They playlist goes like this:
Vindaloo - "Electromatik Lunatik Dance"
Open Choir Fire - "Candle"
Fort Hell - "Sister"
Tall Birds - "The Sky is Falling"
The Fucking Eagles - "Baby, I'm Coming Home"
Lucy Bland - "Streaker"
Mono in VCF - "Spider Rotation"
Pwrfl Power - I forget the name of the song... Sorry.

Also! You're gonna wanna listen to the whole goddamn show because somewhere in there we give you the scoop on how to win FREE tickets to the upcoming Divorce shows at the Crocodile (on June 30). The band's breaking up, it'll be their last show ever, and you don't wanna miss it. Listen, enter, win.

Click to listen.

And now, here's a picture of Lucy Bland: