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Why should you listen to Setlist? Because this week's episode features the following music, handpicked by Megan Seling and Ari Spool (which means it's good):

Siberian- "Airship"
Tiny Vipers - "They Might Follow You"
The Valkries - "Lie Down and Die"
The Intelligence - "Telephone Wires"
Joy Wants Eternity - "Above the Clouds Lies Eternal Sun"
Skeletons With Flesh On Them - "Neon Lights of Reno"
80:20 - "Prussian Blue"
Devoirs - "Ssss"
Pufferfish - "Break Drum"

Click. Listen. Don't miss out.

And what else do we talk about this week? Cute indie rockers, misleading band names, shows you shouldn't miss, and birthdays (Ari's is June 2; she wants an iPod).


This is a picture of Skeletons with Flesh on Them. And FYI, they are not a crust band.