You know what's awesome? This week's Setlist. It's jam-packed with songs from some of the best bands in the city, such as A Gun That Shoots Knives, "Awesome," Partman Parthorse, and more! Plus, Megan and Ari give away three terrific CDs! Did you hear that? The CDs are Bronze Fawn's Lumber, the Thieves of Kailua's new self-titled release, and the Lonely Forest's Nuclear Winter. And postage is on Setlist. What a deal! But you have to listen to Setlist to find out how to win.

You'll hear songs from these bands:
Born Anchors
A Gun that Shoots Knives
Bronze Fawn
The Lonely Forest
Mono in VCF
Partman Parthorse

And of course, feel free to e-mail your thoughts and feelings to Megan and Ari at

Click to listen.