OMG! Setlist this week is so bomb-diddly-awesome that it breaks Ari and Megan's hearts to only be able to share the experience of listening to it. Why is it so freaking awesome? Because we have a guest, the world's most perfect human being: Eli Anderson!

Eli is the assistant booker at Crocodile Cafe, and on this week's Setlist he picks the bands and tells you what you have to do to get a show at the Croc (synopsis: don't be a jerk). Tune in to listen to Ari and Megan swoon and let someone else do some of the talking for once.

Some of the bands Eli picked that you will enjoy listening to:
The Quiet Ones
The Moondoggies
Tall Birds
Fleet Foxes
Throw Me the Statue

and much, much more (we mean it!).
Click to listen.