This week Ari Spool and Megan Seling give love and attention to this weekend's Georgetown Music Fest. Featuring over 40 bands in two days, the festival is highlighting some great talent in the city, so we wanted to give y'all a taste of what you'll hear.

Playlist goes like this:

The Kindness Kind - "Midnight Flights"
Hungry Pines - "Blood Eagle"
The Sea Navy - Arctic Advice
Phobophobe - "High Treason"
Skullbot - "Lookout"
Patient Patient - "Without Arms"
Open Choir Fire - "Things You H" (Yeah, we dunno what the H stands for either...)
The Lonely Forest - "Stars and Moons"
Tart - "California"
White Nights - "Shore Song"

Click to listen.

This is a picture of Open Choir Fire... hiiii-YA!