Setlist! Hooray!

This week we play all eight Block Star finalists—the eight bands chosen straight from The Stranger's Bands Page to compete for a slot on the Capitol Hill Block Party's mainstage, as well as a bunch of other swag like a Verizon phone, a rehearsal PA, and a song featured in a national Esurance commercial. Sweet, right? Yeah, we know.

Here's who you'll hear:

Grynch - "That's Hip Hop"
Lonely Forest - "Idiocy"
Neezie Pleaze - "Consecutive Heat"
Optimus Rhyme - "Train in Vain"
Pwrfl Power - "Tomato Song"
Skullbot - "Lookout"
Speaker Speaker - "We Won't March"
The Sutures - "Oh So Wrong"

So click. Listen. Ari Spool was drinking Wired while recording, so girl's hilariously hyper.

Click to listen.