranger's Bands Page has to offer. We also talk about Everclear (the band, not the alcohol), cocaine (the drug, not the energy drink), and all of this week's notable shows.

Here's the playlist:
Velella Vellela: "Hey Cuz"
Stay Tuned: "Dukes"
Skullbot: "Lookout"
The Vomiting Unicorn: "White Rabbit"
Jacob London: "Interest Rates Just Fell Again"
Wormwood: "Descendant"
Lake of Falcons: "Pretty Little Knife"
Paris Spleen: "The Gesture"
Sleepy Eyes of Death: "Eyes Wide Open"

Thanks for listening! And apologies for the fact that Ari starts singing Creed.

Sleepy Eyes of Death: Not a Creed Cover Band

Click to listen.