So, uh, people who were assigned female at birth prefer monogamy over people who weren't. Tell me more, Jaworski.

Forgive this ignorance, where do people born with ambiguous genitalia who are "assigned wrong" at birth land on the LGBTQIA spectrum? Is it possible to be a trans woman with the same biological vagina you've had since birth (ditty for trans man with same penis)?


What is the breakdown of responses by men and women who identify as bisexual?


Well this helps explains why 25-35% of Americans have incurable STDs. Enjoy your flaming hot piss, itchy genitals and social stigma.


One thing to be careful of Christopher...

Some of your groups have really low sample sizes (9 trans women and 11 trans men) and if you start dividing those small groups up even further, it runs the risk of people accidentally figuring out who gave what responses... That is, in such a small community, there's a possibility that some of these trans folks know each other and also know they took this survey. If the numbers get too small, they can deduce from their own responses to questions, how the other trans folks in their group must have responded. I know it's unlikely but you don't want to accidentally out someone's feelings on monogamy.

Good rule of thumb is if n for a subgroup is less than about 20, it's probably good to not split that up any further.

Also, it's less precise data when n's are real low like that... It falls to the point of anecdote.


Evolutionary psychology has a lot to say about this issue. Of course, evolutionary psychology is a field of handwaving that occasionally produces good explanations for otherwise baffling observations...

@4: This. Small sample sizes are the bane of responsible conclusions.


@4 and @5 ditto on sample sizes. I'd also be interested to see how the breakdown looks if the same survey were given to a group outside "readers of the Stranger" , who lets be fair, even with their trolls are likely to have small biases compared to the non-stranger reading population


Totally agree... it's just for fun!


n/a made me almost spray my Lagunitas. About how my sex life has felt of late. (Straight woman here.)


What's funny about straight guys insisting they want non-monogamy is how many of them flip their shit completely as soon as they actually try it, and find out their wife or g/f is a hot commodity, whereas they're basically chopped liver. All of a sudden, most of these guys decide maybe monogamy isn't all that bad after all. It's a helluva lot easier to find partners as a non-monogamous straight female than it is as a non-monogamous straight male (I remember my husband remarking that I had a dance card filled out for the next month while he hadn't yet progressed beyond saying hello to anyone.)


@10,excellent observation. It's has always been easier for women to get some strange dick than it has been for men to get some strange pussy!


So am I going to be the only asshole who recognizes yet another poll which doesn't/can't extrapolate data for Bi individuals of both sexes?

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