Generally speaking, do not believe in celebrities. Why this country wants Oprah to run for president, rather than (say) even someone with good progressive bonafides like Jamelle Bouie, is amazing to me. Personally I'd rather waste my vote on someone who thinks about and investigates policy and its impact than someone who spent the majority of the past two decades shilling for Weight Watchers or Boot Camp Child Rearing and spent more time in the makeup chair than they did reading about anything for any reason.

Many liberals are exactly like many conservatives: Totally inconsistent in their beliefs.

I think all of us fall victim to that from time to time. I know I do. But I am *trying* to be more consistent.
@3 the thing that gets my goat, personally, is the insistence that this is not true and that mainstream leftist views are functionally above examination; that the brains of liberals are somehow immune to the same processes that make (from my perspective) the GOP unsupportable as a party. Add on top of that the way the left Scarlet Letter's it's non-gratas, and it's a terrifying scenario for a leftist like who isn't a college educated white person from the suburbs: Y'all will be turning on me before you turn on "real" liberals.
Another day, another Stranger article shilling for sex buyers. So gross.

This country pretty much invented the "celebrity" (someone famous for, among other things, being famous) and given the almost cult-like system of adoration we've developed around them, is it any wonder that your average hoi-polloi would prefer them to, say, someone less charismatic, but steeped in policy and process? Celebrities are above the concerns of mere mortals: a simple utterance from them can move thousands to act, albeit that action frequently takes the form of some sort of consumerist impulse, but hey, if it's good enough for shilling peanut butter or German automobiles or Japanese whisky, it's good enough for running teh gubbamint.
@4. That is the best comment I’ve ever seen you make.

You’re a troll’s troll and a mensch.
how much of the moneys is thestranger going to lose if the bill passes?

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